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If you are looking for the best gift ideas for a 3-year-old girl in 2022, we have done extensive research on all possible options you can pick today. We settled on ToyVelt Princess Dress-up as the best gift idea for a toddler of 3 years as it introduces the socializing and character-building aspect that the girl will appreciate.

At three years of age, kids are at a stage where they begin to explore, socialize, and learn about colors, shapes, and sounds. When shopping for a special gift for your three-year-old daughter, granddaughter, or little friend in your life, choose a gift that will get her excited but also educational to prep her for school and impart skills necessary for real life.

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To help you get the right toy for your girl, we have rounded up the best toys based on parent reviews and considered factors like safety, quality, functionality, and its benefits.

Reviews of the Best Gift Ideas for 3-year-old Girl in 2022

1.ToyVelt Princess Dress Up & Play Jewelry and Shoe Boutique

Little girls love fairy tales with princesses and castles. Buying your girl this Boutique set will make her feel like a real princess. This toy has every piece that will make her dress up transformation realistic. With four differently colored shoes to choose from, all she has to do is select her jewelry to complete the look. The jewelry includes 2 pairs of earrings, 3 bangles, 3 rings, and a beautiful tiara crown.

We love that this set comes with a strong storage box to hold all the accessories so your little princess won’t end up with her accessories scattered and risk losing them. It will also help develop organizing skills; after all, a princess has got to have her things neat at all times.

This gift will make your girl feel special and help build self-confidence. It also encourages role playing with friends and helps develop imagination and creativity, and social skills.


  • Comes with real shoes and jewelry
  • Uses non-toxic and safe materials
  • Well-made and durable
  • Comes with organizer storage box
  • Great set for princess dress up


  • Shoes might be too big for small feet, but kids still love them
  • Would be nice if the jewelry had enclosed storage space

2. BELEEV 3 Wheel Scooter

Your girl will love riding the BELEEVE Kick Scooter while honing her balancing skills. It is lightweight and has a unique learn-to-steer technology, making it a lot easier to turn than other scooters. With three wheels that sit low to the ground, your girl can start in baby steps until she has mastered balance.

The height is adjustable to four positions, which means your young rider can enjoy it up to their teenage years. She will also love the flashing wheels, which looks amazing especially in the evening when it gets dark.

This scooter will keep your girl busy outdoors or indoors, which is great for physical fitness and helps develop balance and coordination skills.


  • Multiple color options; purple, blue, red, and green
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and durable
  • 4 level adjustable heights to grow with your child
  • Flashing LED wheels
  • Uses learn-to steer technology


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Not foldable, but the handles can pop in to fit smaller storage space

3. SOTOGO 270 Count Snap Beads Pop Beads Set

If your girl loves jewelry, why not buy her this Sotogo Bead Set with 270 pieces of beads. Not just that, it also comes with 3 hair clasps, rings and bracelets of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

There are many beads set in the market, but the Sogoto set is ideal for young toddlers to use because the beads are very easy to join. Just needs to be snapped together- no need to thread! 

This is a great gift to keep your girl busy as she designs necklaces and bracelets for herself or to give as a gift. In the process, she will develop her imagination and creativity, hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, patterns, and much more. Plus, she can team up for group projects or with a sibling in making masterpieces.


  • 270 bead pieces for limitless combination
  • Comes with headbands and bracelets
  • Great for group activity
  • Easy to snap together, no string needed


  • Can be messy with beads coming apart and scattering everywhere
  • Some beads are tiny and could be swallowed by small babies

3. Mad Mattr Super-Soft Modeling Dough

I do not know any little girl or boy who doesn’t like to get their little hands dirty, literally. Mad Mattr is one of the best gift you can gift any kid. It is super soft and flexible and will feel amazing as your girl squeezes it and stretches it to mold whatever her creative mind comes up with. It does not dry out and maintains its shape when compacted hence great for making stable creations. When used together with Ultimate Brick Maker, one can create stackable bricks to make amazing buildings. 

This dough not only keeps your little one busy but is a great sensory toy that strengthens their hands as well as improves their fine motor skills. Parents of autistic kids really raved about how helpful it was for their kids’ condition.

