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There’s nothing more exciting than that sassy feeling of choosing the best name for your baby. Olivia is an excellent choice for a girl. Choosing the name Olivia has a great effect on your child and will help support the greatness that comes with the name.

Olivia is a popular name not only in the US but also across Europa and Asiatic communities. The name Olivia can boast of a lengthy history of great women throughout history. After spending some time researching the background of the name Olivia, we have prepared an exciting piece that will help you understand and appreciate the beauty of Olivia.

What’s more, we have also created a well-guided piece on the benefits and a list of the best middle names for Olivia. 

Meaning of Olivia

Olivia is an ancient name that has had many meanings over the years. One of its earliest meanings is derived from the Olive tree in which the name was coined. In ancient times, the Olive tree symbolizes wealth, beauty, and prosperity. Any baby named Olivia was expected to have similar characteristics.

All across Europe, Olivia was actually used to symbolize peace and fertility. It was mostly given to females of high noble stature and royal families. The beautiful name has been used since the period of the 13th century in different variations across different cultures.

200+ List of best middle names for the name Olivia

  1. Olivia Abigail
  2. Olivia Addison
  3. Olivia Adeline
  4. Olivia Adrianna 
  5. Olivia Alesandra 
  6. Olivia Alexandre
  7. Olivia Alexis
  8. Olivia Alice 
  9. Olivia Allison
  10. Olivia Amanda
  11. Olivia Amariah 
  12. Olivia Amelia 
  13. Olivia Anais
  14. Olivia Anastacia
  15. Olivia Andrea
  16. Olivia Angelina 
  17. Olivia Anna 
  18. Olivia Annabella 
  19. Olivia Annabella 
  20. Olivia Anne
  21. Olivia Antoine
  22. Olivia Antonia 
  23. Olivia Arabella
  24. Olivia Arden
  25. Olivia Aubrey
  26. Olivia Audrey
  27. Olivia Aurelia
  28. Olivia Bekke
  29. Olivia Bella
  30. Olivia Belle
  31. Olivia Birch
  32. Olivia Blaire
  33. Olivia Blake 
  34. Olivia Blake
  35. Olivia Blue 
  36. Olivia Brianna
  37. Olivia Brie
  38. Olivia Brooke
  39. Olivia Bryn 
  40. Olivia Bryn
  41. Olivia Bryn
  42. Olivia Camden
  43. Olivia Camilla
  44. Olivia Camille
  45. Olivia Catalina 
  46. Olivia Catherine
  47. Olivia Celestine 
  48. Olivia Charlotte
  49. Olivia Chesney
  50. Olivia Chloe
  51. Olivia Christine
  52. Olivia Claire 
  53. Olivia Clara
  54. Olivia Corinthia
  55. Olivia Cove
  56. Olivia Eden 
  57. Olivia Elizabeth
  58. Olivia Elizabeth
  59. Olivia Ellery
  60. Olivia Elowyn
  61. Olivia Embry
  62. Olivia Emery
  63. Olivia Emilie
  64. Olivia Emily 
  65. Olivia Emma
  66. Olivia Emmanuella 
  67. Olivia Eve 
  68. Olivia Evelyn
  69. Olivia Everly
  70. Olivia Fabiola
  71. Olivia Fabiola 
  72. Olivia Faith 
  73. Olivia Faye
  74. Olivia Felicity
  75. Olivia Feodora 
  76. Olivia Fiorella 
  77. Olivia Florence 
  78. Olivia Frances
  79. Olivia Gabriella
  80. Olivia Giovanna 
  81. Olivia Grace
  82. Olivia Grace
  83. Olivia Hale
  84. Olivia Harlow
  85. Olivia Hartley
  86. Olivia Hayes
  87. Olivia Helen
  88. Olivia Henrietta 
  89. Olivia Hope 
  90. Olivia Ignatia
  91. Olivia Iris
  92. Olivia Isabella 
  93. Olivia Isabelle
  94. Olivia Jacqueline 
  95. Olivia Jade
  96. Olivia Jai 
  97. Olivia Jane
  98. Olivia Janette
  99. Olivia Jean
  100. Olivia Jolene
  101. Olivia Josephine
  102. Olivia Josephine
  103. Olivia Joy 
  104. Olivia Jules
  105. Olivia Juliana 
  106. Olivia Julie
  107. Olivia Juliette
  108. Olivia June 
  109. Olivia Juniper
  110. Olivia Kate
  111. Olivia Kate
  112. Olivia Kathleen
  113. Olivia Kesington
  114. Olivia Kinsley
  115. Olivia Kylie
  116. Olivia Lacey
  117. Olivia Lane 
  118. Olivia Lark 
  119. Olivia Laura
  120. Olivia Lea
  121. Olivia Leilani
  122. Olivia Leticia
  123. Olivia Lisa
  124. Olivia Louise
  125. Olivia Love 
  126. Olivia Lucie
  127. Olivia Lydia
  128. Olivia Lyne 
  129. Olivia Macie
  130. Olivia Madison
  131. Olivia Mae 
  132. Olivia Magnolia
  133. Olivia Manon
  134. Olivia Margaret
  135. Olivia Maricela
  136. Olivia Marie
  137. Olivia Marine
  138. Olivia Marley
  139. Olivia Mathilde
  140. Olivia Maxime
  141. Olivia May 
  142. Olivia Mckenna
  143. Olivia Melanie
  144. Olivia Milani
  145. Olivia Minka
  146. Olivia Morgane
  147. Olivia Naomi
  148. Olivia Natalie
  149. Olivia Neve 
  150. Olivia Nicolas
  151. Olivia Noe
  152. Olivia Noelle
  153. Olivia Oakley
  154. Olivia Octavia
  155. Olivia Olympia
  156. Olivia Ophelia 
  157. Olivia Paige 
  158. Olivia Pauline
  159. Olivia Pearl
  160. Olivia Penelope 
  161. Olivia Phoenix
  162. Olivia Piper
  163. Olivia Presley
  164. Olivia Quentin
  165. Olivia Quinn 
  166. Olivia Quinn
  167. Olivia Rae 
  168. Olivia Rafaella
  169. Olivia Rain
  170. Olivia Reagan
  171. Olivia Rebecca
  172. Olivia Reese 
  173. Olivia Reign
  174. Olivia Remi
  175. Olivia Remington
  176. Olivia Rey
  177. Olivia Rhett
  178. Olivia Riley
  179. Olivia Ripley
  180. Olivia Romain
  181. Olivia Rose
  182. Olivia Rowan
  183. Olivia Rylan
  184. Olivia Rylee
  185. Olivia Sadie
  186. Olivia Sarah
  187. Olivia Savannah
  188. Olivia Shiloh
  189. Olivia Skye 
  190. Olivia Sloane
  191. Olivia Snow 
  192. Olivia Star 
  193. Olivia Storm
  194. Olivia Sutton
  195. Olivia Teagan
  196. Olivia Tess 
  197. Olivia Vale 
  198. Olivia Valencia
  199. Olivia Valeria
  200. Olivia Valli
  201. Olivia Victoria
  202. Olivia Victoria
  203. Olivia Violeta
  204. Olivia Willow
  205. Olivia Wren
  206. Olivia Zoey
  207. Olivia Zuriel 

