Daniel is a masculine Hebrew name and is mostly used as the first name or surname among people of Hebrew origin. Choosing the name Daniel as the first name is a bold choice and it is great with many middle names and we have done extensive research on the best middle names for Daniel you can pick today.

The name Daniel means ‘God is the Judge’ and signifies the belief in a higher being and as the best middle name for Daniel should have some religious aspect to it and should go well together with Daniel when pronounced together.

List of 128 Best Middle Names for Daniel

After rigorous research and consulting great resources on baby naming including Bruce Lansky’s book on 10,000 baby names, we arrived on the top cool names that go well with Daniel. Below are our middle name picks for the name Daniel;

  1. Daniel Aurelio
  2. Daniel Benicio
  3. Daniel Benvolio
  4. Daniel Emmanuel
  5. Daniel Elysian
  6. Daniel Federico
  7. Daniel Sebastian
  8. Daniel Jasper
  9. Daniel Lucas
  10. Daniel Logan
  11. Daniel Santiago
  12. Daniel Salvatore
  13. Daniel Guillermo
  14. Daniel Bentley
  15. Daniel Cody
  16. Daniel Killian
  17. Daniel Kamari
  18. Daniel Maverick
  19. Daniel Nicholas
  20. Daniel Coady
  21. Daniel Hezekiah
  22. Daniel Damarion
  23. Daniel Domenico
  24. Daniel Eduardo
  25. Daniel Lamario
  26. Daniel Montgomery
  27. Daniel Meridian
  28. Daniel Rogelio
  29. Daniel Theophilus
  30. Daniel Valerio
  31. Daniel Ace
  32. Daniel Briggs
  33. Daniel Ben
  34. Daniel Brandt
  35. Daniel Chance
  36. Daniel Chris
  37. Daniel Cade
  38. Daniel Dane
  39. Daniel Frank
  40. Daniel Flynn
  41. Daniel Grant
  42. Daniel Green
  43. Daniel Hope
  44. Daniel Heath
  45. Daniel Jay
  46. Daniel Jack
  47. Daniel Jake
  48. Daniel Kash
  49. Daniel Kyle
  50. Daniel Leaf
  51. Daniel Layne
  52. Daniel Ross
  53. Daniel Reed
  54. Daniel Rhys
  55. Daniel Sean
  56. Daniel Smith
  57. Daniel Scott
  58. Daniel True
  59. Daniel Wyatt
  60. Daniel Wade
  61. Daniel Axel
  62. Daniel Arthur
  63. Daniel Brody
  64. Daniel Brandon
  65. Daniel Callum
  66. Daniel Dylan
  67. Daniel Declan
  68. Daniel Dallas
  69. Daniel Eli
  70. Daniel Edward
  71. Daniel Elba
  72. Daniel Enzo
  73. Daniel Felix
  74. Daniel Francis
  75. Daniel Finley
  76. Daniel Graham
  77. Daniel Greyson
  78. Daniel Garry
  79. Daniel Gareth
  80. Daniel Henry
  81. Daniel Hudson
  82. Daniel Jackson
  83. Daniel Jamie
  84. Daniel Jayson
  85. Daniel Leon
  86. Daniel Marcus
  87. Daniel Robert
  88. Daniel Riley
  89. Daniel Sterling
  90. Daniel Spencer
  91. Daniel Tucker
  92. Daniel Walter
  93. Daniel Waylon
  94. Daniel Zayden
  95. Daniel Anderson
  96. Daniel Azariah
  97. Daniel Armani
  98. Daniel Bastien
  99. Daniel Cameron
  100. Daniel Donovan
  101. Daniel Dakota
  102. Daniel Emerson
  103. Daniel Gianni
  104. Daniel Harrison
  105. Daniel Jeremy
  106. Daniel Orion
  107. Daniel Remington
  108. Daniel Solomon
  109. Daniel Sylvester
  110. Daniel Sullivan
  111. Daniel Theodore
  112. Daniel Tavella
  113. Daniel Gabriel
  114. Daniel Tristan
  115. Daniel Mathis
  116. Daniel Samuel
  117. Daniel Thibaut
  118. Daniel Charles
  119. Daniel Benoit
  120. Daniel Fabien
  121. Daniel Florent
  122. Daniel Maxence
  123. Daniel Cedric
  124. Daniel Marc
  125. Daniel Yann
  126. Daniel Jerome
  127. Daniel Steven
  128. Daniel Mehdi

Meaning of Daniel

The name Daniel means ‘God is my judge’ and traces its origin to the Old Testament of the Bible. In the Hebrew language which the original Bible was written, the word Daniel is derived from din which means to judge, and el which means God.