As a parent, you will love that the dough is designed to stick to itself, so it cleans up easily without leaving stains.


  • Easy to shape and mold
  • Maintains form without getting dry
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t stain
  • Non-toxic, glutein, casein, and wheat free


  • It leaves little crumbles which are hard to pick, but it’s easy to clean up
  • It is a bit expensive considering the amount

4. Code n Learn Kinderbot

If you are looking for a toy that offers more educational lessons for your girl, get her this coding robot. It will teach her the basics of coding and engineering. In the process, she will also learn about colors, letters, shapes, early maths concepts, following directions, and problem-solving.

This robot offers three levels of play: independent coding, challenges, and secret codes. The first one is easy, even for three-year-old kids, and allows them to set up robotic patterns using up to ten directional arrow moves. Kinderbot is usually very chatty and engaging and repeats back what the kid has programmed as he takes each step.

In the challenge level, Kinderbot gives coding directions with increasing challenges that kids must perform. Once they complete each sequence successfully, Kinderbot treats them to some music and dance.

The third game involves using additional included accessories and replaying secret codes from the book to code Kinderbot.

Your three-year-old will mostly just love the first level, but as they grow older, they will develop more patience and skill to perform the required coding and consequently enjoy tackling all the challenges.


  • Charming and engaging robot
  • Well programmed and durable
  • Teaches problem solving skills and many educative concepts
  • Robot shuts off to conserve battery after a few minutes of being idle


  • Uses batteries, and they run out fast

5. Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Playset

All kids love to play with water and splash. With this playset, your little girl can have her own mini water park in your backyard (or in the house) where she can play with water. She can also invite her friends to play since the table is big enough to allow up to four kids to play at the same time.

This water table has all the best features to allow creative play. It includes a large bucket and other pieces of accessories like a duck, fish, frog, spinning water wheel, and more. It also has a waterfall area, which is the highlight of this table.

The water table is not only a fun-filled environment for kids to improve their social skills and fine motor skills, but they also learn concepts like motion, flowing, cause and effect, and more.


  • High quality and sturdy
  • Spacious enough, allowing four children to play at once
  • Comes with many accessories to play with
  • Includes a waterfall feature
  • Usable indoors and outdoors
  • Offers multiple features for fun and learning
  • Easy to drain and clean


  • It is expensive
  • Not the easiest to assemble requires you to drill the holes

6. Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!

Unlike adults, kids do not think cleaning is a terrible idea. That’s why you will always see your child following after you when cleaning; it is simply fun for them. Unfortunately, she takes your brooms, which are too big for her and ends up knocking down stuff. If your girl loves to play cleaning, get her this set so she can have fun with something she can comfortably handle. And by the way, it is a best seller with over 17k reviews, just in case you have doubts if it will make a great gift.

The set includes a broom, mop, duster, dustpan, a brush, and an organizing stand. Your child will love these toys because they are very colorful and just the perfect size for small hands. Each toy inspires creativity and imagination as she uses them to do different tasks. In the process, she develops fine motor skills, learns adult responsibilities, and develops self-confidence.


  • Super high quality and durable
  • Perfect size for toddlers
  • The toy tools are safe to use on all surfaces
  • Many toys inspire different play ideas
  • Helps prepare your child for future responsibilities


  • It is a bit expensive

7. Sinuo Girl Dress Up Trunk

Little girls love playing dress up and are always looking for accessories to play dress up. Your girl’s eyes will light up with excitement once she looks inside the Sinuo Girl Dress Up Trunk. This trunk is filled with all the accessories she needs to transform herself into a fairy, princess, and mermaid. Total pieces are 25 and include a purse, gloves, skirts, sandals, headband, wings, princess wands, and fashion jewelry.

This set inspires creative play, and with different outfits, your girl can have more fun as she plays dress up with her friend. The costumes are also perfect for other occasions, such as Christmas parties and birthdays. It comes with a beautiful bag for easy storage and travel.