Olivia  Belladonna 

Reasons for picking a good middle name for girl named Olivia.

There are many reasons to pick the ideal middle name for your baby. Honestly, every baby with a good middle name typically tries to live up to their chosen names and identities. We did a little research and arrived at a number of reasons that you should consider for you to choose a middle name for your girl Olivia. Here are a few reasons that may convince you to pick an adorable middle name for your baby:

Traditional – It is traditional for us to want an attachment to our roots and adding a middle name for your girl is a great way to do so.

Memory – Middle names are a great way to differentiate and remember your girls’ name with ease.

Smart – Adding a middle name for Olivia and using the initials makes your girl sound more intelligent.

Noble – The middle name can also invoke nobility or belonging to the ruling class, even in modern times.

Special – Including a middle name for your baby is an ideal way of making the name special and different from other names.

How to pick a good middle name

  • A great middle name is one that sounds well when pronounced together with the first and last name
  • Check whether the initials of the middle name sound well with Olivia and the last name
  • Finally make sure that the once the names are spelled out in full, it does not sound ridiculous

First names for middle name Olivia

In truth, Olivia is just as exciting being a middle name as it is being a first name. In the case that you want Olivia to be a middle name, the following first names could work perfectly for your baby girl’s name:

  1. Adelaide Olivia
  2. Agnes Olivia
  3. Antoinette Olivia
  4. Assumption Olivia
  5. Beatrice Olivia
  6. Betsy Olivia
  7. Cecilia Olivia
  8. Clementine Olivia
  9. Dorothy Olivia
  10. Edith Olivia
  11. Elizabeth Olivia
  12. Janet Olivia
  13. Julia Olivia
  14. Kayla Olivia
  15. Lily Olivia
  16. Mabel Olivia
  17. Maisie Olivia
  18. Margery Olivia
  19. Pearl Olivia
  20. Rosalind Olivia
  21. Scarlett Olivia
  22. Skye Olivia
  23. Valerie Olivia

Nicknames and variations of Olivia

Over the years, the name Olivia has found its way into many cultures and peoples. The scenario has made the name Olivia popular choice among many parents. Similarly, there has emerged many variations of the name as well as great nicknames for children named Olivia.

