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Changing diapers, wiping, and changing onesies will become one of your main chores when you have your baby.

On average, a newborn can use between 2,000 and 2,200 diapers in their first year and the frequency of diaper change is every two to three hours. This is why you’ll lose sleep because the baby will wake you up several times at night whenever the diaper is wet. 

You should spend some time reading on the different brands of diapers to understand the finer things that differentiate them. The best recommendation we give to parents is to look for diapers that do not leak. You can consider other factors such as cost and comfort but getting the right diaper size and knowing how to properly fit them will make the arduous task easier. 

Number of diapers and cost

In the first month, expect your baby to go through about 300 diapers but this number reduces and by the 24th month, your baby will be going through about 100. 

For a baby weighing 8 pounds, disposable diapers may cost you up to $1000 in the first year while cloth diapers may cost you about $600 – $700. 

Cloth vs disposable?

Cloth diapers are less absorbent and need to be changed more often but are relatively less expensive compared to disposable ones. On the other hand, there is a raging debate on which one is better for diaper rash. 

Both cloth and disposable diapers use velcro patches for fitting and when not fitted tightly or when overfilled, they start to leak. There is a lot more work involved in using cloth diapers as you’ll need to wash and dry every time. If you care about the environment, both cloth and disposable options have negative impacts. Cloth diapers require electricity and water to wash and disposable ones, which are biodegradable end up filling landfills. Cloth diapers also require wet bags for carrying it around. 

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