  • 25 dress up pieces
  • Includes outfits for princess, fairy, and mermaid
  • Comes with a storage travel bag
  • Great set for role play and imaginative play


  • Some pieces get damaged easily

8. Educational Toys Magnet Building Block Tiles Set

This set is a great learning tool and introduces small kids to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts. It might be challenging for three year olds to use at first, but after the initial attraction due to the bright colors, your girl will start learning to connect these magnetic tiles to create different designs. It also encourages family fun because older siblings and parents can participate in creating complex models and teach the small ones in the process.

The set has 103 magnetic tiles, which include triangle, square, isosceles triangle, and hexagon shapes. It also includes wheels, a castle card, and a guidebook teaching how to build. The different shapes allow kids to stretch their creativity and come up with endless possibilities. For example, this set can create a castle, a ball, snail, cars, houses, and any other thing your little can come up with.

As a parent, you will love that the pieces are non-toxic, with rounded edges and large sized, making them safe for small toddlers to use.


  • Uses vibrant colors that are appealing to small kids
  • High quality ABS plastic material
  • Multiple tile shapes allow different creations
  • Teaches science, technology, engineering, and math concepts (STEM)
  • Comes in a storage box to keep all the pieces organized
  • Great for whole family fun


  • The magnets are tiny and not super strong, so they might not keep tall buildings sturdy

9. Barbie Dreamhouse

Buy this Dreamhouse for your little girl, and she will be on cloud nine. It is really cute and big and filled with all accessories she could ever dream of- all in one toy.

This dream house measures 3 by 4 feet, so you will take quite a bit of space. It has 3 stories and 8 rooms, a swimming pool with a slide, and a working elevator. Everything is nicely exposed to allow all-angle play.

All the features have a realistic touch, which is a great thing to keep your girl interested. The doors can open and close, and there are lights and sounds as well. For example, she can fill the swimming pool with water for a real splash, the frying pan produces a sizzling sound when placed on the stove, kettle tea produces a whistling sound, the oven lights up, the timer ticks, and even the toilet can flash.

We love that this toy captures every detail in a home, from realistic kitchenware, furniture pieces, groceries, T.V, a garage, a puppy, and many more. This toy is great for enhancing imagination and creativity and role playing.


  • Tons of features to keep kids interest up
  • Realistic and attractive
  • Easy to assemble


  • Does not come with dolls or a car
  • It is expensive

10. Doodle Bear

This is a revamped version of the original Doodle Bear toy from the ’90s. If you loved your Doodle Bear back then, you might want to get one for your daughter too. This bear is soft and cuddly; your girl will fall in love with it. It comes with three washable markers so she can draw fun designs and shapes on her bear. Don’t worry, it is machine washable, and it cleans up nicely without leaving marks.

It is available in two different styles, the one above is the fashion one, but you can also get her the chef style if you prefer. If you download the Doodle Bear Studio app on your little girls’ tablet, she can take pictures of her Doodle creations and watch her bear come alive with stickers and voice recording. She can also share her doodles with friends.

This is a fun way to bring out the artistic side of your little girl. It is also a great companion and cuddly comfort toy for bedtime.


  • Cute and cuddly
  • Comes with three makers for drawing
  • Easy care, machine washable and dryer safe


  • It is smaller than expected

11. Play Circle by Battat Princess Purse Set

If your girl is always reaching into your purse to play with your essentials, why not buy her her own purse? This has got to be the prettiest bag, and it contains all your little diva needs to look great throughout the day and buy things. The bag comes with a coin purse, cellphone, lipstick, compact makeup, credit card, keys, and sunglasses.

Now, whenever you grab your purse to go out, she can have hers as well and pretend to make calls and even buy groceries. This is a great pretend play toy that helps your little girl feel like mommy and enhances creativity, social skills, and fine motor skills.


  • Great pricing
  • Very pretty and girly colors
  • Contains accessories that resemble real adult items
  • Great for pretend play


  • The purse doesn’t close
  • Disappointing to the kids that keys on the phone do not work

12. Disney Classic Character Matching Game

This is one of the funniest games that your three years old will love. It has 72 tiles with your child’s favorite characters. Each character has two matching cards. The game is all about matching the tiles. So you will mess up all the tiles and then arrange them upside down in rows, and then your girl should match the tiles until all of them are matched. Since there are many tiles, you can make the game easier for her by having fewer tiles. Or make it more challenging by having more cards. You can even play together, or she can play with other kids in a competition, whoever makes the most matches wins. At three years of age, you can encourage her to play more if you let her win more times.

