Are you a new parent considering the high-tech Mamaroo swing but worried about the weight limit? I have spent time researching the weight limits indicated and have asked 7 parents what they think about the weight limits of Mamaroo;

Let’s start with the common question,

What is Mamaroo?

Mamaroo is a baby swing that mimics the way you’re holding your baby in your arms with swinging motions that are similar to rocking.

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It comes in 4 different colors, has 5 different movements (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave), two white noise options (car ride and rainforest), and plays five different types of music (Rockabye, nature sounds, lullabies, white noise and one based on the movement you choose). It also uses AC power and plug-in to the wall – does not require batteries.

This combination of features is rare in baby swings. Most baby swings only have two or three movements to choose from.

What is the Weight Limit of Mamaroo?

You can use Mamaroo until your baby attains 25 pounds or can sit up on their own.

How do I know if my baby can use Mamaroo?

Only your pediatrician can tell you whether your baby is within the weight limit or not, but there are some things to look for that might help you decide:

1) If your baby’s legs are dangling instead of tucked in when they are seated, this might be a sign that your baby is outgrowing Mamaroo.

2) If your baby can sit upon his or her own, it might be time to stop using Mamaroo and switch to a different seat like an infant swing.

What do parents think of the weight limit of Mamaroo?

The weight limit of Mamaroo is a big concern for parents. Here are some reasons people worry about the weight limit:

1) They feel the 25 pounds weight limit is too high and should be lower based on other baby swings.

2) The first three months their baby was way below the suggested age but they felt their baby was ready for Mamaroo so they went ahead and used it.

3) They have a large breed of babies and the 25 pounds weight limit is still not high enough for them.

The following parents answer questions about Mamaroo’s weight limit:

– “Our daughter is 18 lbs and we have been using the Mamaroo since she was a week old. She is now 8 weeks old and still loves it.”

– “My son has been in the Mamaroo since he was 4 months old when he barely weighed 10 lbs. It wasn’t an issue from my end.”

– “I love that it keeps baby entertained but I think the weight limit is a little high.”

In my mind, the Mamaroo weight limit is too low. I think it should be at least 30 pounds but you know what your baby can use better than I. If you use a baby swing and do not plan to get another one until your baby is bigger, I would recommend staying on the safe side and keeping your baby in the Mamaroo until they are 25 lbs.

Why get Mamaroo: Pros and Cons


  • It has 5 different movements,
  • 4 colors that you can choose from,
  • 2 white noise options and 5 music options. It is also bluetooth enabled.


  • The downside to this baby swing compared to others is the high price ($250) and weight limit.
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16 new from $143.99
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