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How to Use Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Not every lactating mom needs a breast pump, but it surely does come in handy. The truth is, mothers must spend quality time with their children. But what happens if the mom is not always available all through when the kid needs to feed. That is where a breast pump comes into play.

Today’s nursing moms have a choice between manual and electric breast pumps to harvest milk for their young ones. Electric pumps require batteries, so high technology is not always the best choice! Manual breast pumps are a fantastic choice because all you need is the strength to squeeze the pump’s handle.

Manual breast pumps have a lot of benefits that we shall focus on below, including reliability, user-friendliness, portability, cost, and more. The Haakaa manual breast pump is among the quality products out there, which is why it features in our article today.

What is a Haakaa Pump and what is it for?

A Haakaa pump is a silicone one-piece or hands-free breast pump that can be used as both a milk collector and a manual breast pump. Haakaa is a product of a New Zealand based family-owned company for baby brands. It is made of 100% food-grade silicone for user-friendliness, easy cleaning, and easy pumping experience.

The Haakaa pump is a manual pump, which means there is no power needed to use this nursing game changer. All you need is your manpower! It comes in a compact size that perfectly fits in the baby bag or your handbag.

As a mother breastfeeds on one side, chances are the other breast will start leaking milk. A Haakaa pump comes in handy and collects this milk with no effort so it does not go to waste.

How Silicone Manual Breast Pumps Work

Silicone manual breast pumps work by suction to draw milk from a lactating mom, and is designed to be used when nursing. All you have to do is suction the Haakaa breast pump as you breastfeed the other breast and the milk will be collected.

Using the silicone manual breast pump prevents the milk from soaking into your nursing pad or shirt when the baby is not latched on. As such, it collects all the milk which otherwise would have gone to waste after the letdown comes out. 

The Benefits of a Haakaa Pump for a Breastfeeding Mom

As briefly mentioned above, a Haakaa manual breast pump comes with many benefits for a breastfeeding mom. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cost – It is available at an affordable price as there are no electric components required.
  • Portability – You can pack the Haakaa breast pump in a baby bag or your handbag and carry it with you whenever you want. They also are lightweight which comes in handy with portability.
  • Discreet – The Haakaa pump is manual, which means that they are quiet when you suction to draw the milk. As such, it would not draw attention in case you are travelling, or when the baby is sleeping next to you.
  • Easy to clean – a Haakaa pump is dishwasher safe, which makes it super easy to clean. They can be air dried after cleaning, and require less time to disassemble and clean.
  • User-friendly – a Haakaa pump is straightforward to use. After all, it is hands-free!

Another benefit that some mothers have expressed is that they feel more comfortable using the Haakaa breast pump. Why? Because they can control the suction: slow or speedy.  The Haakaa manual breast pump can also easily relieve engorgement and a clogged milk duct.

How to Use the Haakaa Breast Pump

Using the Haakaa breast pump is a straightforward process. But just like any other product, there is an easy learning curve to make the pump right and ready for use. No wonder the manual breast pump is among my mom’s favorite.

To use the Haakaa manual breast pump effectively, you must experience a letdown. Before you start using the Haakaa breast pump to collect milk, make sure you sanitize your hands first. As such, you cannot contaminate the breast pump, or the suctioned milk.

  1. Sterilize the Haakaa

Before you use the Haakaa manual breast pump to suction milk, you first need to sterilize it. You can place the pump in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes and allow it to dry completely. You can also place the pump in the dishwasher and select the sanitize wash cycle.

  1. Fold the flange down

The second step involves folding over the flange, which you do by squeezing the bottom part of the Haakaa pump. Doing this helps create a strong suction. When the flange is over the nipple, you can collect the milk automatically by releasing the pump.

(Secret: fold back the flange before positioning it over the nipple, and fold it back over the breast after attaching it to the breast for the best suction.)

