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Are you concerned about security or just looking for a portable, easy-to-travel baby monitor? If security is your number 1 priority, Eufy Spaceview or Eufy Spaceview S baby monitors guarantee you 100% privacy of the audio and video feeds from your baby and you can rest easy knowing that hackers will not get access to it.

Unlike Wifi baby monitors, this baby monitor from a Chinese start-up sends its own signal from the transmitter to the receiver without depending on internet connectivity. There are other baby monitors that guarantee security too and we’ll look at what exactly makes Eufy Spaceview a great baby monitor that made it to MotherhoodHQ’s list of 12 top baby monitors of 2021.

First, let’s review its current performance in the market.

Pre-orders for Eufy Spaceview were available from August 10th, 2018 but Eufy Home and Fantasia Trading LLC officially released the product to market on 22nd November 2018. Fantasia Trading LLC is a sister company of Eufy Spaceview and Anker Electronics and is currently the 6th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon as of July 2019. You may see on your credit card this name, Fantasia Trading LLC or Fantasia General LLC. They are both legitimate entities under Anker Electronics.

This is impressive given that the Eufy brand has been on the market for barely one year. It is giving other baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 some competition as it received several positive reviews and acclaim for its security, large 5-inch screen, HD display, and sleek design, among other features and functionalities. These features made Eufy rank significantly better than other top non-wifi baby monitors. You can check the list of best non-wifi baby monitors to learn why it still came behind Infant Optics DXR 8 despite great positive reviews (link to Motherhood HQ’s list of best baby monitors that do not rely on the internet)

Eufy, the manufacturer has been around since 2016 and in those few years, it has created a brand with a focus on security cameras (Eufycam). This makes Eufy Spaceview a monitor from a security camera manufacturer (this is usually good). Eufy is owned by Anker Innovations, a Chinese electronics company with operations in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Anker was founded by Steven Yang, a Chinese who started the parent company in 2011.

Name of Manufacturing CompanyEufy
Month and Year of ReleaseOriginal Eufy was released in September 2018 while Eufy Spaceview S was released in March 2019
10BabyGear Rating9.4/10
Eufy Baby Monitor CategoryNon-Wifi Baby Monitor
Baby Monitor Position in CategorySecond
Price of Eufy Spaceview on AmazonCheck Price
Price of Eufy Spaceview S on AmazonCheck Price

Eufy’s sales have seen steady growth despite various complaints that customers had before Eufy released the additional camera in May 2019. They took longer than they promised to release the second/extra camera. They’ve also been complaints about little information on how to install the latest Eufy Spaceview firmware update.

We have details on Eufy’s firmware update below.

Despite these two major customer complaints, parents have been generally happy with Eufy Spaceview baby monitor. Out of over 500,000 baby monitors sold in the US each year, Eufy Spaceview is making a small dent with its decent sales as the 10th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon as of December 15th, 2021.

Below is a video review describing why this baby monitor is gaining trust because of its great features despite being a non-wifi monitor. Most non-wifi monitors such as Infant Optics DX8 have low non-HD resolution videos.

Video Review of Eufy Baby Monitor

What Distinguishes Eufy Security Spaceview Baby Monitor?

1.Top-Notch Security For Your Baby: Eufy Spaceview Uses Secure FHSS Technology You Can Rely On

Eufy Spaceview baby monitor utilizes a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), a technology patented in 1941 as a WW II security protocol system by the Allied Forces. The FHSS transmission technology powered secret communication during the war enabling communication systems to guide torpedoes to their target without being intercepted by the enemy.

FHSS technology utilizes 67 sub-frequencies in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, from 2410 MHz to 2477 MHz. Eufy has designed its baby monitor so that the signals from the baby monitor hop from one sub-frequency to another in a pseudo-random pattern making it hard for hackers to get access to it.

Eufy Spaceview FHSS Technology for 100% security

Is it possible to hack Eufy Baby Monitor? Yes, it is not impossible to hack Eufy baby monitor but it would require a lot of effort that hackers would just prefer to hack the regular wifi baby monitors that are easy to hack. You can read more about our select baby monitors that use the secure spread spectrum FHSS technology.

