A cool middle name for Dylan should flow together with Dylan in pronunciation and should resonate with the free-spirit, poetic & adventurous meaning of the word Dylan. In this post, we have done extensive research on the best middle names for Dylan boy and girl names you can pick for your baby. 

Dylan is a unisex name but is mostly used as a boy name. Dylan has a poetic feel that makes most parents continue choosing the name Dylan for their bouncing baby boys. If you are struggling to name your baby, read our guide on how to choose a baby name.

106 Middle Names for Dylan

We spent several hours researching the best middle names for Dylan by reading widely on the middle names and getting insights from Baby name experts such as Bruce Lansky who wrote a top-rated book on 100,000+ baby names. 

Below are 106 middle names for Dylan that you can pick for your baby boy or girl.

  1. Dylan Abel
  2. Dylan Adam
  3. Dylan Albert
  4. Dylan Alec
  5. Dylan Anders
  6. Dylan Joel
  7. Dylan John
  8. Dylan Kai
  9. Dylan Anthony
  10. Dylan Asher
  11. Dylan Michael
  12. Dylan Miles
  13. Dylan Nash
  14. Dylan Atlas
  15. Dylan Axel
  16. Dylan Beau
  17. Dylan Maverick
  18. Dylan Max
  19. Dylan Memphis
  20. Dylan Beckett
  21. Dylan Blake
  22. Dylan Ryder
  23. Dylan Sawyer
  24. Dylan Scott
  25. Dylan Braxton
  26. Dylan Briggs
  27. Dylan Nate
  28. Dylan Neil
  29. Dylan Nestor
  30. Dylan Bryce
  31. Dylan Caleb
  32. Dylan Cash
  33. Dylan Pierre
  34. Dylan Prescott
  35. Dylan Henry
  36. Dylan Holden
  37. Dylan Isaac
  38. Dylan Jace
  39. Dylan Presley
  40. Dylan Charles
  41. Dylan Clayton
  42. Dylan Lennon
  43. Dylan Lewis
  44. Dylan Lionel
  45. Dylan Chase
  46. Dylan Dean
  47. Dylan Drake
  48. Dylan Drew
  49. Dylan Easton
  50. Dylan Adwin
  51. Dylan Taylor
  52. Dylan Lawrence
  53. Dylan Leon
  54. Dylan Manuel
  55. Dylan Marcel
  56. Dylan Titus
  57. Dylan Tripp
  58. Dylan Edwin
  59. Dylan Elijah
  60. Dylan Elliott
  61. Dylan Ezra
  62. Dylan Oliver
  63. Dylan Howard
  64. Dylan Rhett
  65. Dylan Royce
  66. Dylan Vance
  67. Dylan Silas
  68. Dylan Simon
  69. Dylan Troy
  70. Dylan Hunter
  71. Dylan Huxley
  72. Dylan Oscar
  73. Dylan Parker
  74. Dylan Finn
  75. Dylan Fischer
  76. Dylan Ford
  77. Dylan Gael
  78. Dylan Gage
  79. Dylan Glenn
  80. Dylan Grant
  81. Dylan Grayson
  82. Dylan Grey
  83. Dylan Gunner
  84. Dylan Hank
  85. Dylan Mathew
  86. Dylan Norman
  87. Dylan Odin
  88. Dylan Harper
  89. Dylan Lloyd
  90. Dylan Jett
  91. Dylan Kendrick
  92. Dylan King
  93. Dylan Knox
  94. Dylan Luis
  95. Dylan Abraham
  96. Dylan Andrew
  97. Dylan Luke
  98. Dylan Heath
  99. Dylan Jack
  100. Dylan Jagger
  101. Dylan Jaiden
  102. Dylan Jax
  103. Dylan Payton
  104. Dylan Pierce
  105. Dylan Reid
  106. Dylan Wyatt

Meaning of Dylan: Son of the Sea

The name Dylan means a great tide or a great flow. It is derived from the Welsh words ‘Dy’ which means great and ‘llanw’ which means flow or tides. It has also been speculated that the name means ‘Son of the Sea’ or ‘Son of the Ocean.’

Reasons for picking a good middle name for a boy named Dylan. 

There are a couple of reasons that should make you choose a good middle name for your child:

  • The most obvious reason is that you need to differentiate between your child and other children with the same first and surnames
  • Yet another reason to pick a good middle name for your child is that the child may choose to go by their middle name and last name other than using their first name
  • In other cultures, the middle name holds more significance than either the first name or the last name. The middle name gives your child their identity

How to pick a good middle name

If you are researching to name your first child, you should know that there are no set principles to follow when picking a middle name for popular names such as Dylan. However, as you settle on a middle name that goes with Dylan, make sure you are aware of the following;

  • The best middle name for your child named Dylan should be easy to pronounce and roll off the tongue easily.
  • The middle name that you pick for Dylan and the middle name initial may be used to enhance the evaluation of the intellectual performance of your child as per research by the European Journal of Social Psychology. The research concluded that ‘Middle initials in authors’ names increased the evaluation of their writing performance (Study 1), and middle initials increased perceptions of status.’
  • You can pick a middle name for Dylan to enhance a family connection – you can pick a middle name from someone who passed on in the family and wants to maintain that connection. 

