Do I Need a Stroller? Full Guide 2022

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Strollers are a must-have kit for parents with small children. They come in handy whenever you want to head out running errands, going shopping, or traveling. When going through crowded places, you can have a sense of peace knowing your child is in front of you instead of lagging behind and getting lost in the crowd.

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Strollers also enable parents to continue enjoying active outdoor life. If you have a small child, it can be hard to get out and exercise. But with the right strollers, all you have to do is buckle your little one into the stroller seat, and you are ready to enjoy the sun. Jogging strollers are designed specifically for jogging and running and allow you to go through uneven terrains. Most of them also accept car seats which makes them suitable to use with newborns. The only caution to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t run with a baby who doesn’t have head control yet.

The third reason why you need a stroller is that kids grow fast and become heavier by the day. If you have to carry a thirty pound child for more than half an hour, you will definitely feel the burn in your arms. A stroller comes to relieve you of all that weight so that instead of lifting, you simply push.

Finally, sometimes you will take your kids to day long events like visiting the zoo, Disneyland, amusement parks, etc. You will need to carry lots of stuff from diapers, wipes, jackets, snacks and drinks, and the likes. Strollers provide you with a decent amount of storage space to stash you and your baby’s essentials. Plus, most good strollers also provide a cup holder and parent tray for your refreshments within easy reach.

In general, strollers are true lifesavers whenever you are headed out with your child- they make things much easier and convenient.

Do I need a stroller bag for gate check?

No, you can just gate check the stroller without the bag, especially if you have a small, inexpensive umbrella stroller that can fit in the plane overhead bin. But bagging your stroller is a good thing. It will keep all your stroller parts together, clean, and if it’s padded, protect the stroller from damage in case it’s roughly handled- usually, strollers are considered fragile by most airlines and therefore handled more gently than regular baggage but, it’s not a guarantee.

Many airlines also provide strong plastic bags for strollers, bags, and other items.

Do I need a stroller bassinet?

A bassinet stroller is an essential item if you plan on being frequently on the move with your newborn or infant. They provide a completely flat lying position so that little ones can sleep safely and comfortably. They usually have a large canopy for protection from the sun, wind, rain, and even curious eyes. Since most bassinets can only be used for a few months, buy a stroller bassinet that easily converts into a standard stroller as your baby grows older to get the most value.

Do I need a stroller organizer?

You may not need to buy a stroller organizer as many strollers come with plenty of storage compartments to keep you and your baby’s essentials. But, if your stroller lacks pockets, child and parent trays, and if you need to take more stuff with you, then you may need an organizer.

You can attach the organizer bag onto the handles of your stroller to keep your essentials within easy reach. We have all the best stroller organizers here.

Do I need a stroller rain cover?

It depends. Some parents never need a rain cover in all their parenting years. But, if you are approaching a rainy season or just for the sheer confidence that you are ready to face the weather whenever you are headed out, then investing in a rain cover is a good idea. You will be happy to have your kid(s), the stroller, and all your stuff dry after a downpour.

Do I need a stroller right away after baby delivery?

You may not need a stroller right away as long as you have an infant car seat where your baby is safe and comfortable while traveling. Most people find that a carrier is all they need for short trips. Later on, when you are more active and are able to move around more, then a stroller might be handy.

Do I need a stroller at Disney world?

If you have kids younger than 8 then, stroller is a must-have when visiting Disney World. The place is huge, so you will walk a lot to the various theme parks, Disney Springs, and surrounding hotels and resorts. When you factor all that walking and the heat (depending on the season you visit), you can expect your kids to get tired, sleepy, and fussy. With a stroller, kids can rest whenever they feel tired, making the experience pleasant for everyone.

You can bring your own stroller, or if you don’t want to travel with it, they have stroller rentals at each theme park and at Disney Springs. 

Do I need a stroller travel bag?

If you have a good expensive stroller you want to protect, then bagging in a padded bag will help protect it from grime, wetness, and damage. You can also buy a lighter bag or use a large garbage bag to pack your stroller into. Plus, a bag provides extra space to stash other items you don’t need in flight.

Why do I need a jogging stroller?

You need a jogging stroller if you plan on running, jogging, or just going on off road trips with your baby. Jogger strollers are designed to absorb impact even when moving at high speed or on uneven terrain. This ensures your child is safe and comfortable through the rides.

Do I need a stroller for a 3-year-old?

At three years, your toddler can walk confidently and understand your directions, but they may not be able to go for long walks. They will need a break to rest in the stroller if you are walking long distances.

Besides, in as much as we want kids to be active, they have different physical capabilities. So it’s okay for your kid three years or even older to use a stroller if they are having difficulties covering distances.

Do I need a pram or a stroller – which one to get?

Pram and strollers are both great options that help you keep a close eye on your baby while you are on the move.

Pram is a carrier with a bassinet or flat lying position for infants and newborns until they can sit up at about 6 months. While prams are comfortable for the baby, they are often cumbersome, difficult to maneuver, and don’t fold easily for storage or transport. They are also pretty expensive.

On the other hand, strollers are very easy to use and are mostly designed for toddlers who can sit up independently. But, there are few brands that allow full recline, which is ideal for newborns. Strollers vary greatly in design to suit different needs from umbrella strollers, jogger strollers, twin strollers, double strollers, travel systems, etc.

We prefer strollers over prams since they are more flexible and can suit everyone’s lifestyle. We would recommend buying a full size stroller with a fully reclining seat. This way, you will simply adjust the degree of recline as your child grows to avoid spending more to buy another stroller while keeping your child safe and comfortable.

Do I need a car seat stroller combo?

Having an infant car seat that instantly clicks into the stroller is super convenient. This way, you can easily move your sleeping baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa without waking them up.

You can get the travel system in matching colors, affordable pricing, and no need to buy extras, like adapters. Plus, the car seat clicks in fast. The problem with these systems is that you find individual pieces do not have the same quality-Usually the stroller quality is lacking. Also, compared to other infant car seats that are sold separately, the general quality is poor.

If you want to get the best combo, you might have to buy your infant car seat brand of choice and strollers separately and use adapters to connect. This may be a more expensive option and not easy to connect, but you get the quality and features you desire.