Here Are The 9 Best Large Screen Baby Monitors of 2022

Large-screen baby monitors make it easy to view your baby’s videos and images with incredible convenience. No need to squint your eyes trying to catch a glimpse of your baby’s face or feet as big-screen monitor displays allows you to view using 5 to 8-inch parent units that you can rely on for quality videos. All the baby monitors on this list do not rely on the internet except Motorola Halo Plus which is wifi-enabled.

Ranking Factors of the Best Baby Monitors with Large Screens

After long and thorough research on baby monitor screens, I compared and ultimately came up with a way to simplify the ranking of these large-display baby monitors.

From an initial list of 18 that consisted of 3.5-inch screens to 7-inch screens, I settled on the following 5 ranking factors that enabled me to narrow down the list to four best large-screen baby monitors. Below are what I used to rank these baby monitors:

  1. Size of screen: Baby monitors with large screen sizes did better than those with smaller screen sizes
  2. Viewing Option: Baby monitors that allow split-screen viewing scored better than those that only allowed full-screen viewing and required users to toggle from screen to screen to view different camera footage.
  3. Screen display mode: Color or just black and white
  4. Range: How far the screen unit/parent unit could stay connected with the camera unit
  5. Replacement Screens: Baby monitors that have replacement screens such as Infant Optics DXR 8 ranked better than those that do not have replacement parent units.

Best Big-Screen Baby Monitors

Below are some of our 2022 best big-screen baby monitors you can find in the market.

NameScreen SizeVideo Capture ResolutionRangeRating on AmazonPrice
#1. Vava Baby Monitor 5 inches720p HD1000-ft4.5/5 stars in 513+ reviews (on official website) Check Price
#2. BIGASUO 7 inches720p HD1000-ft 3.2/5 stars in 114+ reviewsCheck Price
#3. Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor5 inches720p HD1000-ft 4.2/5 stars in 4,122+ reviewsCheck Price
#4. Motorola Halo Plus4.3 inches720p HD1000-ft 4.0/5 stars in 784+ reviewsCheck Price
#5. Motorola mbp505 inches720p HD1000-ft 4.2/5 stars in 3,215+ reviews Check Price
#6. Moonybaby 5 inches720p HD1000-ft 4.2/5 stars in 922+ reviews Check Price
#7. Summer Infant5 inches 720p HD800-ft 3.6/5 stars in 179+ reviews Check Price
#8. VTech VM919HD7 inches720p HD1000-ft 4.6/5 stars in 554+ reviews Check Price
#9. Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO5 inches720p HD1000-ft 4.8/5 stars in 2,514+ reviews Check Price

1. Vava: Best Large Inch Screen Baby Monitor with IPS Display

Vava, large screen baby monitor that does not rely on Wifi
Vava Baby Monitor (link to Amazon)

Vava baby monitor is my favorite and our best large-screen baby monitor that comes with a large 5-inch IPS display screen. Because of its superior display technology, it came first in this list despite having a smaller screen compared to Bigasuo baby monitor which has a larger 7-inch screen.

IPS display in large screen monitor
IPS Display
Non-IPS display on large-screen
Non-IPS display

From the images above, you can clearly see the IPS display monitor is better than a non-IPS display monitor.

IPS baby monitors use panel technology which is better than LCD’s vertical alignment display and backlight technologies. IPS stands for In-Panel Switching monitor and is preferred for high-resolution display applications. Below is a quote from Vava baby monitor review:

Vava uses IPS display with IPS standing for “In-plane switching” screen that has crystals aligned in parallel to ensure it produces rich colored colors. Some of the major advantages of Vava’s IPS monitor is its outstanding accuracy and color consistency in all available viewing angles.

Vava Review

Vava baby monitor is the first non-wifi baby monitor we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear that uses this technology. In addition to this advanced technology on its big screen, Vava baby monitor displays in 720p HD resolution.

Below is an image showing Vava’s 5-inch IPS display. Take note of the color consistency and high definition display

vava-baby-monitor-large-screen-baby monitor withHD-Display
Vava baby monitor screen
Large 5″ screen 720p HD display
Up to 4 camera connections
4500mAh battery capacity
Auto-pilot mode
2x to 4x zoom
2-way talk system
Stable 2,4GHz wireless connection

In our review of Vava baby monitor, the long battery life of this baby monitor was one of its biggest advantage of this baby monitor without wifi. The long battery life is possible because Vava is among the baby monitors with VOX

As of this update on September 28, 2019, Vava baby monitor is the 5th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon and over 500 customers have rated it 4.8/5 which is incredible considering that its only been in the market for less than 3 months.

