Looking for the best educational software for kids available in the market in 2022? In this post, we have compiled a list of learning software for kids ideal to teach your kids typing, and have also included fun games software for pre-schoolers and kindergatens.

Early learning (also known as early education) refers to programs that offer education for kids outside their own home before kindergarten. In fact, children are actively learning wherever they are. As such, it is the parent’s core responsibility to ensure their children get evocative learning.

Early learning helps children develop skills in persistence, healthy eating & wellness habits, learning curiosity, fine & gross motor development, self-regulation, and more. Children also grow critical skills such as enhanced vocabulary, early literacy, listening & understanding, mathematical thinking, problem-solving, and more.

With the increase in software trends, children’s early learning is being integrated into the classroom at an early age. This prepares the children for the devices they must interact with within their near future, including smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. In addition to the above, children are involved in interactive games for additional essential skills in typing, daily chores, and reading.

Below is a list of software for children early learning in our list today.

Reviews of the Best Educational Software for Kids in 2022

Jumpstart Kindergarten

A good head start for 1st Grade children, Jumpstart Kindergarten helps kids create essential kindergarten skills with the help of animation, music, and animal friends. It is excellent software for skills such as science, math, spelling, reading, and more.

The software provides continuous challenge via auto-leveling which helps kids learn at their most suitable pace. Challenging activities, educational songs, and creative games give them endless fun, plus seven different learning styles for better understanding.

Children learn numbers & counting, critical thinking, visual arts, pre-reading, vocabulary & spelling, comparing & contrasting rhyming & phonics, and more.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Kids Typing Bundle

This software helps kids learn to type on a thrilling adventure with Mickey Mouse and Friends or on Typer Island with Toby and his feathered side-kick Latiffe. These typing adventures include education, motivation, and entertainment.

It offers step-by-step lessons, tests, challenges, and games to motivate children to keep typing to find clues and reach the Castle/ the Palace and receive awards. Ideal for kids aged 8-11 years, Kids Typing Bundles both programs includes a license for up to 5 users. It tracks each kid’s progress and reports on results.

The product is delivered in a sealed factory fresh box and comes with the current version and unused activation code.

Typing Instructor for Kids Gold

Typing Instructor for Kids Gold stands out as the cutting-edge typing program available. The software offers optimum typing experience for kids via a full-screen size presentation and rich color. Children can learn in either Spanish or English.

Children’s adventure on Typer Island improves their typing skills, where the journey kicks off in the Old West. At Wild Bill’s Soda Shoppe, kids learn to conquer the a, s, l, and ; keys via typing lessons, adventures, and games. The experience is so thrilling that kids forget they are learning to type.

Kids receive guided help from Toby and Layfette, his feathered-sidekick using the learned keys, then progress to new keys. Motivated to fill their Treasure Chest, kids pass challenges to reach the Castle and become the rulers of Typer Island, and the adventure continues.

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read Phonics

Yet another children’s early learning software, the Reader Rabbit Learn to Read Phonics helps kids learn letters and sounds. They can then progress to words and spelling, then go up the ladder to reading comprehension.

The product is discounted by the manufacturer and weighs 3.2 ounces. 


  • The game is an oldie, which means that it is only compatible with older operating systems (OS).

Jumpstart Kindergarten Classic

The software comes packed with sixteen (16) games, which leaves you kid hooked to learning without boredom. The Jumpstart Kindergarten package includes puzzles that teach more than two down basic skills.

This children’s early learning software covers a full year of pre-reading early math language and creative arts. Other skills that your kid gains include pre-reading word identification, vocabulary rhyming, counting ordering sequencing shapes, and more.

What’s more, it reports children’s progress and automatically adjusts difficulty level systems.


  • OS: Windows XP/98/ME
  • RAM: 34 MB (64MB for XP)
  • Pentium II 233 MHz or faster
  • HD Space: 100MB
  • 12x CD-ROM Drive
  • 16-bit color with 256 color capability
  • Windows-patible sound card

Reader Rabbit Preschool Sparkle Star Rescue Age

This early learning software gives children the chance to join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on a sparky adventure. The mission is to help re-sparkle the Land of Sparkalot using various skills such as reading, counting, and matching.

Children learn skills like identifying number values, recognizing letters, associating letters with alphabets, counting to target numbers, and more! This product features Create-a-Dance Quake, Rush River Letters, and Sparkle Rocket Math.

The game features automatic adjusting skill levels and comes with ready help and printable activities.


  • OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • 166 MHz Pentium or faster
  • 640×480 monitor
  • 16-bit color
  • SoundBlaster compatible soundcard & speakers
  • 8x CD-ROM Drive
  • Internet access (recommended)
  • Color printer (recommended)

Jump Start Typing 2nd Grade

Yet another early learning software for 2nd Grade that offers endless fun! Jump Start Typing adventure begins in a creaky elevator hidden in the schoolhouse wall. Children can then follow CJ the Frog and his sidekick Edison on an adventure to their secret clubhouse.

Children solve challenges in 22 interactive games using skills such as grammar, math, science, and more! Features include parts of speech, borrow subtraction, writing, carry over addition, and complex vowels.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Learning Company Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 6-9 Deluxe

In this game, children help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on their mission to find their imagination. Kids get a chance to travel to colorful and thrilling 15 Reading Lands full of fun puzzles, clickable wonders, and animated stories.

Children understand that thinking, reading, and writing are the secrets to a world of imagination and escapade. The Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading uses the A.D.A.P.T. learning tech, a dynamic system that frequently adjusts the program to fit your kid’s developing abilities.

