Extra Wide Gliders Reviews 2022

Extra Wide Gliders Reviews 2022

Are you looking for an extra-wide glider? These are hard to come by as most gliders are designed with a width of between 18 to 20 inches, which is only comfortable for the average-sized person.

If you are plus size, nursing, or with twins, a narrow gliding chair will not do for you because it won’t give you room for you and your baby, blankets, and all the other things you need while cuddling, feeding, or reading to your baby. Plus, even if you fit inside one, you will be squished and uncomfortable, unable to move your body freely. That is why you must get yourself an extra wide glider.

As we said, finding extra wide gliders is not easy, but not to worry because we have searched in moms forums and the market to come up with a shortlist of the best extra wide gliders available. Besides considering the width, we also made sure to select based on comfort, durability, aesthetics (designs and colors that can blend well with most families’ decor), ease of cleaning, and extra features like swivel, massage, recliner function, etc.

Here are the best extra wide gliders you can find:

Reviews of Top Extra-Wide Gliders In the Market 2022

1. High Weight Massage Recliner Chair with Footrest

1. High Weight Massage Recliner Chair with Footrest

This chair is a massage seat, a glider, a recliner, and it swivels 360 degrees, so you are getting a lot of value here, considering it is going for less than $300. That is why it was our top choice. The second reason was that it is really wide, so plus size people and nursing moms have plenty of room to maneuver themselves and their arms comfortably. And with a high weight limit of 320 pounds, you can tell it was designed with plus people in mind.

For moms having lower back pains and sore muscles, this massage chair uses heat and vibrations to relieve all of the soreness away. Plus, even without using these, it is generously padded even on the armrest so you can sit for long hours without having any pain.

The chair is designed with faux leather upholstery, making it look stylish in your living room, study, bedroom, or even nursery, and you can choose either the black or brown finish, which is lovely too. Faux material is also easy to wipe off whenever something spills on the seat.

If you are looking for a glider with a swivel, recliner, and heated massage at a good price, this chair gives you the best deal.


  • Can glide, swivel, recline and has a massage function
  • A comfortable amount of padding
  • Faux leather that is soft yet durable and easy to clean
  • Nice design and color to match the study or office
  • Includes ottoman
  • Great value for money


  • Stressful and lengthy assembly because instructions are not clear
  • Recline has limited adjustability
  • Heat is very mild

2. Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair

For those looking for a living room-style recliner rocker that is extra wide, this leather seat is a great option. It rocks back and forth in the seating or reclining position to give you a cozy, relaxing spot to soothe your baby to sleep or even unwind at the end of a hard day. It also has a locking mechanism to prevent it from moving when you don’t want to, like when you are trying to get up and don’t want to wake your baby.

Besides having a wide seating area, it also has a tall backrest which is good news for tall people because it provides them with head support which most gliders don’t have chairs. 

As for the cushioning, it feels comfortable.


  • Modern and attractive
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable
  • Great price
  • Fabric can be easily wiped in case of a mess


  • May not last; the leather feels stiff and likely to rip, and some people have had their seat broken after only a few months

3. Baby Relax Double Rocker

Although this rocker is advertised with a weight capacity of 225 pounds, many reviewers say it is extra spacious and sturdy enough to sit even two adults or an adult with two toddlers sitting side by side. This is impressive, but for safety, we recommend following manufacturers’ weight limit recommendations.

This is the kind of chair you can have as a staple in your family because it looks classy and durable. You can use it when feeding and rocking your baby, and when they are grown, you will still have plenty more years to use it in your living room.

As a mom, you will love this chair because it has firm yet cozy cushions, extra wide space to allow feeding and great support for the neck and back. And also because the fabric is dirt-resistant and will need just a wipe whenever the baby makes a mess.

The chair is available in two neutral shades that coordinate well with most nurseries and living rooms.


  • Wide enough to seat a parent with two toddlers
  • Comfortable upholstery
  • High quality


  • Rocking ability is mediocre
  • Takes up quite a bit of space

4. Esright Grey Fabric Rocker Modern Rocking Chair

If you need a swivel chair, a glider, and a recliner, you can get all these and more with this chair. Esright modern rocking chair is not particularly very wide, but it has a few inches more seating space than other gliders. It has extra thick padding on the cushion and armrest, so it is super comfortable. Moreover, each armrest has a cup holder and a side pocket so you can keep your drinks, baby bottle, remote, and phone close.

This chair has a massage function with different vibration levels and heating, so again it will give you a relaxing experience at the end of the day from work or tending to your kids. To relax, even more, you can recline the chair to a nearly lying down position (140 degrees) to shut your eyes as you unwind. There is an easy pull strap, on the inside of the right armrest, for reclining. This may be awkward if you are used to other chairs that use a lever on the outside of the armrest, but you will get used with time.