2. Eufy Almost Has No Set-Up Process, Great for Traveling Parents

Some baby monitors can be a hassle to set up. Some have up to 10-step guide on how to safely mount it on the crib or wall. Eufy Security baby monitor has a very quick set-up process. It is one of the few baby monitors that allow parents to own a baby monitor that does not require any mounting upon purchase unless you prefer to mount it on the wall. The advantage of Eufy Spaceview HD baby monitor is that its camera has a wide view that you do not need to focus on your baby. You can, therefore, place the camera anywhere in the baby’s room and its 330 degrees pan will cover almost the entire nursery from corner to corner. You just plug in the power and connect the two units and as soon as they connect, you start monitoring. The installation guide is very easy to use and the picture below is all you’ll need to place your camera on a flat surface.

The available Eufy Security Baby Monitor mounts are for a corner wall or for a flat surface such as a table. If these two options are not great and your baby’s nursery suits a flat wall mounting, you can reach out to Eufy customer service or go for Vusee flat mount on Amazon (here is a link). Some parents have however received a customized flat wall mount from Eufy.

3. Eufy Spaceview Has Great Video HD Quality On 5 Inch Display And Wide 330 Degrees Coverage

Unlike most non-wifi baby monitors that are slugging and lack in picture quality, Eufy Spaceview has incredible HD color picture quality with a delay-free transmission. Unlike wifi baby monitors that buffer before displaying the video, Eufy’s transmission is instant. The Eufy’s 5-inch HD (High Definition) display allows you to view your baby’s mouth movements or blinking in fine detail. The Eufy Spaceview 5-inch HD display is on a 3 by 6-inch parent unit that houses the controls for night vision, zoom/pan/tilt, brightness, microphone and temperature among others. As highlighted above, the camera of Eufy Security is superior and it would be a let down if the display was not as great. See the picture below of Eufy Security’s screen unit.


The display is, however, 720p HD and not 1080p HD and some parents have suggested that this would be a great improvement to the Eufy Security baby monitor. I personally think 720p HD is good enough as you can see your baby clearly. In fact, some of the best-selling baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 have a lower resolution VGA display (non-HD) and parents have not had any problems with it. 720p HD resolution has an image resolution of 1280 lines by 720 pixels compared to 1080p’s 1920 lines by 1080 pixels. The few baby monitors with 1080p pictures have a progressive scan with a full 2.07 million pixels producing baby images in great detail. Some of the baby monitors that give you HD display are Google Home Baby Monitors, Amazon Echo Show, and Apple’s Baby monitor Homekit.

See below a comparison of Infant Optics DXR 8 and Eufy’s images during the day.

Comparison of Eufy Spaceview and Infant Optics DRX 8 Pictures

4. Eufy’s Camera Does Not Lock Your View

The Eufy Spaceview video baby monitor’s camera does not lock you to just the crib view. It has 330 degrees of pan and 110 degrees of tilt. That basically gives you a view of the whole nursery, with a very small section hidden (30 degrees). This is better than most smart home baby monitors’ field of views such as Nest and Arlo that are don’t exceed 130 degrees field of view. The only other baby monitor that we’ve reviewed with a field of view wider than 330 degrees is the iBaby M7 baby monitor that has 360 degrees field of view. This makes Eufy Spaceview HD baby monitor, the best wide-range baby monitor.

This is very ideal for parents who would like to monitor two babies/twins in the same room as the camera can view the two cribs clearly. I also like Eufy Security baby monitor because you get the wide-angle lens when you make a purchase of your baby monitor. Other baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 requires you to purchase the wide-angle lens which is an additional cost (Check Price of Wide-angle lens on Amazon). Eufy’s wide-angle lens gives you a 170 degrees panoramic view of the room, 60 degrees above Infant Optics’ view of 110 degrees. See the comparison below:

Infant Optics DXR 8Eufy SpaceView
Camera Lens Options (Default)Normal Lens, Zoom Lens (You can purchase wide angle on Amazon)Normal Lens, Zoom Lens & Wide Angle Lens
Pan & Tilt Angle270 Degrees Pan and 120 degrees Tilt (If you purchase the wide-angle lens, you can tilt up to 170 degrees)330 Pan and 110 Degrees Tilt (This is with the wide-angle lens that it comes with
Lens Aperturef/2.8Not listed
Lens Focal Length2.5mmNot listed
Zoom2X1.5X and 2X
Changing LensAny lens can be removed and switched with any other of the two.The standard camera lens is not removable. When you want to use the wide-angle lens, simply place it over the standard camera lens and fasten.
Lens Manufacture MaterialAluminum (ideal for night vision)Not listed
IR or Camera Night Vision8 IR LEDs and 1 low light sensorNot listed
Camera Operating Voltage5.9 V, 1000 mANot listed

