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Netgear’s Arlo cameras and Arlo baby monitor store camera footage in the cloud. The data in the cloud can then be relayed on your phone but if the Arlo cloud servers are experiencing an outage, you may not get the camera feed. If you are using some of the latest Arlo cameras, you can subscribe to an offline notification feature.

If you are using any of the Arlo cameras such as Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 as a security camera, the issue of Arlo network going down can render the security set up in your home useless as you won’t be able to see the intruders. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of security cameras that rely on Wifi and one disappointed customer who has just bought an Arlo camera (and rated it 1/5) had the following to say about Arlo going down:

Well, I just bought a second Arlo as I was SO happy with the 1st one. NOW>..ARLO SERVERS ARE DOWN!!!
WHO WILL PAY FOR ALL MY STUFF IF IT IS STOLEN??? Calling their service number …of course in India….they find out it’s down too and engineers are working on it and should be back up in 2-3 HOURS!!! MY HOUSE WILL BE EMPTY!!>!>!>!>!>!>!>

Arlo customer

After some research, we determined that Arlo network and servers do experience outage but they usually do not last for more than 3 hours. If you want a back-up, you can switch to non-wifi cameras that use SD cards.

To check if Arlo’s system, database, app or network is down, you need to check if arlo.com servers are up.

3 Steps to Determine if Arlo Server is Down:

Follow the steps shown below to determine is Arlo’s servers are up.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-13.png
  1. Click on this site which tracks web servers, Is My Site Down Right Now. The snapshot above is from the site homepage
  2. Enter the domain, arlo.com on the search bar to check is Arlo server or network is down. You can also check arlo.netgear.com to check if Netgear’s servers are down.
  3. See the response similar to the one showed in the snapshot below:

Arlo Offline Issue and Contact

The video below explains what you can do once you’ve determined for sure that Arlo system is down on the day you’re checking it on the site (link above).

If you can’t get to connect to the Arlo cloud servers, you can contact Arlo support using this customer care phone number (877) 725-7907. You can read more about ways to contact Netgear here.

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