This game is great for memory and matching and also teaches your little girl to take turns. 


  • The tiles are very thick and a good size for kids to handle
  • The pictures on the tiles are of excellent quality and pretty
  • Uses Disney characters which kids love
  • Great for family and group play
  • Easy for small kids to understand and play


  • Some people receive four tiles of each character instead of two
  • The border color of tiles can be seen if one looked closely, which is a major give-away

13. Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent (pink) with Glow in the dark Stars

Let your little girl feel like a real princess with her own fairy tale castle as a gift. This castle has a flag on top and even comes with a tiara and princess wand to complete the look. It is easy to set up and comes with four fiberglass rods for stability. Even better, it is spacious to accommodate multiple children, which makes the game even more fun.

This tent can be set up indoors or outdoors and also includes mesh windows to allow air circulation and allow you to peep inside to see what your kids are up to. You will also love that this tent is super lightweight and foldable for convenient storage or travel.

This tent inspires imagination and creative play and becomes even more fascinating at night because the stars glow in the dark.


  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Folds down easily
  • Large, allows multiple kids to play together


  • Materials might not last

14. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a wonderful gift for any three year old. Girls this age want to hang around the kitchen when mom is cooking. This toy will give your little girl her own kitchen where she can pretend to cook and bake stuff like mommy. It is a great gift to promote imaginative play, social skills and teach her cooking and organizing skills that she will need later in life.

The toy kitchen features a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher. And there is additional storage above the sink. Your child will love how realistic this kitchen is made with doors that open and close, and even the knobs can click and turn just like a real kitchen. Plus other fun features like a cordless phone to make or answer calls while she is in the kitchen.

Though it is expensive, this kitchen will grow with your child and keep up her interest. You can also buy her more accessories to help add creative ideas.


  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Realistic and impressive
  • Has a removable sink for easy cleaning


  • Very lengthy and complicated assembly
  • It is expensive

15. Little Dove Kids Foldable Teepee Play Tent

The Teepee play tent would make a lovely gift for your special little girl. It has a very cute design, wonderful features and comes at very affordable pricing. The tent is very well made using premium cotton canvas material and New Zealand poles, making it durable. Your little girl can use it as a blank slate to decorate any way she likes. For a head start, it comes with glittery feathers and star lights she can use to decorate or place a banner on the inside to make it look gorgeous. She can also paint on it.

You will appreciate the thoughtful design of this tent. First, it has a flap door with tie strings to keep it open and aired out. Or it can be closed with curtains to give your child some personal space to do her secret stuff. You will also love that there are two pockets inside she can use to keep small items like dolls, books, toys, or even snacks. Next, there is a small window, which is just great for a peekaboo game, and you can also use it whenever you need to check on her. Finally, it has a detachable floor mat and a carrying case for convenient packing or travel.

This tent is also easy to set up and does not require tools and can be adjusted.


  • Superior quality and durable
  • Easy to set up and adjustable
  • The design is simple and super cute
  • Includes accessories for decorating
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Portable with carrying case


  • The instructions are not easy to follow
  • Does not have anchors, so it is not very stable

16. Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board 

This magnetic drawing board may just be the toy that sparks the interest of your three year old to be an artist. It is big, providing plenty of space for your girl to draw, practice writing alphabet and numbers making it more interactive than the usual books and puzzle boards.

The board is made of high quality ABS plastic, which is durable and does not de-color. It comes with a magnetic pen, stencils, fruit stamps, and stickers. Also, it’s easy to erase by gently sliding the bottom of the magnetic brush.

It is lightweight with a handle so your kid can carry it to the classroom, daycare, park, or road trip, basically anywhere they want.

As a parent, you will love that this toy helps your child develop their creativity and imagination and gain drawing skills. Plus, she can draw all the fun things she desires over and over again without dirtying her clothes with paint or crayons.


