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About Alexander

Alexander is a great name for your boy. You can even shorten it to Alex or change it to Alexandra for a girl. It is mostly attributed to the famous Alexander the Great who was a king in Macedon. It has gained popularity over the years especially in the 21st century.

Meaning of Alexander

Alexander is derived from the name Alexandros which meant the defender of the people. Alexander, therefore, translates to the defender of men. Alexander the Great proved this meaning in his various conquests. The name is associated with qualities like valor, courage, and strength.

100+ Best middle names for Alexander

Alexander pairs greatly with a number of names. There are also lots of famous people with the name which makes finding a middle name easier. It’s both traditional and modern, which is rare for names. Some examples of middle names include;

  1. Alexander Amadeus
  2. Alexander Arthur
  3. Alexander Barett
  4. Alexander Baxter
  5. Alexander Beau
  6. Alexander Benedict
  7. Alexander Benjamin
  8. Alexander Bennett
  9. Alexander Blake
  10. Alexander Brantley
  11. Alexander Brayden
  12. Alexander Brody
  13. Alexander Brooks
  14. Alexander Cade
  15. Alexander Callahan
  16. Alexander Camden
  17. Alexander Campbell
  18. Alexander Carter
  19. Alexander Charles
  20. Alexander Chase
  21. Alexander Colby
  22. Alexander Colton
  23. Alexander Cooper
  24. Alexander Crosby
  25. Alexander Cullen
  26. Alexander David
  27. Alexander Davis
  28. Alexander Demetrius
  29. Alexander Devon
  30. Alexander Dylan
  31. Alexander Easton
  32. Alexander Eden
  33. Alexander Edward
  34. Alexander Elliott
  35. Alexander Ellis
  36. Alexander Emerson
  37. Alexander Ezra
  38. Alexander Felix
  39. Alexander Finn
  40. Alexander Flynn
  41. Alexander Francis
  42. Alexander Fyfe
  43. Alexander Gage
  44. Alexander Gavin
  45. Alexander Graham
  46. Alexander Gray
  47. Alexander Griffin
  48. Alexander Hamilton
  49. Alexander Harley
  50. Alexander Harrison
  51. Alexander Hawke
  52. Alexander Hayes
  53. Alexander Henry
  54. Alexander Hugh
  55. Alexander Ian
  56. Alexander Jace
  57. Alexander Jace
  58. Alexander Jackson
  59. Alexander Jacoby
  60. Alexander James
  61. Alexander Jamie
  62. Alexander Jarrett
  63. Alexander John
  64. Alexander Jude
  65. Alexander Kai
  66. Alexander Kane
  67. Alexander Knox
  68. Alexander Lachlan
  69. Alexander Lawrence
  70. Alexander Leaf
  71. Alexander Ledger
  72. Alexander Lee
  73. Alexander Lennie
  74. Alexander Leo
  75. Alexander Leonidas
  76. Alexander Levi
  77. Alexander Lief
  78. Alexander Lincoln
  79. Alexander Louis
  80. Alexander Mason
  81. Alexander Miles
  82. Alexander Milo
  83. Alexander Mitchell
  84. Alexander Morrison
  85. Alexander Neil
  86. Alexander Noah
  87. Alexander Noah
  88. Alexander Oakley
  89. Alexander Oliver
  90. Alexander Parker
  91. Alexander Philip
  92. Alexander Rafe
  93. Alexander Reese
  94. Alexander Reid
  95. Alexander Riley
  96. Alexander Ronan
  97. Alexander Rufus
  98. Alexander Rufus
  99. Alexander Rupert
  100. Alexander Ryan
  101.  Alexander Salvatore
  102. Alexander Spencer
  103. Alexander Stanley
  104. Alexander Sterling
  105. Alexander Stone
  106. Alexander Tate
  107. Alexander Trent
  108. Alexander Tyler
  109. Alexander Tyson
  110. Alexander Vaughn
  111. Alexander Walker
  112. Alexander Warren
  113. Alexander Wells
  114. Alexander Wolfe
  115. Alexander Wren
  116. Alexander Wren
  117. Alexander Wyatt
  118. Alexander Zane

Reasons for picking a good middle name for boy named Alexander.

Picking a middle name for your child is a very exciting activity. However the intention behind the middle name is what really matters. The most common reason for choosing a middle name is to honor a family member. It is also important that the middle name goes well with the first name. 

How to pick a good middle name

There are various ways to go about it. For example, you can choose to keep your maiden name ensures your child maintains your identity. You may also wish to honor a certain family member. It may be a parent or just a member of the family. Whoever it is am sure they will feel appreciated.  You can also acknowledge your heritage. Giving your child a name from your country of origin could be a way of acknowledging your heritage. You may even choose to ignore all these and pick a name that is meaningful to you. It could be the place you met your husband or a memorable event. How you choose to go about it is up to you.

