Meet Our Authors

Sandra W. Bullock

Sandra W. Bullock is a grand-mom to two boys and is part of the review board here at Motherhood HQ. She is responsible for the quality control of content and is among our most experienced moms. She has over 20 years of writing parenting content online focussing on baby safety indoors and outdoors. She has written widely on babyproofing nurseries and homes for infants and toddlers and published work on privacy and the safety of baby monitors. She is a renowned advocate for non-wifi baby monitors that cannot be hacked and spends a lot of time educating parents on how to secure their homes – including ways to secure the baby from harm in and around homes. Sandra is a native of Atlanta where she also works. She can be reached using her email, Sandra.w(at)

Ashley Davis

Hi there! I am Ashley Davis, a mom of three kids and the editor here at Motherhood HQ. I have been a parent since 2011 and have been doing full-time consulting as a baby sleep expert since 2019. When I am not researching or testing the next baby gear hitting the market, you’ll find me teaching my toddlers a trick or two – especially over the last few months with the lockdown. I hope you’ll find my guides and reviews helpful as you make your next purchase decision. If you have any questions, you can reach me at

Kate Nash

Hi there! I am Kate, a mother of two and a child mobility expert here at Motherhood HQ. I am very passionate about creating awareness and educating parents about strollers and car seat safety. I write a lot about car seats and pay close attention to the safety ratings of different brands from NHTSA and CR. I also write about the changing car seat safety laws in different states and occasionally work as a consultant to parents looking to get some help when deciding on the best car seat, travel system, and stroller to pick. I also blog in different blogs and have been recognized as a baby mobility expert. If you have any questions, you can reach me using;

Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is one of the co-founders here at Motherhood HQ. As a mom and certified teacher, she has worked with several kids and currently pursuing a Doctoral Program in Special Needs Education at the University of Northern Colorado. Her specialty is early childhood education and I am a certified teacher in Alabama and in Florida but have also taught at an international school abroad. I am in charge of external partnerships here at Motherhood HQ and I coordinate the exchange and collection of user feedback from various moms in our network. You can reach me using my email or contact form

Mary Stephens

Mary Stephens MotherhoodHQ Specialist

Mary Stephens is our infant development and baby fun activities specialist here at Motherhood HQ.

She has over 10 years of experience dealing with kids, previously as a K3 teacher and now as a K9-12 teacher specializing in physical education and Social Studies.

She is certified to teach in New York and Massachusetts and when not teaching trampoline jump tricks or giving toddler safety guides, she enjoys writing and providing helpful guides to parents on baby fun activities from infancy to toddlerhood.

Mary is also an independent consultant providing parents with fun activities at home and appropriate toys and baby gear for infants and toddler development. She can be reached at her email, mary.s(at)

Jane Lambert

Naomi Lambert is a mother of two and an elementary school teacher leading our product quality review here at Motherhood HQ. Naomi has a degree in Elementary Teaching from the University of Utah. She has also worked as a product tester for Consumer Reports. Naomi enjoys reading and getting immersed in new research, especially on topics related to parenting and pets. When she’s not reading or testing baby gear, Naomi enjoys hiking in the midwest and hanging out with her two dog pets. Naomi is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jane Larnbert
Jane Larnbert

Naomi work leading baby gear/product testing:

To test new gear before we review here at Motherhood HQ, Naomi goes through a multi-step process that includes reading up on the latest research, conducting her own hands-on testing, and evaluating the results. She also consults with experts in the field, such as pediatricians, to get their input. This comprehensive approach ensures that our reviews are accurate and helpful for our readers.

Testing involves using the gear with her own children, as well as observing other parents using the products. Ms. Lambert looks for safety concerns, ease of use, and whether the product actually lives up to its claims. She also takes into account the price of the product and whether it is a good value for what you get.

After testing a product, Naomi writes up her findings in a review. She includes both the positive and negative aspects of the product, as well as her own personal recommendations. Her reviews are honest and unbiased, and they can help you make informed decisions about which products are right for your family.

Aggregating Other real-user reviews from other moms:

A critical process in our reviews is incorporating feedback from other moms who have used the products we are testing. To get this information, we talk to parents in our networks and consult with product-specific experts.These experts must have published work in the field of early childhood development, have worked extensively with the product in question, or have significant experience in the manufacturing or design of the product.

We also read online reviews from other parents, but we take these with a grain of salt. We recognize that many online reviewers are not objective and that some may be biased because they were given the product for free or paid to write a review. For this reason, we only consider online reviews after they have been vetted by our team of experts.

If you are a parent who has used a product that we are interested in reviewing, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us at

Our in-house Pediatrician: Sharon Carter

Dr. sharon carter motherhood hq medical reviewer

Sharon Carter is a mom and a certified pediatrician. She recently joined the review team here at Motherhood HQ and provide oversight and quality control on topics touching on critical childcare topics. Her 16 years of experience practicing medicine has given her an edge in understanding infants and toddlers’ medical needs and I try to translate that into their physical needs – in terms of product recommendations. As a childcare safety specialist, she have also written widely on creating a safe space for kids at home including ideas on designing the best nursery. After her undergraduate degree in Biology and subsequent years at medical school, she complete her residency in pediatrics at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan.

She also provides one-on-one consultations with parents on different child medical needs but request that you reach out to me directly using the contact form.

  • Name: Sharon Carter
  • Profession: Medical Doctor specializing in kids’ health (Pediatrician)
  • Email: and (personal).
  • Address: Michigan, USA
  • Role: Quality control reviewer/editor at Motherhood HQ
  • Website: Motherhood HQ