GoodBaby Baby Monitor Review 2022


This post is a review of two GoodBaby baby monitors with a camera, audio, pan, and tilt features. It is part of our top-rated baby monitors that do not rely on WiFi with others including Vava, Eufy, and Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro.

GoodBaby, the company that manufactures and retails the GoodBaby baby monitor brand was founded in 2017. It prides itself on super affordable baby products – although they only deal with baby monitors at the moment.

It has released two baby monitor brands, one with a 2.4-inch screen and another with a 3.5-inch LCD screen. The first GoodBaby baby monitor was released on 28th October 2019, four weeks to 2019 Black Friday. Less than a year later, GoodBaby baby monitor is in the top 10 best-selling baby monitors on Amazon with a very high rating of 4.7/5 by over 2,000 parents who have reviewed this non-wifi baby monitor. 

This brand is challenging some of our cheap non-wifi baby monitors such as Anmeate, Hellobaby, and Babysense. In fact, it has additional features that some of the traditional non-connected monitors do not have such as lullabies, automatic night vision, and 360-degrees pan. 


Here are all the features:

Add-on Camera for GoodBaby Baby 
Monitor with 2.4-inch screen
Add-on Camera for GoodBaby Baby
Monitor with 2.4-inch screen
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen and connected to the baby camera via enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Infrared night Vision 
  • Temperature sensors in the camera
  • Two Way Talk
  • Long Range connectivity of up to 1000 ft. 
  • VOX Wake-up Mode(ECO Mode)
  • Feeding Alarm Reminding
  • 360-degree free rotation
  • A Very portable parent unit that weighs less than one pound: The small monitor can easily fit in the phone allowing you to easily move around the house without trying to get a stand or to position your monitor in several positions in the house. The receiver also has a kickstand/support enabling you to easily position it on a flat surface such as a table and 
  • Battery life: 12 hours in power-saving mode, 8 hours with the display screen constantly on
  • Parents have rated this monitor very highly for reasons specific to this monitor: it’s weight, cost, and night vision quality. GOODBABY’s receiver is very light, lighter than your phone perhaps. Unless you carry those 1990s phones that weighed over 3 pounds. 

Goodbaby baby monitor is also super cheap, selling for less than $50, almost a third of the best-selling brands such as Eufy, Infant Optics DXR 8 and Vava baby monitors. In addition, it supports up to 4 cameras. It comes with one camera but an additional camera wouldn’t cost you more than $30. 

The third reason I was drawn to this monitor is that its night vision mode is excellent. 



  • Small screen size

GoodBaby Baby Monitor with 3.5-inch Screen

Six months after the release of the 2.4-inch model of GoodBaby baby monitor, GoodBaby released the second model with a larger screen measuring 3.5 inches. This new model is a little more expensive compared to the earlier model but is packed with great features. More than 340 parents have reviewed this product so far and have rated it 4.9/5, among the highest of all the products we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear.

It is currently the 9th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon as shown in the snapshot below:


  • 3.5-inch LCD display, similar to Infant Optics DXR 8, the overall best-selling non-wifi video baby monitor
  • Two-way talk and sensors to monitor temperature in your baby’s room
  • It has lullabies
  • Remote pan up to 355 degrees, from corner-to-corner of the baby’s room
  • 90 degrees tilt enabling you to view the baby’s room from the floor to the ceiling.
  • High capacity battery that can last for up 12 hours on Eco mode
  • Decent range of 960ft.
  • Clear real-time video and audio 
  • Invisible infrared lights for night vision viewing

Similarities of 2.4-inch and 3.5-inch GoodBaby Baby Monitors

  • Monitoring the temperature of the nursery at any time to facilitate your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind.
    • Note: the baby monitors warn you when the temperature of the baby’s room is below 8 degrees or above 32 degrees
  • Use the 2.4 GHz FHSS Technology that enhances the signal strength, transmission speed, and low radiation, which improves your baby’s and your security
  • The baby monitors have a VOX Mode, a feature that allows you to control the sound activation, such as reminding you to check on the baby.
  • They have automatically Infrared night vision that gives you a clear image of your baby in the dark. The Infrared light also allows you to record live videos of your baby when in darkness.
  • They have Sound Activated LED Indicator and Two-way Tals, which enables you to talk back to your baby through the intercom push-to-talk button. Also, the features will allow you to hear your child’s voice clearly wherever you are in the house
  • The baby video monitors have eight lullabies, which allows you to keep entertaining your baby for a lobe time. As such, it becomes easier for you to put the baby asleep.
  • The monitors have a pan and tilt feature of 120 degrees and 360 degrees, respectively, which makes it easy for you to monitor your baby wherever he or she is in the house.
  • The baby monitors are expandable to 4 cameras on a single digital video camera, which gives you more room to watch your little one.

Differences between 3.5-inch and 2.4-inch GoodBaby Video Monitors

3.5-inch GoodBaby Video baby Monitor
3.5-inch GoodBaby Video baby Monitor

GoodBaby Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

The GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and AudioGoodBaby Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
Has a 2.4” LCD screenHas a large screen of 3.5.”
Has a long-distance transmission of up to 1000ftHas a long-distance transmission of up to 960ft 
Has a 360-degree rotation that enables you to watch your child from any angleProvide a 355-degree rotation that allows you to monitor the baby from every corner of the room
Has a pan-tilt feature of up to 120 degreesIt has a tilt feature of up to 90 degrees that enables you to see from the floor to the ceiling of the baby’s room.
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  • The Goodbaby monitors use a 2.4GHZ Wireless Digital Transmission that provides you with high definition and stable streaming
  • The monitors offer long-distance transmissions which allow you to watch your child even when in the kitchen
  • The baby monitors’ Infrared Night Visions enables you to keep an eye on you little one even in darkness
  • The monitors have long-life batteries, which will allow you to monitor your baby continuously
  • The baby monitors provide whole room coverage, which will enable you to monitor the safety of the baby throughout the room
  • The baby monitors warn of you low and high baby temperatures, which helps you to regulate the kid’s room temperature 
  • The monitors come with a one year warranty with 100% money-back guarantee


  • You need to buy a new baby monitor when the battery dysfunctions as it is inbuilt.
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