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Invidyo is advertised as the world’s smartest baby monitor that promises to monitor everything about your baby! Well, that makes it look futuristic, and since it uses artificial intelligence, it actually has capabilities to monitor more details than other smart baby monitors. The smart baby monitor is a product of Invidyo LLC, based in the US. It has been in the market since September 2018. You can check out their website here.

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The Invidyo baby monitor sports a 1080p HD camera that works with the Invidyo App on your smartphone, enabling you to stay connected with your child even when you are miles away for work, business, or pleasure. This will give you peace of mind to know your child is safe and comfortable.

Two-way talk feature

With constant notifications and two-way talk, you can stay connected with your baby and know they are fine no matter where you are. The wide-angle of the camera and ability to pan and tilt the camera from the app allows you to see around the room, and you can also zoom in so close that you can see your baby breathing. If your baby is crying or is time for bed, there are lullabies and white noise to play from the app through the camera’s speaker to help them relax for sleep. Since it’s also Alexa enabled, it is easy to use hand-free!

Smart Features

The Invidyo baby monitor has many smart features. For starters, there is true cry detection so that it is able to differentiate between loud noises and crying and sends you an alert promptly if your baby is crying. Another wifi baby monitor I have reviewed that detects crying is the Lollipop baby monitor which made it to our list of top wifi-enabled monitors this year. Also, it compiles a report with graphs showing you details of how many times your baby cried during the day and the longest cry duration. Cubo AI Plus is another baby monitor with this cry detection feature but costs more than double. The graphs can help you see if there is a pattern and help you figure out what the problem is and how to resolve it.

The second smart technology is face recognition so that the camera is able to detect strangers or, rather, faces that you haven’t labeled as known people, and it will also alert you if it sees a stranger or there is motion. It also monitors room temperatures, humidity, and air quality to make sure your baby is comfortable.

Invidyo baby monitor uses artificial technology to detect your baby smiling, takes photos, and puts them up on an album for you to view later. Not just that, it also has a smart daily highlight video which is a summary of short videos showing you all that your baby has been up to during the day. This helps you understand all that has happened without needing to view the entire video recording. It also allows you to log in to your baby’s sleep stats and graphs that can help you see their sleep patterns so you can see how you can make sure your child is getting enough sleep.

Encryption of signals to limit hacking

The Invidyo baby monitor encrypts your baby’s signal for transmission and stores it with bank-level security to prevent hacking. Also, it allows multiple parent access to the app or web portal but requires one to log in. This ensures that only those you give access to can view your baby’s data, which further reinforces privacy and security.

Recording Capabilities

The baby monitor keeps video records for viewing later, so you don’t miss anything. However, this service is only free for the 30 days trial period, after which you are required to pay monthly plans for one, seven, and 30 days of cloud storage. This also applies to all those smart features that make this monitor special, such as face recognition and crying and smile detection. Also, note that during the 30 days trial period, you get only 4 hours of recording daily.

This baby monitor is easy to set up and get going. After plugging in the camera and downloading the Invidyo app on your Android or iPhone, you just need to follow the prompts, and the QR code for pairing with the camera is included in the package.

Invidyo baby monitor package includes

  • One Camera
  • Adapter
  • Wall mounting Screw anchors
  • 3M power cable
  • A card that provides a QR code to download the app to set up the camera
  • Manual 
  • Use wifi – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz?

Video is a wifi-based baby monitor that transmits on a 2.4GHz frequency.

You can check out its app on Appstore here

You can check out its Android app on Google Playstore here.

Other Features Summary

  • Wifi based with app
  • Crisp, clear images with 1080p HD
  • Pan 350°: Tilt 90°
  • Cry detection
  • Face recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence-based smile detection
  • Summary video of the day’s highlights
  • Two way talkback
  • Temperature sensors
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Lullabies and white noise
  • Alexa enabled
  • Cloud storage 

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to set up
  • Awesome picture clarity day and night
  • You get notifications for crying, loud noises, strange faces, motion, and temperatures that go outside of set range.
  • Makes summary video of your baby’s day, enabling you quickly understand what happened without having to view the entire recording
  • Takes cute pictures of your baby smiling for sharing with friends and family
  • Drains the charge fast
  • Cry detection, smile recognition, face recognition, and cloud storage require a subscription after the 30 day free trial

Can Invidyo baby monitor be hacked?

Yes, like all wifi monitors, it can be hacked. But making sure that your home network is secure and limiting broadcasting your baby’s video to people outside of your own private network helps to limit opportunities for being hacked.

Mounting Invidyo baby monitor

Video baby monitor comes with screws to mount on a wall. However, Invidyo also says you can mount on a crib using a third-party mounting kit. Or you can also place it on a shelf or tabletop looking over your baby’s crib.

 in stock
5 new from $128.89
Free shipping
as of July 1, 2022 4:53 pm

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