5. Eufy Spaceview Has Clear Night Vision

The quality of pictures that Eufy Spaceview produced at night is excellent because it has night vision. The night vision range is 13 to 16 feet allowing you to safely place or mount the camera away from your baby without the possibility of distorting the pictures or video feed at night. Some comparable baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 has a night vision range of 15 feet, one foot shorter than Eufy’s. Infant Optics DXR 8, however, has a low-light sensor which activates the infrared lights. The Eufy baby monitor does not have the low light sensor and you will need to manually turn on the night vision feature.

You can turn on the night vision by clicking the menu on the display unit. You’ll see several options that you need to scroll to the bottom and select the additional features option. The night vision feature is on the additional features. Click on the night vision and you’ll have the on and off option. Compared to other baby monitors, the night vision cannot be easily located in Eufy Spaceview.

6. Continuous Audio Monitoring

When you are home in the kitchen or just doing your chores, you may not want to view the video all the time and Eufy baby monitor allows you to turn off the video and just listen to the audio. Less signal transfer means less electromagnetic field and less radiation which is great for your baby.

7. Multi-lingual Capabilities

Eufy Spaceview supports up to 4 languages. Few baby monitors in our top baby monitors list have this feature. If English is your second language, I highly recommend this baby monitor as you can opt for Spanish, French or your default, English.

8. Two-Way Talk

Can speak to your baby

9. Eufy Spaceview Range

Eufy Spaceview has a range of 460 ft to 1000ft. That’s about 1.25 football fields. The indoor range is about 60 feet which is enough for a standard household home

10. Eufy Baby Monitor Extra Camera Now Released and On Sale

Eufy Spaceview released an extra camera on 23rd May 2018 after almost 9 months in waiting. You can purchase the camera on Amazon here.

eufy spaceview add-on camera (eufy extra camera)
Eufy Spaceview Extra Camera

Eufy joins other top non-wifi baby monitors that are expandable. Eufy, similar to UU Infant, Infant Optics DXR 8, Babysense and Anmeate can now support more up to 4 camera. If you are getting the extra camera, you should note that Eufy Security Spaceview baby monitor does not have a split-screen feature but rather, it cycles the pictures one after another in a set interval. This camera makes Eufy Spaceview a baby monitor of choice for parents looking for safety and multi-camera capability to monitor more than one kid and it is ideal for monitoring twins or babies in separate rooms.

11. Eufy Spaceview Price

Eufy Spaceview has been regarded as the first baby monitor to deliver a truly HD resolution with minimum despite its comparatively low price similar to those or regular video baby monitors. Eufy Spaceview price has a few dollar difference from that of Infant Optics DXR 8 and from the data from keepa (dot) com, Eufy Spaceview price has consistently been below $200. In comparison, Infant Optics was going for over $250 when they released it. Below is a snapshot showing the price history of Eufy Spaceview. From the graph, you can note that Eufy Spaceview’s lowest price was $119 in December 2019. You can check Eufy’s price today on Amazon here.

Snapshot of graph showing Eufy Spaceview price history
Eufy Spaceview Price History.


1. Eufy Took Very Long To Release Add-on Camera

Eufy Spaceview Extra Camera Screen Short of picture complaint
A customer complaint about Eufy Spaceview Extra Camera

When Eufy Spaceview launched its product in 2018, they promised that they would be releasing an extra camera within a month but it took them another 9 months before they released it. As of July 24, 2019, Eufy Spaceview supports multiple cameras and you can check out today’s price of Eufy Spaceview baby monitor extra camera here.

2. Eufy Spaceview Firmware Update (And Download)

If you have not updated your Eufy Spaceview by May 2019, you are late. Eufy Spaceview released a firmware update for the Eufy Spaceview baby monitor but did not share how to download the update online. They did not share information on how to get the update via any other means either.

You can download the Eufy firmware version 2.3. You’ll find the folder for the camera and the screen unit as they both need to be updated. The update was uploaded in April 2019. As of July 11th, 2019, there hasn’t been a new release.

You can, however, reach out to Ankar Electronics customer care directly using or call the cell phone number they provide: +1 (800) 988 7973 As no. #1 above, they don’t appear to be great with meeting their word.