In the Old Testament, there is a whole book dedicated to Daniel and is dedicated to the teaching of how Daniel remained loyal to God despite the danger and persecution. Daniel who had the power to interpret dreams was thrown in a lion’s den after refusing to worship a King in place of the Supreme God. God protected Daniel from being harmed by the lions.

How to pick a good middle name

A good middle name that goes well with Daniel should spell character traits such as strong-will, steadfastness, brave, and faith-adhering.

Picking a good middle name for the name Daniel can make all the difference. The name should also be special and sound pleasant when placed between the first and surname. Furthermore, the name could be aspirational or based on a good history.

First names for the name Daniel

There are many names that would go hand in hand with Daniel is Daniel is the last name (Surname). 

Among the best first names for Daniel include; Jack Daniel, Henry Daniel, Jonathan Daniel, Joseph Daniel, Andrew Daniel, and James Daniel.

Nicknames and variations of the name Daniel

Being a popular and old name, Daniel has had many variations and nicknames over the centuries, some of which include:

  • Dee
  • Dan D
  • Big D
  • Big man D
  • Dan
  • Danny
  • Danilo
  • Danny boy
  • Dizzle
  • Dazzle
  • Danick
  • Danyl
  • Danyck
  • Danso
  • Dana
  • Danielson
  • Danson

Similar names to the name Daniel

Other names that can be used in place of Daniel include: Aaron, Abraham, Benjamin, Elijah & Noah

Siblings baby names that go with Daniel

For girls, Daniel’s siblings could be named Danielle or Daniela.

For male siblings, Caleb or Joseph are very good options.

Daniel’s popularity 

According to the Social Security Administration Data, the name Daniel has been among the top 20 names for children since the 1970s. What’s more, the name reached its peak in 2007 & 2008 where it was ranked among the top 5 boy baby names in the country.

In 2021, BabyCenter ranked Daniel as the 22nd most popular boy name ahead of other names such as Dylan (78th).

Babycenter data on Daniel name popularity in 2021

According to SSA data, Daniel’s popularity has been between number 5 and number 15 as shown in the chart below. In 2020, baby boys named Daniel represented 0.5% of all boys born.

popularity of the name daniel SSA data 2000 to 2020

From the 1880s to 2021, the name Daniel has had decent popularity with no sudden spikes or falls as shown in the graph below;

chart showing daniel name popularity 1880 to 2021
Chart showing Daniel name popularity from 1880s to 2021

Popular Individuals Named Daniel

Daniel is also popular and some famous individuals in history have had the name, Daniel. For instance:

  • Daniel dae kim – Famous actor
  • Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Daniel lebern glover – Famous actor and film producer
  • Daniel wroughton craig

History of the Name Daniel

Daniel is a well-known name that derives its origins from the Hebrew culture. The name particularly refers to one of God’s relentless prophets who refused to denounce Christianity and serve the Mesopotamian king Nebuchadnezzar. The name shows strength and adamance in one’s core believes.

To prove this undaunting nature, the name Daniel was also borne by a 9th-century hermit and Christian martyr who was relentless in spreading the gospel across Europe during the Middle Ages.

How to say the name Daniel

The name Daniel is pretty straightforward when pronouncing, except for a few variations on the Irish, Spanish and French language, which drag the pronunciation of the letter ‘L’ in Daniel.

My favorite middle name for the name Daniel

My most favorite middle name for Daniel is Ace. Take, for instance, Daniel Ace Robinson.

Ace is a favorable middle name because not only is it easy to pronounce, it is also very compatible with the name Daniel. Furthermore, Ace means to be at the top, a name suitable for your top baby boy.

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