  • It’s magnetic allowing kids to draw over and over again
  • It has a big size board with paper size drawing space
  • It comes with stencils, stickers, stamps, and an extra replacement pen
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Mess free drawing

17. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar Pogo Jumper will give your little girl hours of bouncing fun. It has a soft, durable foam base and can support up to 250 pounds. That means you can also borrow it sometimes. The handles are also soft and strong, and the bungee spring can be stretched to a wide range of heights. Kids love jumping on this toy because it is really bouncy, and it is fitted with a squeaker, which produces fun sounds with every jump. It will be such a hit for your girl and all her friends.

This toy helps your little jumper improve her balance, hand eye coordination, and gross motor skills. Since it is made of foam, constant hopping in the house does not leave any damages or scratches on the floor. It is also made to withstand outdoor use.

The toy will give you excellent value for money, considering it is heavy duty and will last for years long beyond your girl’s toddler years.


  • Durable construction
  • Wide range of vibrant colors to choose from
  • High weight limit also allows adults to use
  • Can be used from anywhere
  • Folds up nicely for storage


  • The squeaking feature is annoying for the parents
  • Little kids must learn to balance to enjoy balancing

18. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

This game from Educational Insights is fun and addictive for toddlers and even preschoolers. It is designed to have multiple players so your three year old can play with friends or siblings and is competitive and fun. You can buy either the game only or game and band book combo, and all come at great pricing. The set includes a tree game board, tweezers, acorns, spinners, and logs.

Here is how to play: Adorable forest animals are hungry, and they need your child to help them get food by finding acorns. She needs to spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn using the squirrel squeezer, and fill her log with delicious acorns to win. 

There are also options like “picking”, “stealing”, or “lose” the acorn so she needs to be strategic.

This game teaches colors matching and sorting and helps develop hand eye coordination, strategic thinking, social skills, and fine motor skills. It can even help kids improve their handwriting.


  • Uses very colorful artwork designs
  • The board and all the accessories are sturdy and high quality
  • Great pricing
  • Comes with a storage box to keep all the pieces


  • It might become monotonous and boring for older toddlers
  • The spinner is not the best quality

19. VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio is a cool toddler keyboard which will enable your girl to record and listen to her own music. This beautiful instrument functions as a garage band with an array of instruments, which teaches toddlers to pretend play as a composer and singer.

Your kid can listen to over 40 songs and sound effects that vary from Jazz, rock and roll, and techno. The toy keyboard also works simultaneously with other features to help your child learn tempo, rhythm, and melody.

At 3 years of age, your kid may not be able to do much with the piano and will most likely just want to pound on it, so it’s better to place it in a far corner of the room if you want to avoid too much noise. Once they are older, your girl will be able to compose and record songs.

This toy helps your child develop their imagination and creativity, prepping them to be future music stars.


  • Has a real microphone and a voice changer
  • Allows your child to learn different sounds, including jazz, techno, rock, and more
  • All in one musical toy
  • Teaches a child how to play piano


  • It is loud and doesn’t have the best sound quality
  • Requires 3AA batteries

20. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler 

The Disney frozen jeep is a fantastic gift for fun and adventure for your little girl. It’s designed to look just like the real jeep, with frozen colors and real operational doors that open and close. It has a well-built frame that supports up to 130 pounds allowing your child to carry a friend in the passenger seat and even has a pretend radio which plays songs from the Disney Frozen movie.

You will love the interior as it has round edges and is smooth to prevent injuries or discomfort. It has a power-lock brake system designed to automatically stop when your girl lifts her foot off the pedal. When your wanna-be driver is more experienced, there is a high-speed lockout option where you can increase the speed to give her an even more exciting riding experience.

This battery-powered toy vehicle is stable on rough and sloppy terrain as it’s fitted with power wheels for off-road driving. The jeep is also very safe and durable, as it has been tested to the highest quality and safety standards. Your 3-year-old girl will love the backyard racing experience and learn basic driving skills, which will help her gain some behind- the-wheel confidence and outstanding motor skills.


