For many parents,  investing in a travel system is a smart idea. Getting a combo of an infant car seat and stroller saves you time and money instead of buying the pieces separately. In addition, travel systems are also often feature-rich for convenience.

Currently, the Evenflo Pivot Modular is the best-rated travel system on Amazon. In this article, we take a closer look at how it compares to other popular travel systems, to help you decide if it’s for you or you should consider another option.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Vs Graco Modes Travel System

The Graco Modes and Evenflo Pivot are both great travel systems that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. They have many features in common and some slight differences.


Both Graco Modes and Evenflo Pivot are well-built modular travel systems with sturdy frames and wheels that are easy to maneuver over multiple surfaces. However, both have plastic wheels, which add less weight, but they are not as durable as rubber tires.

Both travel systems can comfortably accommodate a child up to 50 pounds from birth. Each model also has an infant car seat that holds a baby between 4 to 35 pounds or 32 inches tall.

Both are 3-in-1 strollers that function as infant car seat carriers, infant bassinet, and toddler strollers. The toddler seat fully reclines and converts into bassinet mode and also comes off to become an infant carrier with a car seat. A strap on the back of the seats helps to recline or raise the seat back up in both models.

Both Evenflo Pivot and Graco Mode are keen on the safety and comfort of your child. These travel systems use a 5 point safety harness with pads to minimize irritation, and their car seats have undergone rigorous tests to meet and exceed US safety standards. However, the Evenflo SafeMax car seat further adds an anti-rebound bar designed to absorb and dissipate crash forces.

The seats of both travel systems can be set up as either front-facing or rear-facing strollers, adapting to the child’s needs. Moreover, they are also adjustable to different heights and recline positions for comfort.

Both travel systems are very convenient for shopping and day trips as they come with generous bottom baskets to fit shopping bags or all of the baby’s essentials. In addition, they have a child tray where you can put some snacks and sippy cups. However, the Graco Modes gives a better deal because its parent’s tray is covered and has two cup holders, whereas Evenflo is just a simple cup holder that you can attach to the handlebar.

Both have large canopies capable of adequately protecting your child during hot summer days, and the canopies have mesh windows to let you check in on your baby. However, the covers for the mesh window differ a bit, where the Graco uses Velcro to hold it down while that of Evenflo just lies neatly on top.


The two modular travel systems are versatile, allowing your child different ways to ride. However, Graco Modes is more versatile with 10 configurations while Evenflo has only 6.

Although both are made with aluminum frames, the Graco model is much lighter and easier to move around. It weighs only 21pounds, inclusive of the car seat, while Evenflo Pivot weighs 38.5 pounds.

Here is a quick comparison of the features

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel SystemGraco Modes Travel system 
Multifunctional Yes, a 3-in-1 stroller that converts to bassinet mode, infant carrier, and toddler strollerYes, a 3-in-1 stroller that converts to bassinet mode, infant carrier, and toddler stroller
Infant car seat Yes, SafeMaxYes, SnugRide SnugLock 35
Self-standing foldYes, but requires both handsYes, but requires both hands 
Child tray No Yes, with two cup holders
Parent tray No, but there is a cup holderYes, with two cup holders and is covered
Storage basketYes, largeYes, large 
Spec for stroller Up to 50 poundsUp to 50 pounds
Weight(car seat + stroller)38.5 pounds21 pounds
Price $290$250


Both of these are great budget-friendly options, with all the basic features you need to keep your baby safe and happy while you are on the go. However, the Graco Modes is a preferable choice if you are looking for a versatile and lightweight stroller. On the other hand, Evenflo is chic and just as easy to use, so it’s just a matter of your preference as both have most things at par.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Vs Chicco

Our next comparison is between the Evenflo Pivot Modular and Chicco’s best-selling travel system, the Chicco Bravo Trio.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System includes KeyFit 30 infant car seat, car seat base, and Chicco Bravo Stroller. In addition, you can easily switch from a car seat to a stroller seat or even a travel system.

It has an all-wheel suspension system and front swivel wheels to ensure a smooth ride for your child. In addition, the rear parking brakes are easy to apply with one push.

This travel system is not only safe for your child but comfortable as well, with spacious seating, multiple position backrest, and a nice padded seat and straps. In addition, there is a large adjustable canopy that shields your baby from the sun and wind.

With an adjustable handlebar, parents can take turns pushing the baby, and a quick one-hand fold to self-standing package makes this system a favorite for parents on the go.

But how does it stack up against the Evenflo Pivot? Here is the answer:


Both are versatile systems that will take care of your child’s travel needs as they grow from newborn to toddler (up to 50 pounds). They easily convert to an infant carriers, travel systems, and toddler strollers. However, only the Evenflo seat converts to bassinet mode, making it more advantageous.

Both have easy mechanisms to attach a car seat to the stroller.

Both of these travel systems are safe and comfortable for your child with a five-point harness, padded seats and leg rests, multiple recline (3 positions), and large canopies.

Both travel systems have a decent-sized bottom basket that will fit a large diaper bag and other essentials, or shopping bags.

Both are stylish and come in gender-neutral colors.


Evenflo Pivot is more versatile as your child can ride facing the parent or the world in any mode but Chicco Bravo isn’t reversible. When used as an infant carrier and travel system, it faces the parent and faces forward in stroller mode.

