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You will hear many to-be parents asking whether gliders are necessary for nursery, what they do, and how to use them if it is a must-have in their baby nursery. Ask those of us who have been there and you will have more than a million answers! If you are anything like me, not even the six-figure salary will make you feel as happy and complete as it does having a baby at home. It brings great joy and amplified zeal to work even smarter and harder so you can give your baby a good life. Do you know what I mean?

For many years until recently, having a rocking chair was the order of the day. Parents used it to share cuddles and soothe babies to sleep. It was a must-have for nursing parents. Like almost anything else around us, however, rocking chairs have a major challenger with more benefits called the glider. As you set up your baby’s nursery, you can make a point of purchasing a glider. Just so you know you do not really need a glider in your baby nursery as an essential so don’t sweat it. But if it is within your budget, then you can buy it.

Benefits of a glider

Having a glider in your nursery depends on a number of factors, including space and budget. Most of them come with a very high price that is not within many parent’s budgets. But if you can afford it, good for you! The benefits of a glider include comfort, helping you soothe your baby, and helps improve your child’s development when rocking.

What makes an ideal baby glider?

If having a glider in your baby nursery is a necessity, then I’m sure you would want to know what makes a perfect product in the market. First, you need to look at the style or design as it should match well with your nursery colors and décor so you can use it in another room. The quality of the glider is an important factor as well as it determines how smooth the sliding motion is when rocking your baby. Comfort is paramount so you can opt for a glider with a recline feature, footrest, and a pillow for lumbar support. The fabric should also be easy to clean.

How do gliders work?

When you think about the benefits associated with a glider, you might ask yourself: what does a gliding chair do? As mentioned above, a glider provides you with a smooth ride using back and forth motions on a fixed track. The design features padded armrests and an extra lumbar pillow that lets your whole body relax comfortably without trapping your toes underneath.

Gliders are especially great if you are nursing twins as most of them have a large seating space and more comfy that you can rock your babies and sleep in the same chair. Read more on the best gliders for twins here.

Are gliders or rockers better?

First off, what is the difference between a rocking chair and a glider? The main difference between the two is how they move or their motion. While a glider moves easily in a forward and backward motion in a single track, a rocker sways back and forward on its legs in a curve. The rocker’s oscillation motion can be very intense as compared to a glider’s that can be locked into place. To answer your question, the better choice for you is the one that meets your needs. If you are looking for smooth movement, comfort, optimal safety, and a small footprint you should go for a glider. But if you are thrilled by intense motion and a classic look, a rocker is suitable for you.