  • Has been tested for safety and quality
  • Highly stable with solid construction
  • It is durable
  • Beautifully designed with Disney frozen colors and graphics
  • Has a high speed lock out feature to increase speed


  • The pretend radio only plays three songs
  • Not the easiest to assemble as it has about 60 separate pieces

21. VTech Little Apps Tablet

Is your girl obsessed with your phone? Get her this Vtech tablet; she will love it! The lights and sounds are great, and it has many interactive games where she will learn letters, numbers, sounds, matching, and more. It also has a very cute cub that dances whenever she answers correctly and holds up a wilting flower if the answer is wrong – a cute way of saying try again.

There are also features like a calendar and a piano. She can learn to play the piano and also listen to music. Even the display color is enough to brighten her mood.

This tablet uses batteries, but thankfully it has an auto-shutoff feature to help conserve charge – after all, kids can’t be relied on to switch it off after use.


  • Great screen size
  • Color changing display
  • Teaches letters and numbers progressively
  • Great volume which is also adjustable


  • Some activities might be too complex for small toddlers to understand

22. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

There are so many dolls in the market, but the Baby Alive doll is great for two reasons: to play with and encourage potty training. This cute doll really does talk and sing, with up to 50 phrases and songs in Spanish and English. She comes with several accessories, all intended to help with potty training experience.

When your girl gives the doll her bottle, she lets her know when she has to tinkle and really does pee on her potty. Your girl should also help her to clean her hands with the included fake soap dispenser. And for a job well done, she puts up a sticker on her reward chart.

This doll helps your little girl remember to put herself on the potty when nature calls come knocking and develop nurturing skills. It also encourages her to wash up after potty with soap and water.


  • Great potty training visual aid
  • Encourages role playing and development of nurturing skills
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Talks in English and Spanish
  • Comes with reward chart and stickers to keep kids motivated


  • It is expensive
  • It is quite heavy for small toddlers to walk around with

23. Melissa & Doug Wooden Get Well Doctor Activity Centre 

The wooden Get Well Doctor Activity Centre is a nice looking educative gift for your 3-year-old daughter. The playset includes a waiting room, exam room, reception area, and a sink, familiarizing your kid with all aspects of visiting a doctor. Your girl can play with friends as a doctor, nurse, patient, or receptionist. They can pretend to fill out a patient’s file, take their blood pressure, measure their height and weight, display x-ray, read eye charts, and so much more.

This toy may help ease your child’s fear of visiting a doctor’s office, and she could even develop an interest in becoming a doctor in the future. It encourages imaginative and interactive play and helps develop nurturing, empathy, and good communication skills.


  • Great for role playing
  • Helps kids have a better idea about health and hospital environment
  • Encourages hands-on, imaginative, and interactive play
  • Sturdy construction and durable


  • It is heavy once assembled
  • Lengthy assembly

24. FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn

If your little girl likes playing with pets, this unicorn will be fun for her. It is adorable with a sparkly white body, pink hair, and a springy tail. Of course no horse looks like that, so it will be mystical and intriguing to her, which is great for imaginative play.

This unicorn makes sounds as it bounces around when walking it on a leash, and the springy tail makes it even more fun to watch. The leash is specially designed to connect to other pets (bought at an additional cost) if you want to add more fun or remove it completely. It comes with the required batteries.


  • Cute unicorn
  • Unicorn can walk and bounce
  • Can connect to other pets
  • Makes sounds when the head moves
  • Tail springs into motion


  • Parents find the sounds annoying

25. Elstey 3 Color Moon Lamp with Stand

This would make a beautiful gift for your little girl. It is a night light that uses 3D effect to cast the rough surface of the moon and produces really cool lights. The lights change from yellowish, purple and blue and are an amazing sight to look at. You can easily choose the color just from a simple touch of a button.

You will love that the light has adjustable levels of brightness for different needs. A brighter light can help when you are reading her stories and a softer light can help soothe her to sleep. It takes between 2 to 3 hours to charge, and lasts 3 to 6 hours depending on the usage.

Also, this night light comes with a stand and can be displayed elegantly in any room because it looks gorgeous. And the 3D effect can also help set the mood for parties.


  • Perfect size
  • Soft moonlight with adjustable brightness levels
  • Comes with a wooden stand
  • 3D effect looks cool
  • Includes a USB power cord


  • The battery life is really short
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