Follow the following steps to update your Eufy Spaceview baby monitor:

  1. You’ll need a micro-USB cable that supports the transfer of data between your computer and the Eufy cameras or display unit. If you’ve bought Eufy’s add-on camera, you should also update it together with your next update.
  2. With your Eufy Spaceview firmware, V2.3.0 saved on your computer, connect the Eufy camera to the computer using micro-USB cable. You can download the V2.3.0 update on this Amazon Dropbox for the current update (June 2019). You’ll need a Dropbox account if you don’t already have one. If this were a wifi monitor, I won’t recommend using an update that you found online.
  3. Find and open the cameras or the parent unit(s) of Eufy baby monitor devices on your computer folder when connected.
  4. Copy the downloaded camera update V2.3.0 in the camera zip folder and paste it on Eufy’s camera’s open folder. Do the same for the parent unit. You just drag the parent update in the zip folder (which you can get above) and drop it on the parent unit’s open folder. It may take between 30 seconds to a minute for the data transfer to be complete.
  5. Once the transfer is complete, the camera unit and the parent unit will update and reboot automatically.
  6. When it reboots, go to the parent unit and opt for the baby monitor’s default setting which may include the default language from a list of four; French, German, English, and Spanish.
  7. Set the time on the display unit
  8. Your Eufy Spaceview update is complete. To assist with this seven-step process, we included the video above for you to watch as the gentleman takes you through the steps (no audio).

Several parents have also successfully reached out using the following contacts on their support page. You can use the contact info shown on the page’s screenshot below:

Eufy Spaceview customer service

3. Eufy Spaceview Temperature

Are you wondering why you are finding wild temperature readings in your Eufy baby monitor? You are not alone. The Eufy Spaceview temperature readings have been reported to be off the actual reading by up to 10 degrees. In other words, it could read 100 degrees Celcius when the actual temperature is in the 90s.

Eufy SpaceView has a temperature sensor that tells you the temperature at the baby’s nursery either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius degrees. You can adjust the setting and choose Fahrenheit or Celsius but would not recommend if you are purchasing a baby monitor to specifically measure the temperature of the room for your baby’s suitability.

4. No visual notification for sound

Eufy Spaceview is voice-activated but for parents who prefer visual alerts, instead of sound alerts, it does does not provide the option to go visual. This is a huge disadvantage, especially for deaf parents. There hasn’t been any response by the company on whether they would make improvements to enable Eufy Spaceview to be purchased by deaf parents.

5. Eufy Spaceview does not have low battery alerts.

It doesn’t give low-battery alerts. If it shuts down, it just dies. If you fall asleep quickly (like me) make sure you get it plugged in at all times as you prepare to go to bed.

Eufy Security Spaceview Buyer Guide

Eufy Spaceview mount is a flat surface or a wall mount. When you purchase the product, a wall mount is available. If you prefer to mount it on a flat surface, you don’t need the wall mount provided. The easy set up makes Eufy Spaceview very attractive to parents who travel a lot. Find a reliable travel-friendly baby monitor improves the lives of parents a ton.

Eufy Spaceview Electromagnetic (EMF) Radiation

Like other digital wireless baby monitors, Eufy Spaceview emits harmful radiation as it uses radio frequency to transmit sound and the visual signal from the camera unit to the 5-inch display unit. Although non-ionizing, Eufy emits radiation that EMF reader reads 1.80W/Kg. The levels are measured in different units that seek to indicate the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the baby monitor. SAR is the time derivative of the energy lost as the signals hit a surface. SAR is expressed in Watts Per Kilogram (W/Kg).

You can read more about baby monitor radiation and its dangers (link to a Baby Monitor Radiation Guide)

The radiation can have harmful effects when exposed to the baby for a long time. Other comparable baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 has 1.86 W/Kg, both being below the limit of 4.0 W/Kg set by the FCC.

eufy spaceview emf radiation of 1.80 W/Kg

According to a report by Shenzhen Morlab, Eufy Spaceview emits radiation that is within the SAR exposure limits. You can read our summary of Eufy baby monitor SAR Report (You can also download the 61-page pdf document).

