Are you still interested in any of the Google Home devices? This is the right time to get it as Walmart just announced that it will be giving selling Google Home Hub, Google Hub, and Google Home Mini at a good discount which could save you up to $50!

There are several other baby monitors that are compatible with google home hub and we’ve highlighted them on a separate post which you should check out but first, let me remind you that the following deals:

Google Home Hub – $50 off

Google Home Hub is currently selling for $99. An offer from Walmart for Mothers Day 2021. It is normally priced at $149 but the offer is $50 off!

Google Home Hub is the only device in the Google Home device with a display unit. It has a 7-inch display making it incredibly great for baby monitors. As a parent or caregiver, you can install up to 4 cameras in your house, and rest assured that the Google Home Hub will deliver incredible quality videos and images.

Google Home Mini- $20 off

Similar to Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini plays music, answers questions, and can even manage to switch on and off of your home lighting.

Through May 15th Google Home Mini will be selling at $29, $20 off from its usual price of $49. This offer is available until May 15th 2019

Google Home – $30 Off

Google Home which usually sells for $129 is now selling for $99. I’d say you jump for the offer as it will only last until May 6, 2019.


This post is part of our series where we make an effort to let all the parents know that we care about their pockets. We will be sharing all the good offers that are available so please check our blog regularly for more deals – especially google home hub deals.

If you are interested in knowing which baby monitor is compatible with Google home, you can read about the blog on google home baby monitors. It shows up as a related post down below. However, to make it easy for you, here are a few baby monitors that you can connect and turn your google home hub into a baby monitor:

  1. Arlo baby – Considered the best
  2. Smart Project Baby Monitor by Project Nursery
  3. Nest baby monitor
  4. Zmodo baby monitor
  5. Larkkey baby monitor – Pocket-friendly

On top of the three items above on sale, google smart starter kit is also on sale for $35, $20 off from its original $55.

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