First names for middle name Dylan

In the cases where you have selected the name Dylan as your middle name, then a great combination of first names include:

  1. Sebastian Dylan
  2. Quincy Dylan
  3. Wesley Dylan
  4. Timothy Dylan
  5. Patrick Dylan
  6. Zachary Dylan
  7. Robert Dylan
  8. Peyton Dylan
  9. Vernon Dylan
  10. Reuben Dylan
  11. Kevin Dylan
  12. Nolan Dylan
  13. Kyle Dylan
  14. Samuel Dylan
  15. Lucas Dylan
  16. Marcus Dylan
  17. William Dylan
  18. Killian Dylan
  19. Richard Dylan
  20. Jacob Dylan
  21. Henry Dylan

Nicknames and variations of Dylan

Dylan has many variations and nicknames depending on the person or the environment in which your child grows up. In this guide, we have listed some of the nicknames and variations of the name Dylan which you can use:

Dylan Nicknames

  • D
  • Dil
  • Dyl
  • Dylo
  • Dyls

Name Variations for Name Dylan

  • Dillan
  • Dillon
  • Dilon
  • Dillen
  • Dylun
  • Dylin
  • Dylahn
  • Dylen
  • Dylonn
  • Dylon

The most popular variation of the name Dylan is Dillon and is fading in popularity. The chart below shows the falling popularity of the name Dillon from 1991 to 2010;

Similarly, the name Dillon which is another variation of the ane Dylan has been falling in popularity, from 169th rank in 2000 to 667th rank in 2020.

popularity of name Dillon, a variation of Dylan

Similar Names to Name Dylan

Alternatively, you can use other names that are similar to Dylan if you already have a child named Dylan. Below are some great similes to the name Dylan:

  • Daniel
  • Gary
  • Jacob
  • Evan
  • Jake
  • Logan
  • Mason
  • Gavin
  • Logan
  • Justin
  • Jeffery
  • Dalton
  • Mathew
  • Hunter
  • Connor
  • Ethan
  • Ryan
  • Nathan
  • Cody
  • Owen

Siblings baby names that go with the name Dylan

For boy names, Dylan goes well with the names:

  • Adam
  • Caleb
  • Franklin
  • Gavin
  • Hunter
  • Benjamin
  • Vince
  • Derek
  • Mason
  • Thomas
  • Zachary
  • Payton
  • Owen

For baby girl names, Dylan is a great combo with:

  • Whitney
  • Abigail
  • Nicole
  • Hazel
  • Teresa
  • Monica
  • Cheryl
  • Nicole
  • Phoebe
  • Hannah
  • Kristen
  • Jackline
  • Megan

Dylan’s popularity 

Since 1966, the name Dylan has gained popularity but has since tapered off as shown in the chart below;

Popularity of name Dylan from 1966 to 2021
Chart showing the popularity of the name Dylan from 1966 to 2021

According to Babycenter, Dylan is the 78th most popular name in the US and this ranking has been going down since 2004 when it was ranked 19th. 

Popularity of name Dylan in 2021

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Dylan was most popular in 2004. In that year, the number of births named Dylan was 14851, which represents 0.703 percent of total male births in 2004.

Below is the ranking in 2004 as per data from SSA:

name Dylan was most popular in 2004 according to Social Security administration data

In 2020, the number of births named Dylan was 6788, which represented 0.371 percent of total male births and was the 43rd most popular male name for boys.

There are many famous people named Dylan. We have listed a couple of these individuals and the roles that they have contributed to the world.

Dylan Axelrod – Baseball player for the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds

Dylan Baker – Famous American actor who has debuted in spiderman 2 and spiderman 3

Dylan Larkin – Ice hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings

Dylan Moran – Irish comedian

Dylan Kwasniewski – famous NASCAR driver

History of the name Dylan

The name Dylan can trace its origins back to the Welsh community. It was deeply associated with the sea, with names like Eil Ton, Alson, O’ Taine, and Ail Don. According to Welsh mythology, Dylan was accidentally killed by his uncle Govannon by the sea and the great waves rocked the shorelines as a sign of revenge for this great loss.

How The Name Dylan Got Popular in the 1990s and early 2000s

According to Social Security Administration, the name Dylan first appeared on baby boy names in 1966 but got popular in the 90s and early 2000s with Dylan McKay who was the most popular ‘bad boy’ character in the Beverly Hills, 90210 credited for popularizing it. The Beverly Hills, 90210 was an American teen drama television series that aired from 1990 to 2000 on CBS and FOX networks. 

The video below shows Dylan McKay character who popularized the name Dylan;

Before Dylan McKay, a Welsh Poet named Dylan Thomas (1914 – 1953) gave the name first exposure and as mentioned above, it took another 13 years after the death of Dylan Thomas for the name to appear in the SSA database in 1966.

How to say the name Dylan

Dylan is pronounced as “dill-uhn”

My favorite middle name for Dylan

My favorite middle name is Dylan Lewis. Not only is it easy to pronounce but it also symbolizes the traditional meaning of the name Lewis, which means to be at the top.

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