2. BIGASUO: Large Screen Baby Monitor with LCD Display

Bigasuo is our second best baby monitor with a large 7-inch screen that uses LCD display technology. LCD which stands for liquid crystal display high definition images on 1024*600 pixels resolution. Bigasuo’s large 600p display screen has relatively lower clarity to Vava’s IPS display but both have 720p resolution images. They only differ in the clarity of images. Despite LCD technology pBigasuo has been rated 4/5 by over 100 customers who like this improvement of the older Bigasuo baby monitor that had a 3.5-inch screen.

Bigasuo big Screen of 720p vs others of 480p
Bigasuo big Screen of 720p vs others of 480p

Bigasuo’s 7-inch screen is powered by a rechargeable 2500mAh rechargeable battery that can guarantee about 15 hours of monitoring. Compared to Vava’s high capacity 4500mAh batteries, Bigasuo screens come shortly as it consumes energy faster and has comparatively shorter battery life.

Remote pan and tilt that allows you to see up to 95% of your baby’s nursery
The large screen allows you to see up to 2 times sharper images than 480p screens or most non-wifi baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8, Anmeate baby monitor, UU Infant, Campark and Hellobaby.
Bigasuo screen and camera require minimal setup.
It comes with a temperature sensor
The screen comes with easy controls and a headphone jack. Not many baby monitor parent units we’ve reviewed allow you to listen to your baby’s audio using headphones

3. Eufy Spaceview S: Best Big Size Baby Monitor With 720p LCD Display

Eufy Spaceview S is our third best video baby monitor with a large 5-inch LCD display that can remain connected to the camera for up to 460 ft. Eufy baby monitor’s LCD screen is better than Bigasuo’s 600p display but is less superior to Vava’s IPS 720p HD display.

Eufy Spaceview S baby monitor came third as it is more expensive compared to Bigasuo and Vava baby monitor. However, it uses a high-capacity 2900mAh rechargeable battery to power the large five-inch screen that can last for up to 15 hours.

Below is an image of Eufy Spaceview S’s 5-inch screen compared to Infant Optics smaller 3.5-inch screen.


This non-wifi baby monitor relies on FHSS transmission technology to transfer audio and video signals from the camera to the big-screen unit guaranteeing 100% security and privacy of your baby.

Large 5″ screen for great visibility
Up to 4 cameras connection
Functional tilt, zoom & pan
Crisp 2-way audio
Night vision mode
Temperature monitoring

4. Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib

Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib is another large-screen wifi-baby monitor that made it to our list of top internet-connected baby monitors of 2022. This Motorola brand baby monitor has a 4.3-inch screen slightly smaller compared to the large 7 and 5-inch screens that other baby monitors in this list. However, this baby monitor made it to this list specifically because it can be connected to Android or iOS devices as well as to the parent unit. In other words, it allows local and unlimited-range viewing.

Compatible with smartphones
4.3″ color screen
Infrared night vision mode
Hubble Baby Smart Sleep Assistant
7 different nightlight colors

5. Motorola MBP50 video baby monitor with Large 5-Inch screen

Motorola MBP50 is another Motorola brand baby monitor with a large 5-inch screen but does not rely on the internet like the Motorola Halo Plus. This baby monitor comes with 2 portable cameras so you can place them in two different baby rooms and view both feeds using the split-screen viewing feature. I love the infrared night vision for proper visibility during the night, in-built speakers for speaking soothing words to comfort your little one, as well as 1000-ft range.

Motorola mbp50
Motorola mbp50
2 portable cameras
Remote camera control
5″ display with impressive display
2-way intercom system
Room temperature monitoring
2.4GHz FHSS wireless tech
Split screen feature

6. Summer Wide View 2.0 Baby Video Monitor with 5-inch Screen

Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 is another favorite big-screen baby monitor in our 2022 list. It features a 5″ screen with 720p HD resolution with 2 wide-angle lens video cameras with a digital zoom feature for proper viewing. I admire the black-and-white automatic night vision mode that enables a clear view at night and 100% digital tech for enhancing privacy and security. With an 800-ft range, this summer baby monitor also allows you to add up to 4 extra cameras using its expendable system. Even best, there 2 indicators for battery low and out-of-range notifications.

