10 Games to Play on a Trampoline

If you have just been jumping in your trampoline and you wish you can add a few more tricks to alter your routine, below are some fun games that will take your trampoline fun a notch higher. Some games are for kids and others can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Dodge that

This game is fun if you have six people. One person throws and tries to bounce a softball off the others. The fun is watching all the players constantly trying to dodge the ball on the bouncy trampoline. You can add fun and challenge by adding more balls. The game helps develop coordination and balance.

Trampoline hot potato

In this game, all the players are in the trampoline jumping except one player who is outside on the ground. 

The player on the ground throws a softball at the jumpers who try to catch the ball. If a player misses the ball, drops it, or stops jumping, they get off the mat. The last player on the mat is the winner.

Bouncing air-catch

This game is about catching a softball in midair. To play, one player gets in the trampoline as another player throws the ball over the trampoline safety enclosure. The player in the trampoline is to try and catch the ball midair. The player who catches the most balls out of 10 throws wins. The game can be fun for the whole family to play on the trampoline.


This is one of the most enjoyable games when you have several kids in the trampoline. Have like five balls on the trampoline rolling around unpredictably as the kids jump around them. The balls are the ‘poison’ and must be avoided. Anyone touched by any of the balls dies (leaves the trampoline). The last person left in the trampoline wins.


This is a simple game that can have many variations added to create more fun. It is also more practical for trampolines with enclosures. Players compete blowing as many balloons as possible and throwing in the trampoline. For more fun, you can mark a balloon and have the players get into the trampoline one by one to try to look for the marked balloon. This is such an enjoyable game for kids and the whole family too.

Stealthy dead man 

This is another fun trampoline game when you have three to six players. One player assumes the role of the dead man and lies in the middle of the mat blindfolded. The dead man tries to touch the other players by rolling or crawling as they run away from him, but they should not jump over him. Whoever is touched plays the dead man.

Piggy in the trampoline

This is game requires three players. One player (Piggy) stays inside the trampoline while the other two remain outside and opposite each other. The two players outside the trampoline throw a ball over the trampoline between each other, and piggy bounces and tries to catch it midair. If Piggy catches the ball, the player threw the losing ball becomes the next Piggy.

Trampoline twister

The Twister is one of the fun trampoline games which challenges balance. You need three players. You can use some colored chalks to draw icons on your mat if your mat doesn’t have any icons. The game starts with the two players standing at the center of the trampoline mat while the third player stays outside and acts as the referee. Then, the two players inside must follow the referee command by standing or placing a body part on the called-out icon without falling over. The winner is the player who maintains balance the longest.

Bubble park

This game is perfect for bonding with your little ones (2-5 years olds). Sit in the trampoline with your child, you at one side, and your child at the center of the mat. Start blowing bubbles in all directions as your child tries to pop as many bubbles as possible before they fall onto the trampoline base. You can also let your child have a go at blowing the bubbles. This game is not about competition but bonding, which is very important for kids.

One, two, three sit

This game involves two to four people standing in the trampoline in a circle. One of the players starts counting out loud, “one, two, three,” and then shouts, “sit!” Everyone sits down simultaneously, causing some people to be sent flying in the air. The more you continue, the higher up you will be thrown, and it will seem as if you are flying. Just ensure no one is too close to the edge; otherwise, they might fly off the trampoline and get into an accident.