Eufy Baby Monitor Has Rechargeable Battery/No Alerts

Eufy Spaceview baby monitor uses a rechargeable 2900 mAh battery (lithium polymer battery type) that is included with your purchase. Like any other rechargeable battery, you’d need to replace it after about 6 months. Infant Optics’ battery is similar and can possibly last the whole day but you’ll need to replace it twice a year.

Where to buy Eufy Spaceview

You can buy Eufy Spaceview on their website or you can but it from major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. Depending on your country, you can buy from the following Amazon sites. Eufy Spaceview is currently not available in Buy Buy Baby. A search of Eufy Spaceview on Target website indicates that they don’t currently stock it (May 4th, 2019). You can check our baby monitor deals page to see if there are any current deals or coupons by Eufy brand.

The UK – If you are based in the UK, you can purchase Eufy Spaceview UK on Amazon UK. Amazon has split the UK and the European website and if you are looking for Eufy Spaceview anywhere in Europe, you can use the Amazon Europe site. The link will direct you to your relevant Eufy’s selling page in Europe.

Canada – If you are based in Canada, you can purchase Eufy Spaceview on Amazon Canada website. As of July 24, 2019, Eufy’s baby monitor brand is available in Canada (Eufy Spaceview Canada).

Australia – If you are based in Australia, you can purchase Eufy Spaceview on Amazon Australia’s website. Despite Eufy Spaceview baby monitor having a shorter range, Eufy baby monitor has actually taken off in Australia and it has been available on Amazon Australia since February 2019.

US – If you are in the US or any other country such as Singapore, you can use the Amazon US site here

Rest of the world – You can still purchase Eufy Spaceview if you located anywhere else in the world by using the US site. Make sure it can ship to your city before you buy.

How to mount Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor

Time needed: 5 hours

It will take you less than a minute to mount Eufy Spaceview in a flat surface and less than 5 minutes to mount the Eufy Spaceview to the wall.

  1. Unbox the box you get your Eufy Spaceview

    Inside you’ll find a charger output unit, Eufy Spaceview camera, Eufy Spaceview Display, micro USB and batteries.

  2. Charge the Eufy Spaceview monitor display and camera by connecting them to power outlets

    Use the micro USB to connect the power outlet to the camera or display unit of Eufy Spaceview

  3. Once the baby monitor is charged, drill two 1/5 inches on adjacent sides of the wall.

    Use the screws to hold the anchor.

  4. Place the Eufy on the mount

    Place the Eufy Spaceview on the mounted anchor

Eufy Spaceview Vs. Infant Optics DXR 8

Eufy security Spaceview baby monitor and Infant Optics DXR 8 are considered to be among the more secure baby monitors because they use FHSS technology. However, Eufy Spaceview has some of the latest baby monitor features that makes it more user-friendly than Infant Optics DXR 8. For example, Eufy has a large 5-inch LCD screen, crystal clear 720p HD images and videos, longer night-vision range, and longer battery life.

Infant Optics DXR 8 does better when it comes to the connection range of the camera and the parent unit. Infant Optics can transmit signals up to a distance of 700 ft. while Eufy Spaceview and Spaceview S can only transmit up to 460 ft.

The table below explores more features that differentiate Eufy Spaceview from Infant Optics DXR 8

Feature Eufy Spaceview Infant Optics DXR 8
Screen Size 5 Inches3.5 Inches
Outdoor Range 460 ft. to 1000 ft.700 ft.
Voice Activated (VOX)Eufy Spaceview VOX is more reliable than Infant’s VOX.Not Voice-activated
Night Vision Yes. Manually switched on and offYes. Automatically senses low-light condition
LullabiesIt has five piano lullaby pieces but no white noiseNo lullabies or white noise
Interchangeable Lens Yes. Allow users to remove and switch lenses.No. You can, however, add wide-angle or zoom lens to the standard lens.
LensComes with normal and zoom lensesComes with normal, zoom and wide-angle lenses.
EMF Level / Radiation1.80W/Kg (below 4w/kg limit set by FCC)1.86W/Kg (below 4w/kg limit set by FCC)
Number of cameras it supports Eufy Spaceview supports multiple camera, up to 4 to be exact. Infant Optics DXR 8 supports multiple camera, up to 4 to be exact.
Split-Screen Viewing NoNo
Video Quality 720p HD480p (non-HD)
Field of Camera View 330 degrees pan and 110 degrees tilt170 degrees pan and 120 degrees tilt
Zoom 1.5X and 2X2X
Night Vision Range 13 ft. to 16 ft15 ft.
Low Light Sensor NoYes
Battery Life 7 to 17 hours8 to 12 hours
Wall Mount Yes, corner mountYes, Flat wall or Ceiling
Technology FHSSFHSS
Price on Amazon Check Price Check Price

