EufyCam 2C as a Baby Monitor

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EufyCam 2C as Baby Monitor

eufy Security eufyCam 2C
eufy Security eufyCam 2C

EufyCam 2C is one of the best security cameras in the market today that can be turned into a baby monitor. It boasts a 76% 5-star rating in 8,500+ customer reviews on Amazon today. It uses HomeBase 2 that is smaller and lighter and has an in-built16GB eMMC as its hub. This is better than the HomeBase 1 model which comes with a micro SD card, the 2 version has a USB slot.

While Eufy is known for its quality security cameras, it also has four brands of highly-rated non-wifi baby monitors such as Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor and Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Pro.

EufyCam 2C is an upgrade of the EufyCam 2 that had been the brand’s flag-bearer since its introduction into the market in 2019. Some of the features that people admired include local storage, easy installation, 1080p resolution, a long battery life, and the ability to detect people in real-time. And did I mention the zero subscription fees? It is, however, a little pricier (around $140) than the new 2C upgrade.

The new EufyCam 2C wireless home security camera model has all the mentioned features in its prior EufyCam 2 version. In addition, both versions offer wide compatibility as they work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows for voice control so you can speak to your baby via two-way audio and play them relaxing music or white noise. Both also have 1080p camera resolution for crystal clear images. You also have military-grade security via AES 256-bit account encryption and 128-bit video encryption.

Unlike the older EufyCam 2 model, the 2C has no anti-theft chain which is vaguely significant since you are installing the camera inside your kid’s room. Not outside where it can be stolen. This, though, is substituted with an integrated floodlight in the 2C camera model. Just to remind you, floodlight cameras, like the 2C, operate wirelessly through a rechargeable battery using your home’s Wi-Fi. This, in turn, allows you to access live or recorded videos of your baby’s room from your smart device using its 135-degrees wide-angle lens. To access your footage, however, you will need the eMMC card inserted into the HomeBase Station your EufyCam 2C is registered to.

EufyCam 2C compares closely to other security cameras that people use as baby monitors. Like the Arlo Pro 3, for instance, EufyCam 2C has 6-month battery life. This is good but shorter than its older 2 version which has 365-day battery life. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating which means it can endure any weather like Arlo. When it comes to picture clarity, Arlo Pro has the upper hand with 2K (1440p) resolution which is an upgrade for 1080p. On July 20, 2020, however, Anker released the EufyCam 2 Pro version with 2K resolution like Arlo’s and 365-days battery life like the older EufyCam camera version available on Amazon here.

In terms of storage, EufyCam 2C has both local and cloud options just like Arlo and others. EufyCam 2C generously offers 16GB non-removable local storage while Arlo Pro 3 has 2TB. Nest has no local storage or slot for a micro SD card.

Nest Indoor Cam only gives you 3 hours of cloud storage for free at $6/mor $60/yr. for 30 days or $12/m or 120/yr. for 60 days. Arlo Pro 3 subscription costs are $9.99/m for 14 days or $19.99/yr. for continuous recording. EufyCam 2C has zero monthly storage subscription. However, you pay $2.99/m for one camera and $29.99/yr. for 30 days or $9.99/m or $99.99/yr. for 30 days for up to 10 cameras. Picking the 10 cameras option seems very affordable for us.

EufyCam 2C, however, is good value for money at under $130 compared to Arlo’s $300 on Amazon. If you are looking for a cheaper wireless security camera with almost all the features you have in the 2C version, try the Wyze Cam Pan v2. It is below half the price of EufyCam 2C with the same functionalities.

We also loved the invisible infrared LED light in the cameras that provide sharp black and white imagery. As such, your baby can sleep well as you watch them clearly without blinking lights that distract them when it is dark like some other versions. These, and more, are the features that also make EufyCam 2C compete with Nest Cam Indoor. They also make EufyCam 2C better than brands like Ring Stick Up cam which have bright infrared light.

EufyCam 2C is designed and manufactured by Anker Innovations Tech which was founded in 2016. Other brands from Anker include Nebula, soundcore, Roav, and Anker.

Features that make eufyCam 2C a Great Baby Monitor

Cry detection
EufyCam 2C has a cry detection feature and you get notified when your baby cries and needs your attention
Battery life
Battery lasts 180 days to ensure a seamless security monitoring throughout without interruptions.
Night vision
Has in-built spotlight that crystallizes the surrounding area allowing you to see the whole picture in color clarity, even in low-light. In addition, it also comes with infrared setting for colored or black & white.
Eufy app
Available and downloadable on Apple Store and Play Store for your iOS or Android device to enable remote monitoring.
1080p resolution with a 135-degree diagonal field wide-angle coverage for a clear view.
You should hang the camera closer to the HomeBase 2 for signal strength, at least 7 to 10 ft above the ground. Read this manual for assistance with the installation process.
Features human detection tech that recognizes anyone else other than you as a stranger. This is backed by military-grade encryption.
In-built rechargeable battery.
Offers both local and cloud options.
Virtual Assistant Support
Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple HomeKit.

Using EufyCam with HomeKit

With HomeKit support, EufyCam 2C allows you to see live video streams that are encrypted, and you have remote access. HomeKit also works with Siri which allows for voice commands but can’t work with Google Assistant or Alexa though. You also have access to HomeKit automation and there is an app for tablets.

During our review, however, we came across many complaints about EufyCam 2C inconsistency with HomeKit. Some customers have even said how they contacted the company only to be told that they “don’t support HomeKit technical support” and asked to call Apple. Buyers are irked since a good number said they purchased it for the HomeKit integration.

Access to most of the features will require you to use HomeKit Secure Video or the eufySecurity app. Your iPhone must also be iOS 13.4 and higher.

Check out the video below for more info:

EufyCam 2C Pros and Cons

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