  1. Initiate a suction

To create a suction, squeeze the base of the Haakaa breast pump while you breastfeed. You can then remove the Haakaa and reattach it as you did before, or until the letdown stops. Make sure that the nipple is positioned in the center. If you experience some pain during the suction, chances are the nipple is not in the right place. So, remove it and reposition the Haakaa pump.

  1. Transfer the milk

When the suction stops, detach the Haakaa pump from the breast and transfer the letdown milk into a milk storage bag or bottle immediately.

  1. Hand wash the Haakaa pump

Hand wash the Haakaa manual breast pump and cover it with a lid once its dry to keep it clean. Store it well until you need it again.

How to Use a Haakaa While Nursing

The best way to use a Haakaa manual breast pump is while nursing. To do this, follow these simple steps and you will thank me later:

  1. Latch your baby.
  2. Fold down the flange of your breast pump and attach it to the other breast.
  3. When the baby stops feeding, stop the Haakaa suction and reattach it on the breast (one the baby had before).

Is the Haakaa Hands-Free?

Yes, the Haakaa manual breast pump is a hands-free device that is designed to primarily function as a milk catcher. You can use it while nursing your baby simultaneously and easily. Make sure that the Haakaa breast pump is properly positioned on the breast with the nipple at the center.

Who is the Haakaa Pump Really for?

It might sound insane but this is a crucial question to ask. Just like any other product, the Haakaa manual breast pump will not be the best choice for everyone. If you are a mom who wants to supplement your nursing with pumping, you will find the Haakaa manual breast pump fantastic!

However, if you are the type of mom who wants to replace nursing your kid with pumping, the Haakaa manual breast pump is not good for you. Such mothers need a pump that collects the milk rapidly.

How to Put on Your Haakaa

Putting on your Haakaa manual breast pump is super easy! All you need to learn are a few secrets and you are ready to go. So, how do you do this?

  1. Fold the flange down to create a robust suction.
  2. Squeeze the Haakaa from its base in order to begin the suction.
  3. Place the Haakaa pump on your breast with your nipple at the center.
  4. Leave your Haakaa breast pump to collect milk. Should it feel like it is falling off, remove and reattach it. You do not need to hold it.

How to Get Your Breast Milk to Let Down with Silicone Breast Pump

Getting your breast milk to let down with a silicone breast pump is easy! When you use your Haakaa manual breast pump while breastfeeding your baby, the milk just flows effortlessly. With the Haakaa breast pump placed comfortably, the letdown occurs simultaneously as your baby sucks.

As such, if you notice no letdown is happening, you can perform a few tricks. First, squeeze and massage your breast to trigger the letdown. Alternatively, you can reposition the Haakaa manual breast pump to collect more milk from your breast.

Reposition your Haakaa Manual Breast Pump to Get More Milk

Repositioning the Haakaa manual breast pump targets different milk ducts and increases the letdown. How so, you may ask? You can move the pump a little to the right or left, slightly higher, or any other angle as you attach the pump to the breast.

This changes the position your vacuum pressure hits your breast, thus changing the flow of your letdown. You can also try switching sides, as one breast might respond better to a specific kind of stimulation compared to another. So, take the baby to the other breast and suction from the other one.

How Does a Haakaa Feel Compared to Manual or Electric Breast Pump?

Different milk collectors have different feels! The key thing in both processes is how each suctions the milk. What do I mean?

The mechanism of a breast pump allows it to imitate how your baby sucks milk from your breast while nursing them. As such, the feeling can either be constant or pulsing, depending on whether the breast pump is manual or electric.

When you attach the Haakaa manual breast pump, it suctions the letdown of milk constantly until you remove it. That is unlike in traditional pumps where the feeling is pulsing and releasing during the suction. If you are switching from a traditional pump to a Haakaa, it might feel a little different.

A Haakaa suctions milk from your breasts with ultra-strong pressure. As such, if your nipples are sore due to nursing, be cautious! If you feel that the pressure is too high, detach the pump and reattach it, with a gentler squeeze for a tender suction.

Remember: the tighter the squeeze, the stronger the suction pressure.