If you were looking for a glider that you can repurpose and use in different rooms, this seat is designed to suit any place with an attractive, modern design and grey and coffee finish options that blend in many homes seamlessly. 


  • Attractive modern design that can match your nursery, living room, bedroom, and any other room in the house
  • Allows you to rock, glide, recline and rest your feet
  • Provides back massage with heat and vibrations
  • Easy to assemble with simple instructions
  • Firm but comfortable cushions


  • It can take a bit of push with the legs to get the seat to return back to an upright position
  • Cup holders are small, so they can’t fit bigger cups

5. Pink Glider Recliner

A rocker, glider, and recliner seat, you can make this chair your sweet spot when you want to relax. The pretty pink color can be a good match for a nursery theme, or you can choose neutral colors like charcoal, shell, fawn, and various shades of grey, which would look amazing in your bedroom, living room, or study.

If you are set to chill and relax, this seat will not disappoint you. The cushions are extra thick, and the seating space is also roomy, so you can just sink in, close your eyes and relax. Because the chair is electric, you don’t need to fish for levers hidden beneath cushions; there is a button to press on the side of the armrest to transform this chair from upright to near-flat recline. Also, you can charge your phone from a USB charging port built-in right on the seat, which is highly convenient when you are relaxing but still want to do stuff on your phone.


  • Rocks glides, reclines, and swivels
  • Convenient phone charging built-in system and side pockets
  • Fabulous finishes and modern design that blend well with the rest of the house
  • Easy set up with no tools required


  • Expensive

5. Extra-Wide Swivel Glider

The Babyletto Tuba is not only gorgeous, but it is also one of the widest glider seats in the market with a 300-pound capacity. Most gliders provide about 18 to 20 inches of seating space, but this seat has about 26 inches of seating space when you measure the space between the inside of both arms, so you have plenty of elbow space.

Besides providing you with smooth gliding motions, Babyletto Tuba is also a swivel chair, allowing you easy access to other things in the room that you need, like your phone, without standing and disturbing your sleeping baby.

In terms of comfort, this chair has nice padding that feels like you are sitting in a cloud and comes with a lumbar pillow. If you have back pain, which is common with postpartum moms, having this will give you great support and keep you comfortable.

The quality is impressive; the fabric is woven polyester poly-fiber that is chemical-free and easy to clean, and the cushions are firm, supportive, soft to the touch, and don’t sink over time. You can expect this chair to last for years.


  • Wide enough to fit an adult with two kids
  • Glides back and forth and side to side
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Includes lumbar pillow
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Comes assembled
  • Blends perfectly with most decors


  • Doesn’t recline

7. Outdoor Patio Wide Rocker Chairs

This last one is a 3-piece Patio rocker chair and table set that you can use indoors when feeding or rocking your baby to sleep. Or put it outside to create the perfect setting for you and your partner or friend to relax and chat while enjoying a drink.

You can expect these chairs to last because they are made from hard-wearing, resin wicker that is weather-resistant, and a steel base that can hold up to 250 pounds weight. With firm cushions and extra-wide seating space of 24 inches, this chair is comfortable for all. It rocks smoothly back and forth and sits low to the ground so that even the short people can rest their legs on the floor. There are also adjustable screws at the bottom that enable you to adjust the swing range to your comfort.

These are very elegant chairs that will look amazing on your patio. They are available in three lovely colors: beige, grey, and brown. You will also love to know that they are also easy to clean because the back and seat cushions come off for washing.

  • Elegant design that looks good for the front porch

  • Great quality for durability

  • Has adjustable swing range

  • Easy to clean

  • Great pricing

  • Easy to put together

  • Lack arm cushions, so they are not the comfiest for nursing moms

8. Wynne Wide-Seat Locking Glider Rocker with Ottoman and Side Table

8th on this list is the Wyne Wide Seat which is our best extra wide glider with ottoman.

It has an easy-to-use locking mechanism that will keep it firmly in place, the ottoman is just right for resting your feet on or using as another surface, and the side table offers handy storage space for drinks or snacks. It’s also very comfortable to sit in, rocking gently back and forth while you read or watch TV.

The Wynne Wide-Seat Locking Glider Rocker with Ottoman and Side Table has many great features. The padded arms and position lock make it comfortable to sit in and the storage space on the side table is perfect for drinks or snacks. The hardwood frame is sturdy and the teak finish is beautiful. It also rocks gently back and forth, making it the perfect chair to relax in. The only downside may be that it takes up more headroom than some other models, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not too tall.

Overall, I think this chair does a great job and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable place to relax.