Eufy Spaceview vs Spaceview S Baby Monitor

Eufy Spaceview S is almost $40 more expensive compared to the original Eufy Spaceview. The S model costs around $199 (check Amazon price today here) while the old Eufy Spaceview baby monitor costs around $159 (also check price today here). The main difference between the Eufy Spaceview S and Eufy Spaceview is that the S model has a crib mount and lullaby mode that the original Eufy Spaceview baby monitor doesn’t have. Aside from the two additional features that the S model has (crib mount and lullabies), Eufy Spaceview S also has improved hardware that is sturdy and you can rely on it to be more durable than the Eufy Spaceview baby monitor.

Eufy Spaceview was released to the market on 22 November 2018 while the Spaceview S baby monitor was released to the market four months later on March 8th, 2019. Both baby monitors are brands of Anker Electronics, a company specializing in the manufacture of home security cameras. Eufy Spaceview and Spaceview S have the following in common:

  • They both stream videos of your baby with 720p HD resolution a large 5-inch parent unit.
  • They both have a decent outdoor range of 1000 ft.
  • They both have a wide field of view of up to 330 degrees pan and 110 degrees tilt
  • They both have the following features: Sound alert / Night vision / Temperature monitor / Lullaby / Two way talk audio

If you purchase the original Eufy Spaceview baby monitor, you’ll have to rely on flat-surface mounting. On the other hand, the $199 Eufy Spaceview S comes with a decent, easy-to-install crib mount. The table below explores more differences between the Eufy Spaceview and Eufy Spaceview S.

Eufy SpaceviewEufy Spaceview S
Released to the market in November 2018Released to the market in March 2019
Crib mount not included giving you only two options to mount on a flat surface or on the corner of the roomA crib mount is included
It does not have lullabiesIt has 5 pre-recorded lullabies
Currently rated 4.3/5 as of August 2020Currently rated 4.3/5 as of August 2020
Currently, it’s number 14 of the top 100 best-selling baby monitors on Amazon as of August 2020Currently, it’s number 105 of the top 100 best-selling baby monitors on Amazon as of August 2020
Poor hardware makeBetter and improved hardware. Anker has specified that they took the feedback of their initial model and improved the S model making the hardware sturdy and durable.
The battery storage capacity is 2900mAh and can last for up to 10 hours (Anker markets 15 hours)The battery storage capacity is 2900mAh, significantly lower than Vava’s 4500 mAh. It can last for up to 10 hours (Anker markets 15 hours)
It has a model that comes with 2 cameras and costs about $239(check price today here). This model is ideal for multi-room monitoring or monitoring of twins. This model, however, does not have crib mounts.It does not have a model with 2 cameras.
You can mount it on a flat surface such as a tableYou can mount it on the crib using the crib mount that it comes with
Costs about $40 less than Spaceview S but can check current price hereCosts about $40 more than Eufy Spacevie but can check current price here

Eufy Spaceview with 2 Cameras

Anker released a 2-camera baby monitor in October 2019 and close to a year later, the large 5-inch screen baby monitor has been rated very highly 4.9/5. While this model is great in monitoring video feeds from different cameras, it does not allow split-screen viewing of two or more video feeds on the same screen.

This monitor is the original Eufy Spaceview baby monitor with two cameras instead of one. It’s very important to note that the 2-camera model is not the new Eufy Spaceview S model with additional crib mount and superior hardware/make.

This 2-camera model costs around $239 (check today’s price)while the original Eufy Spaceview with a single camera costs $159. This means that the additional monitor costs $80 when you purchase the 2-camera model which is cheaper than Eufy’s add-on camera that goes for around $95.

Eufy Spaceview VOX

Eufy Spaceview and Spaceview S are voice-activated baby monitors and this means that you can put them on sleep mode when you don’t need to actively monitor your baby. With this ‘sleep-mode’ Eufy will notify you when your baby starts crying or making noise but this will only happen if you are using the latest firmware. With the latest software, Eufy’s sound gets turned off when the video is off on VOX mode and both will automatically turn back on when it detects above a certain sound threshold. If you are having challenges, contact Anker using this online form.