Summer Wide View 2.0 Baby Video Monitor with 5-inch Screen
5″ high resolution color
Digital tech for enhanced privacy & security
Supports up to 4 cameras
Up to 800-ft range

7. Moonybaby video baby monitor with big 5-inch screen

Moonybaby video baby monitor with a big 5-inch screen is an improvement to the 4.3-inch Moonybaby video baby monitor. This large screen baby monitor made it to our list specifically because of its split-screen viewing feature. It supports viewing of up to 4 camera video feeds on a single screen and this makes it special compared to all the other large-screen monitors in this list. This baby monitor comes with a range of 1000-ft with a 2.4Gz interference-free signal without the need for Wi-Fi.

Moonybaby video baby monitor with big 5-inch screen
Moonybaby video baby monitor with big 5-inch screen
2-way talk back feature
Automatic night vision mode
Monitor for baby room temperature
5 in-built lullabies
Voice activation Mode
Multi-camera expendabiity

8. VTech VM919HD Video Monitor

The Vtech VM919HD comes with a 7-inch large screen in 720p HD and a wide-angle lens with an IR-Cut auto filter that provides 110° wide-angle and true-to-life colors. I love the fully remote camera up and down tilting up to 100° as well as a 270° pan for a 360° panoramic view. When using the parent unit, you can zoom up to 4 times and it has a night vision mode.

This baby monitor offers a 1000-ft range and comes with other useful features like 2-way talk, 5 soothing melodies, and 4 sets of ambient sound for keeping your little one calm. The VOX control feature automatically turns on when it detects your baby’s sound with a 3-level color indicator to alert you when your baby cries.

3 levels of VOX setting
5 calming melodies + 4 sets of ambient sounds
720p HD resolution
Auto-on sound-activated screen
1000-ft range

9. Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Baby Monitor

My review would be incomplete without the DXR-8 PRO from Infant Optics, a firm that was founded in San Francisco, CA, in 2011. One of the most outstanding features that make this baby monitor special is the Active Noise Reduction (ANR), a noise cancellation feature. It filters all the noises and focuses on your baby’s sound alone.

Its screen is 5” big with 720p video resolution which features GFSK playback modulation for sharpness.

For full viewing control, this baby monitor has pan, tilt, and zoom features as well as interchangeable lenses for enhanced clarity. When it comes to audio clarity, it has a 1000mW speaker. This baby monitor does not require an internet connection which means you can’t be hacked.

I have done a whole review of Infant DXR 8 Pro here.

Interchangeable lens
Optical zoom with digital zoom
Powerful 1000mW speakers
Large 5” LCD display
720p HD video display
Active Noise Reduction technology

I also like the brand’s VM901 Upgraded Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with 7” screen 720p display, 1080p HD camera among other handy features, as well as a free smartphone app.

What should I look for in a baby monitor?

Before you spend a dollar, you should embark on your shopping journey knowing the type of baby monitor you need between a traditional and modern (Wi-Fi) one. Unlike traditional baby monitors, Wi-Fi baby monitors allow you to watch your baby even when away from home via your smartphone.

With that in mind, here is my buying guide on the 7 essential things to consider when choosing a baby monitor:

Daytime & Night Vision Clarity
Pick a baby monitor with high quality display (LCD) with high resolution for excellent video quality during the day and night. If it has a night vision mode, the better.
Base Unit Range, Battery Life & Portability
Buy a baby monitor with a portable base unit and excellent range so you can carry it from one room to another conveniently. Wi-Fi baby monitors offer this generously as you can even work outside the house while still watching your baby.
Choose a baby monitor that comes with compatible camera lenses that are interchangeable depending on where the camera is in your baby’s room.
User-Friendliness of Menu & Features
A baby monitor with many features sounds like a great deal but how easy are they for you to use? Look for a model that offers intuitive features with an easy-to-navigate menu.
Adjustable Camera
Go for a baby monitor that provides adjustable camera angels where you can zoom in or out, pan side-to-side, or tilt up and down. This allows you to see your baby well without having to disturb their room.
Select a baby monitor that is reliable by researching comprehensively on the brand you are buying, especially via unbiased customer and product reviews. You want a brand that gives you good value for your money. Also, stay away from unrecognized brands.
Reports have been circulating about people hacking baby monitors to watch you feed your little one at night or simply watch your baby. That is creepy and very unsafe! So, take strict measures to make it unlikely to be hacked by using strong encryption.

In addition, keep your baby safe by concealing the wires and keeping the camera out of their reach and well-hidden. If you get other extra features in a baby monitor such as talk-back that allows you to communicate with your little one from a distance, the better.

Where to buy

You will find the best large-screen baby monitors for sale on Amazon using this link and it will be shipped to your destination. These baby devices are also available in the physical stores near you as well as other online vendors such as Walmart, eBay, Target, Buy Buy Baby among others.


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