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If you are a big fan of Alexa Home and perhaps using it to monitor your baby, among other things, you know that you can play Youtube on Alexa, directly. The option you currently have with the latest Echo Show 8 is to type load the youtube browser but what you can’t do is ask Alexa, the virtual assistant to load youtube for you using a voice command.

I was very disappointed that it was difficult to use voice command to play youtube videos but was not surprised given that Amazon wants users to use other music streaming apps such as prime.

If you say a command like, “Hey Alexa, play J.Cole on youtube,” it wouldn’t play. Alexa will use Bing to load the youtube browser. You’ll then be required to key in the name of the video and press play. How annoying, right.

There are two ways to watch youtube on the Echo Show:

  1. Using Amazon Silk browser
  2. Using a paired Bluetooth device

Using the Amazon Silk Browser:

With the Silk Browser, Youtube is one of the quick launch browsers. To get to youtube, you first need to launch the silk browser by saying this command;

“Hey Alexa, open silk”

Youtube will be one of the quick launch browsers that pop up as shown below:

Youtube Opened by Alexa's Silk Browser.PNG

You can also play by asking Alexa to open Youtube and it will open the youtube browser using the Bing search engine.

Using Bluetooth and a Paired Device

Another method of playing youtube videos on Alexa is by utilizing Bluetooth. You will need a device such as iPhone, iPad or any tablet such as Kindle Fire to pair it. If you have that and Alexa enabled device such as Echo Dot, you can follow the steps below:

Time needed: 3 minutes.

This are the steps to play Youtube on Alexa

  1. Pair your device (such as iPhone) to your Alexa Home device by using this command, “Alexa, pair Bluetooth”

    Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

  2. On the list of devices that appear when you ask Alexa to pair, you can tap on the Echo device such as Echo-312 to pair it (if Echo-312 is your Echo/Alexa device you want to use to play youtube)

  3. Tap on the Alexa-enabled speaker to pair it and you should see ‘connected’ within 30 seconds

  4. Open Youtube on your device

  5. Search the song you want to play

    Since Echo/Alexa device is already paired, it should play the Youtube audio on the smart speaker.

You can hear more steps on the video below from 5:05

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