First names for middle name Alexander

You may want to call your child Alexander but not as first name. There are also lots of names that incorporate Alexander as a middle name. Some examples of these names include;

  1. Adam Alexander
  2. Aiden Alexander
  3. Andrew Alexander
  4. Angus Alexander
  5. Arthur Alexander
  6. Benjamin Alexander
  7. Brayden Alexander
  8. Brian Alexander
  9. Christan Alexander
  10. Colton Alexander
  11. Daniel Alexander
  12. David Alexander
  13. Eamon Alexander
  14. Eric Alexander
  15. Flynn Alexander
  16. Gideon Alexander
  17. Glen Alexander
  18. Harry Alexander
  19. Harry Alexander
  20. Henry Alexander
  21. Ian Alexander
  22. James Alexander
  23. Joel Alexander
  24. John Alexander
  25. Julian Alexander
  26. Justin Alexander
  27. Kieran Alexander
  28. Kirk Alexander
  29. Lachlan Alexander
  30. Larry Alexander
  31. Lewis Alexander
  32. Liam Alexander
  33. Lief Alexander
  34. Lincoln Alexander
  35. Louis Alexander
  36. Luke Alexander
  37. Martin Alexander
  38. Matthew Alexander
  39. Michael Alexander
  40. Nathan Alexander
  41. Nicholas Alexander
  42. Oscar Alexander
  43. Owen Alexander
  44. Parker Alexander
  45. Paul Alexander
  46. Rannoch Alexander
  47. Reed Alexander
  48. Richard Alexander
  49. Riley Alexander
  50. Ronan Alexander
  51. Ronnie Alexander
  52. Ryan Alexander
  53. Sebastian Alexander
  54. Thomas Alexander
  55. Tom Alexander
  56. Tristan Alexander
  57. Vincent Alexander
  58. Walter Alexander
  59. Wilson Alexander
  60. Wyatt Alexander

Nicknames and variations of Alexander

Alexander has been a common name for long time and therefore has lots of variations. Some of them include;

  1. Alesander
  2. Iskander
  3. Aleksandar
  4. Alexandr
  5. Aleksanteri
  6. Alexandre
  7. Alexandros
  8. Alekanekelo
  9. Alistair
  10. Alejandro
  11. Iskender
  12. Alexis
  13. Alisander
  14. Alixandre
  15. Alejo
  16. Alasdair
  17. Allister
  18. Alaxander
  19. Alyksandr
  20. Alissandre

There are also lots of nicknames for alexander like;

  1. Al
  2. Alex 
  3. Xander
  4. Lex
  5. Alec
  6. Ax
  7. Axel
  8. Dex
  9. Xan
  10. Zane
  11. Zan
  12. Lexter
  13. Xandria
  14. Alessia
  15. Alicia
  16. Allie
  17. Alexa
  18. Alexia 
  19. Alivia 

Similar names to name Alexander

Some names similar to alexander include;

  1. Benjamin
  2. Cole
  3. Damian
  4. Damian
  5. Darius
  6. Demitri
  7. Elias
  8. Eugene
  9. Maxamus
  10. Maxwell
  11. Milos
  12. Nathaniel
  13. Nico
  14. Nikolas
  15. Odysseus
  16. Sebastian
  17. Socrates
  18. Thanos
  19. Xander
  20. Zacharius

Siblings baby names that go with the name Alexander

Having named your firstborn Alexander you might wonder what names to give the siblings. Some examples of boy names that go with Alexander include;

  1. Andrew
  2. Anthony
  3. Benjamin 
  4. Calvin
  5. Christopher
  6. Damien
  7. Dominic
  8. Duncan
  9. Emmett
  10. Gabriel
  11. Julian
  12. Malcolm
  13. Mark
  14. Matthew
  15. Nicholas
  16. Zachary

Examples of girl names that go well with alexander include;

  1. Abigail
  2. Alyssa
  3. Amelia
  4. Ava
  5. Charlotte
  6. Claire
  7. Grace
  8. Harriet
  9. Isabella
  10. Katherine
  11. Maddie
  12. Madeline
  13. Olivia
  14. Scarlett
  15. Stephanie
  16. Victoria 
  17. Violet

Alexander’s popularity 

The name has become quite popular over the years. Famous people with the name may have contributed to its popularity. Its popularity has grown steadily and reached its peak in the last five years. It is among the most popular names in the 21st century. The graph below indicates the changes in percentage popularity over the years.

 Many kings have had the name Alexander throughout the ages. For example the name Alexander the great has been known throughout history due to his various conquests. Alexander Graham Bell is also known for the development of the telephone. Alexander Skarsgard is also a well-known actor. Some of these great people with the name Alexander have contributed to its popularity.

History of the name Alexander

Alexander is a name that is traditional and yet has managed to stay on top. It is well encoded in Greek mythology.  The name is also associated with royalty since various kings throughout history.  It has also been used by various popes. It has presented itself in all aspects of history. For example, in science Alexander Graham Bell is credited for the development of the telephone.

How to say the name Alexander

Alexander is pronounced as al-ek-ZAN-der.

My favorite middle name for Alexander

Alexander Knox has a certain appeal to it and not just because a character in Batman had the same name. It ensures the middle name is one syllable which makes it easier to say both names.

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