Eufy Spaceview FAQs

Was there Eufy Spaceview Kickstarter?

Eufy ran a Kickstarter campaign which raised $3,139,558 from 8,803 backers. The funds were meant for Eufycam, a wireless security cam that can run 365 days of the year on battery.

Are there any podcasts on Eufy Spaceview I can listen to?

You can listen to a podcast on Eufy Spaceview on iheart radio by The Wired. The Wired did a review of Eufy Spaceview and rated it no. 1 non-wifi baby monitor. They rated Eufy Spaceview as No. 1 Baby Monitor in 2019. At 10BabyGear, we ranked Infant Optics DRX 8 because of its reliability. No issues with firmware updates, no extra camera etc.

Is Eufy Spaceview extra camera available now (June 2019)

Yes, the Eufy Spaceview extra camera is currently available for parents to purchase it on Amazon. It was released on May 23rd, 2019 following a long-awaited release that the company had promised since September 2018. Also, you should read BMC’s comparison of Eufy Spaceview’s second camera with add-on cameras of other baby monitors. You can check Eufy’s Spaceview’s second camera price on Amazon here. Important to note here that Eufy Spaceview screen is no split-screen.

Did Eufy Spaceview release a firmware update

Yes. Eufy released a firmware update that is necessary for all customers who have already purchased Eufy Spaceview. Make sure you get access to eEufy baby monitor firmware update by contacting Ankar Electronics or by using the link shared above.

Is Eufy Spaceview available in Buy Buy Baby or in Target?

Eufy Spaceview baby monitor is currently not available in Buy Buy Baby or in Target. You can, however, use the links listed above.

Below Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitors with 5200 mAh Battery Capacities

eufy Security Video and Audio Baby Monitoreufy Security, SpaceView Pro
No products found.No products found.
Similarities: 5200 mAh (12 hours) battery, 5-inch screen, 720p HD resolution, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, 1000 ft Range, Pan: 330° Tilt:110°Similarities: 5200 mAh battery(12 hours), 5-inch screen, 720p HD resolution, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, 1000 ft Range; Pan: 330° Tilt:110°
Comes with a wall mount, no crib mount, and does not come with a wide-angle lensWide Angle Lens Not Included, alarm feature included and comes with only a wall mount – no crib mount
Price: $129Price: $169
Check PriceCheck Price

Eufy Spaceview baby monitors with 2900 mAh Battery Capacities

Video Baby Monitor, eufy Securityeufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor
No products found.No products found.
Similarities: 2900 mAh battery(8 hours), 5-inch screen, 720p HD resolution, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, 1000 ft Range; Pan: 330° Tilt:110°Similarities: 2900 mAh battery(8 hours), 5-inch screen, 720p HD resolution, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, 1000 ft Range; Pan: 330° Tilt:110°
It comes with a wall-mount and Wide-Angel lens. It is missing crib mountComes with a wall and crib mount and a wide-angle lens.
Price: $ 155 (currently on offer for $119 on Jan 10)Price: $194
Check PriceCheck Price

eufy Security, SpaceView Pro 720p Video Baby Monitor with 5’’ Screen, Two-Way Audio, Pan & Tilt, 5200mAh Battery, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, Ideal for New Parents, Wide Angle Lens Not Included

$169.99  in stock
as of September 1, 2023 7:41 pm

eufy Security Video and Audio Baby Monitor, 720p Resolution, Large 5” Display, 5,200 mAh Battery, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, 1000 ft Range, Ideal for New Moms, Manual Pan & Tilt

$175.00  in stock
as of September 1, 2023 7:41 pm

Baby Monitor, eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor, Peace of Mind for New Moms, 5 inch LCD Display, 110° Wide-Angle Lens Included, 720p HD, Lullaby Mode, Night Vision, Day-Long Battery, Crib Mount

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as of September 1, 2023 7:41 pm

Video Baby Monitor, eufy Security, Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, 720p HD Resolution, Night Vision, 5" Display, 110° Wide-Angle Lens Included, Lullaby Player, Ideal for New Moms

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Add-on Baby Camera Unit, Baby Monitor Camera, eufy Security Video Baby Monitor, 720p HD Resolution, Ideal for New Moms, Easy to Pair, Night Vision, Long-Lasting Battery

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as of September 1, 2023 7:41 pm

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