HelloBaby Monitor Review – Hellobaby HB65 vs HB66

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In this post, I have reviewed Hellobaby monitor, an inexpensive non-wifi video baby monitor that is part of our list of top recommended non-wifi baby monitor options. Let’s start with the company.

HelloBaby Company and Brands

HelloBaby is manufactured by a Chinese company dealing in baby products including fetal dopplers and baby monitors. You can view their website here. There are currently 5 brands of Hellobaby video baby monitors with the earlies brand, Hellobaby HB24 released in 2012. It has done incredibly well as a brand competing with the dominant players such as Infant Optics, Motorola, VTech, Samsung, and Eufy, among others.

Introduction to HelloBaby HB32

HelloBaby HB32 made it to our 2022 list of top non-wifi video baby monitors. It emerged 4th behind Infant Optics DXR8, Eufy Spaceview, and Anmeate Video baby monitors. Hellobaby HB32 has been in the market for over 3 years as it was released in March 2016.

Video Review of HelloBaby HB24

Hellobaby HB24
Hellobaby HB24

Hellobaby HB25

While Hellobaby HB25 was part of Hellobaby’s series of baby monitors, it has not been available in the market for some time. You can, however, click on the link below to check its availability on Amazon

Hellobaby HB25
Hellobaby HB25

Introduction to HelloBaby HB32

HelloBaby HB32 was introduced to the market in August 2018, barely a year ago.

5 Great Things About HelloBaby HB32 and HB24.

  1. Excellent Night Vision: Hellobaby uses automated night vision technology. During periods of low light, infrared light is activated. Unlike other baby monitors that need to be manually turned on to activate night vision, Hellobaby automatically detects low light conditions.
  2. Affordable: Compared to Infant Optics DXR 8 and Eufy Spaceview, Hellobaby goes for less than half its peers, (Check current price here). Infant the price has been consistently low and parents have mentioned in several reviews that you get the most value for your money with Hellobaby.
  3. Secure, hack-free baby monitor: HelloBaby uses FHSS technology. FHSS stands for Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum which was invented in 1941 by two Americans who wanted to secure their communication for the army during WWII. FHSS technology ensures that communication between the parent and the baby unit cannot be intercepted by a third party and limits the interference. There have not been any cases of hacked FHSS baby monitors and that is why most best-selling baby monitors are using this technology to guarantee 100% privacy.
  4. Long Battery Life because of the VOX mode feature
  5. HelloBaby VOX Mode – Hellobaby has a VOX Mode that actually works. Non-Wifi baby monitors such as Infant Optics does not have a VOX mode option which limits the streaming of video and voice signals from your baby but HelloBaby has this great feature. Without VOX mode, your baby monitor would be streaming images and videos from your baby 24/7 and this can be too much. HelloBaby comes with 3 options; an option to switch off VOX Mode, an option for high sensitivity level and an option for low sensitivity Voice Activation.

Hellobaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor


Hellobaby HB65 is Hellobaby’s latest video baby monitor brand that was released in February 2019. The Hellobaby HB65 video baby monitor is very similar to Hellobaby HB24 video baby with a few features that are different:

  • Hellobaby HB65 has pan, tilt, and zoom, unlike HB24 and HB32 which have only the zoom feature.
  • HB65 has a better design that is probably not going to scare your baby as some baby monitors do.

Comparison of HelloBaby Monitors 2012 – 2022

All Hellobaby video baby monitors in the table below currently retail for under $100 with a variation of about $10.

Type Video Video Video Video Video
Screen Size 2.4 in 2.5 in 2.8 in 3.2 in3.2 in
Remote Pan,
Tilt, and Zoom
Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Pan, Tilt,
and Zoom
Room Temperature Display
Infrared Night Vision
Motion Detection
10BabyGear Rating8.4/107.4/108/107.8/108.6/10

Hellobaby HB65 vs HB66

Hellobaby HB65 and HB66 are very similar models of video baby monitors by Hellobaby.

You can check Hellobaby HB65 on Amazon here or check Hellobaby HB66 here.