It is suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years, with special features such as 3 skill levels, 20 interactive storybooks, personalized workbooks & rewards, 50 printable levels, and 100+ reading lessons.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only)

Reader Rabbit Personalized Preschool Deluxe (2 CD-ROM set)

Reader Rabbit Personalized Preschool Deluxe is an exceptional technique to prepare your kid for preschool level and beyond. This early learning software is filled with shapes, numbers, letters, and much more to keep your child involved and amused.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista

Jump Start Preschool

Jump Start Preschool helps children leap to an early understanding of shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. This fun occurs in a colorful classroom jam-packed with songs and animation, including 10 enticing interactive games and puzzles.

This early learning software monitors triumphs and attempts in every action and automatically adjusts the difficulty levels. It also tracks multiple children’s progress. Keep you kid engaged with endless fun with creative games, happy songs, and delightful activities!

Jump Start Preschool features include listening skills, shapes, letters, colors, and numbers.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only), 8

Disney Read to Read with Pooh

Disney Read to Read with Pooh is a breathtaking CD-ROM for children aged 3 to 6 years old. It is the brainchild of Disney scholastic books and features Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. This is an entertaining and educational CD that your kid will adore.

Kids learn skills such as listening comprehension, learning alphabets, spelling, word recognition & building, upper & lower case letters, and rhyming.

Jumpstart Toddlers

Jumpstart Toddlers is early learning software that helps toddlers discover basic concepts from letters to numbers, colors and shapes. Other skills include pre-math, pre-reading, matching, and more. As such, your kid is able to gain confidence and curiosity via exploration.

The software is suitable for children between 18 months and 3 years of age.

ClueFinders 3rd Grade

ClueFinders 3rd Grade is early learning software that involves taking a clue-searching trek into the rock bottom of the rain forest. It gives the child a chance to explore 30 thrilling engaging games and exercises. As such, kids get to create third-grade skills in language, geography, science, and math among others.

ClueFinders includes 4 levels of difficulty, in-built progress reports, detailed help, and is suitable for kids aged 7 to 9 years and above. The product comes with a Mystery Mansion Arcade CD-ROM.

Teacher’s Pet Pre-Kindergarten

A product of PC Treasures, Teacher’s Pet Pre-Kindergarten, it is useful early learning software that helps kids improve or learn typing skills.


  • OS: Windows 7

Typing Instructor for Kids Gold [Mac Download]

This early learning software has a reputation for being the most advanced typing program accessible. The Typing Instructor is displayed in a full-screen with a rich color for optimum experience, and is available in both Spanish and English.

First, children get to learn and conquer the a, s, l and ; keys, as well as undertake typing lessons, games, and challenges. Nothing is as engaging and exciting for your kids as the Typing Instructor. Much of its process is similar to the Typing Instructor for Kids Gold, but with a few changes.

The game includes Typer Island’s adventurer tools, and detailed info about Typer Island aboard the tour ship. Kids will find a useful Map Room, 11 unique plans, and more hours of fun.


  • OS: Mac OS X

Reader Rabbit Personalized Math 4-6 Deluxe

This early learning software involves joining Reader Rabbit and friends at the amusement park. Children have to use their math skills as the ticket to exciting rides and enjoyable games. They have to hop along the arcade to the roller coaster, using math concepts and numbers to solve puzzles. As they build their math skills, they win prizes.

The program uses A.D.A.P.T. (Assesses, Develop, Adjust levels, Provide help, and Track progress) learning tech to adapt to your kid’s skills. Special features include 4 skill levels, 8 interactive activities, 50 printable activities, multiple games & rides, and creating musical tunes.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only)

Kid’s Typing Bundle [PC Download]

Kid’s Typing Bundle for PC download is early learning software designed to improve typing skills in children aged 8 to 12 years, and adults too. It includes the Typing Instructor Platinum and Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum.

The two programs engage your kid in a thrilling adventure, loaded with entertainment, motivation, and education. Typists can learn using either Spanish or English. The software comes with visual guide hands and multiple typing plans for all ages, plus progress reports.

Your child is engaged in typing practice with passages from favorite magazine articles or tales.


  • OS: Windows

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Gold [PC Download]

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Gold is yet another cutting-edge typing program available for early learning. It comes in full-screen size and rich color with gorgeous animations for kid’s optimum experience.

Kids can join Mickey Mouse and Friends in a thrilling adventure in Typelandia, with other exciting places to visit along the way. The ultimate level is the Palace and from there they can have more fun!

There are 11 typing courses for children of all ages, challenging typing games with multi-levels of play, as well as progress results on all typing activities.


  • OS: Windows

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure

This is another ultimate typing adventure for children with Mickey Mouse and Friends, available in full-screen size. It comes with a Palace adventure theme to motivate kids to either learn or improve their typing skills. There are basic keyboard lessons for kids up to 11 years old, with courses such as state, meets national, and common core standards.

There’s much fun as in the previous Disney Mickey’s.


  • OS: Windows

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers on Cloud Nine

This package allows your child to take a wild ride through cloud nine with reader rabbit. Suitable for children aged 5 to 7 years old, kids join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion to discover the problem with the weather. Children engage in exciting activities such as vocabulary, science, forecast calls, spelling, and math.

There are colorful musical marble patterns that you complete and unlock the mystery door, amazing art gallery, and more. Kids learn skills like math with counters, using coins, reading comprehension, rhyming words, problem solving, sorting by attribute, and more!

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers on Cloud Nine include special features such as printable activities, progress tracking reports, automatically adjusting skill levels, and available help.


  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • OS: Macintosh 8.6-9.2, OS X
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