The Chicco braking system is rather nice and easy to engage since the brakes are linked; they make the process smoother than Evenflo’s two-step brakes.

Chicco travel system seems sturdier like it’s built with higher quality materials than the Evenflo.

Chicco is more convenient for parents on the move with features like an adjustable handlebar, a parent tray, and one-hand fold, which are clearly lacking in the Evenflo Pivot.

The Chicco Travel system is about a hundred dollars more expensive than the $380 vs $290 Evenflo Pivot.

Below is a quick comparison table between the Evenflo travel system vs Chicco

Evenflo Pivot Chicco Bravo Trio
Age range Newborn to 50 poundsNewborn to 50 pounds
Weight (stroller + car seat)38.5 pounds24.9 pounds
Convertibility3-in -13-in-1
Reversible seating Yes No 
One-hand foldNo Yes
Child tray No, but there is a snack barNo 
Parent tray No, but has a cup holderYes 
Adjustable handlebarNo Yes 
Maneuverability Front swivels, plastic wheelsFront swivels, foam wheels
Price $290$380


If only Chicco offered reversible seating, it would be the clear winner here because of its convenient one-handed fold, more storage for the parent, and adjustable handlebar. But for us, Evenflo Pivot is the best choice because it offers more ways to ride and comes at a pocket-friendly price point.

Something else to know is that Chicco has an upgraded version of the Bravo Trio, which is the Bravo LE. The new system has additional features such as a child tray, thicker padding, and a pull-out sun visor for about $70 more than the Bravo Trio.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Vs Uppababy Vista

UPPAbaby Vista is a high-end multifunctional stroller with top-notch quality, premium features, as well as style. Let’s see how it compares with the less expensive Evenflo Pivot.


Both of these strollers are suitable to use from birth up to 50 pounds, making for a valuable investment. In addition, with Evenflo, you can use the included infant car seat or toddler seat in bassinet mode for your newborn, while the UPPA comes with a bassinet.

Both strollers have reversible seats and allow your child to ride facing the parent or the world.

Both strollers fold compactly with or without the toddler seat attached and stand on their own for easy storage.

Both strollers come with ample storage baskets for your groceries or essentials, as well as child trays and parent cup holder increasing their functionality.


UPPAbaby Vista is a convertible system that can accommodate up to three children. It holds two kids using two bassinets, two infant car seats, or an additional rumble seat. You can also buy the Piggy ride-along board to allow an older sibling to ride along. In contrast, the Evenflo Pivot is designed to carry only one child.

Evenflo Pivot comes with an infant car seat, while UPPAbaby Vista includes a bassinet. However, the toddler seat on Pivot can convert to a bassinet mode, but it’s not sturdy enough to use on its own without the stroller. On the other hand, the UPPA bassinet is sturdy and approved for overnight sleep when used with its own stand (sold separately). Therefore, if you need to use an infant car seat with the Vista, you would have to buy the car seat separately and the ideal one would be the Mesa car seat which connects seamlessly without needing to use adapters.

The Vista has large wheels with all-wheel suspension, providing a much smoother ride than the Evenflo Pivot, which only has suspensions on the rear wheels.

The Vista has a fantastic canopy that can extend all the way down to provide maximum protection no matter the direction the wind or sun is coming from. Pivot’s three-panel canopy does not extend, but it’s large enough.

The Vista stroller has 5 recline positions to deliver the ultimate comfort for your child, while Evenflo Pivot has three, but both seats can be adjusted with one hand.

The Vista stroller has a height-adjustable handlebar that allows users of different heights to push comfortably. In contrast, Pivot’s height is fixed at 40 inches and can be a bit short for very tall users. In addition, the Vista has a comfortable leather grip which is more durable and stylish than the foam in Evenflo Pivot.

The Vista pushes and maneuvers very easily on different terrains and the all-wheel suspension ensures the ride is very smooth for your child compared to the Pivot, which only has suspensions on the rear wheels. In addition, its brake is very convenient to use, flip-flop friendly, and requires only one press to lock the rear wheels compared to Pivot, which has dual brakes. Also, in the Vista, you can lock the front swivel wheels if you need to move in a straight line which you can’t do with Pivot. However, it’s also worth noting that it becomes more difficult to steer the Vista with more than one child.

The Vista stroller is one of the few strollers that come with nice accessories like rain cover and a bug net to protect your child when you are outdoors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have trays and cup holders like Evenflo Pivot, but you can buy them separately.

Below is a quick comparison table

Evenflo Pivot UPPAbaby Vista
Convertibility Single stroller, non-expandableConverts to double stroller to carry up to three kids with ride-along board
Bassinet included No, but the seat can be converted to bassinet modeYes 
Car seat includedYes No, but accepts Mesa seat with no adapters needed
Reversible seatYes Yes 
Stroller seat weight limit Up to 50 poundsUp to 50 pounds
Recline positions 3, including flat6, including flat
Fold Easy and self-standingEasy and self-standing
Canopy Large, 3-panel Generous with pop-out visor
Rain cover and bug meshNo Yes 
All-wheel suspension No Yes 


Despite being a pricey stroller, the Vista is worth it because it meets all your family needs and has exceptional versatility, smooth maneuverability, comfort, and style. Still, Pivot also delivers the best functionality for its price range and makes it a good option for a family transporting one child.

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