This article explains how you can use Kindle Fire as a baby monitor. Recently Amazon updated its Kindle tablets, Kindle Fire 7, and Kindle Fire 8 and they are now great as baby monitors. We also have a separate guide on the Best Kindle Fire App Games for Kids

Kindle Fire as baby monitor

When the green Arlo baby monitor was discontinued, Arlo had actually promised to use the Kindle Fire tablet as the parent/screen unit.

However, after they ditched the plan to develop the parent unit of the Arlo baby monitor users were promised an incredibly great Kindle Fire baby monitor thanks to a free Kindle with every purchase of Arlo baby monitor.

The Kindle Fire 7 has a 7-inch display similar to the Google Home Hub tablet and the Kindle Fire 8 has an 8-inch display.

Using Kindle Fire As a Baby Monitor

To use Kindle Fire 8 or Kindle Fire 7 as a baby monitor, we need to follow these four critical steps:

  1. Buy a camera or baby monitor compatible with Alexa Home such as Wyze Cam, Canary Camera and Arlo Baby Monitor
  2. Set up the camera by mounting the camera on your baby’s nursery
  3. Download the camera app and Skype App on your phone
  4. Connect your camera feed so it can stream on skype via the kindle fire baby monitor app.

Kindle Fire Baby Monitor App

The Kindle Fire Apps that will play videos of your baby will leverage Amazon’s Alexa and other Alexa Apps such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, and even Skype. The next section below describes how Ron is able to use a Kindle Fire as a baby monitor by integrating it with Wyze Cam. Check out all these Alexa Home or Echo Show compatible cameras you can pick from.

In the video below, Ron Notter explains how you can turn Kindle Fire 8 into a baby monitor by integrating it with Wyze Cam baby monitor.

Steps to Set up Wyze Cam with Kindle Fire

  1. Download Wyze app from Google Playstore or Apple store
  2. Run the app and create an account
  3. Make sure your smartphone/tablet is on the same 2.4Ghz SSID as the camera should be on
  4. Power up Wyze camera after the account is created
  5. Tap the Plus button in the app 6. Tap on the picture of Wyze Camera that you are using
  6. Press on the setup button
  7. When you hear the “Ready To Connect” message, tap on I heard Ready to Connect
  8. Select the correct SSID you want to connect to and enter password
  9. Tap on next
  10. Have Wyze camera scan the QR code on your screen
  11. When you hear the QR code message from the camera, tap on next
  12. The camera will say “Setup Completed”
  13. Enter the Name you want the camera known by and tape on Sart Use
  14. If you get the new firmware message screen, tap on Upgrade
  15. Tap on Upgrade a second time if needed
  16. When the camera is upgraded the screen will indicate that
  17. Tap on the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  18. Verify video coming from camera 20. Move camera to the desired position and reconnect power
  19. Re-verify that camera has connected to the network and you can see it

Steps to Connect Wyze Cam to Alexa

  • Go to Alexa Portal (
  • Click on Skills
  • Search for Wyze
  • Click on the skill from Wyze labs
  • Click on Enable
  • Enter Wyze credentials on the popup screen
  • Click on Login or Next to proceed 8. Click on Accept to grant Alexa access to camera information
  • Close the screen
  • Refresh the screen for it to show linked
  • Ask Alexa to “Discover My Devices”
  • You should hear the name of the camera you just set up and named
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