Cool Nicknames for Olivia:

  • Livia
  • Livsta
  • Livvie
  • Livvy
  • Oliva
  • Olive
  • Ollie
  • Olly

Variations of the name Olivia

  • Libby
  • Livster
  • Lulu
  • Oliva
  • Oliveea
  • Oliveria
  • Olivette

Names Similar to the name Olivia

Olivia is such a cute and awesome baby name that you might be tempted to name all your girls Olivia. The truth is that there are many names that are similar to Olivia, and which you can use in place of this historical name. If you already have a girl named Olivia or you want to choose a similar name to Olivia, here are a few examples that might interest you:

  1. Camile
  2. Cassidy
  3. Cosette
  4. Dawn
  5. Delaney
  6. Diane
  7. Emilie
  8. Fionna
  9. Florence
  10. Frances
  11. Genevieve
  12. Gwendolyn
  13. Ingrid
  14. Jacqueline
  15. Janet
  16. Jewel
  17. Julianna
  18. Juliet
  19. Lauren
  20. Lilian
  21. Lisa
  22. Octavia
  23. Olive
  24. Scarlett
  25. Valerie

Siblings baby names that go with the name Olivia

There’s nothing more joyous than having an awesome pair of names for your babies. Whether you have a boy or a girl sibling, the list of names that make a great combo for your baby girl Olivia is endless. You should be careful to choose the name that sounds best when used together with Olivia. Check out the list below.

Baby brother sibling names that go with Olivia:

  1. Olivia and Acacia
  2. Olivia and Adam
  3. Olivia and Albie
  4. Olivia and Archie
  5. Olivia and Arlo
  6. Olivia and Charlie
  7. Olivia and Dylan
  8. Olivia and Ezra
  9. Olivia and Finley
  10. Olivia and Harrison
  11. Olivia and Hudson
  12. Olivia and Hunter
  13. Olivia and Jaiden
  14. Olivia and Jude
  15. Olivia and Mason
  16. Olivia and Maxie
  17. Olivia and Nicholas
  18. Olivia and Oakley
  19. Olivia and Obed
  20. Olivia and Oliver
  21. Olivia and Onesmus
  22. Olivia and Orin
  23. Olivia and Owen
  24. Olivia and Reggie
  25. Olivia and Ronnie
  26. Olivia and Rory
  27. Olivia and Sebastian

Baby girl sibling names that go with Olivia:

  1. Olivia and Arabella
  2. Olivia and Armelia
  3. Olivia and Aurola
  4. Olivia and Bella
  5. Olivia and Bonnie
  6. Olivia and Darcie
  7. Olivia and Eleanor
  8. Olivia and Elsie
  9. Olivia and Harriette
  10. Olivia and Iris
  11. Olivia and Jessica
  12. Olivia and Lottie
  13. Olivia and Maisie
  14. Olivia and Maya
  15. Olivia and Millie
  16. Olivia and Octavia
  17. Olivia and Olva
  18. Olivia and Oreen
  19. Olivia and Penelope
  20. Olivia and Phoebe
  21. Olivia and Poppy
  22. Olivia and Rosie
  23. Olivia and Ruby
  24. Olivia and Sienna
  25. Olivia and Violet

Olivia’s popularity 

Given that Olivia has been used as a girl name in many cultures for a long time, it is very popular. In fact, statistics from the Social Security Administrative data in the US indicate that the name Olivia has been on the top 100 girl names for over 5 decades now. You will even be surprised to find out that Olivia has been ranked the top baby girl name in 2020 and 2021 in the US. The chart below indicates the popularity trend of the name over the years:

Chart 1: Olivia’s popularity over the past 100 years.

Interestingly, Olivia’s popularity grew to an all-time high in the early part of the 21st century, particularly between 2008-2012.

Throughout history, there has been no shortage of great women who go by the name Olivia. While the list is endless, we have done our research and this guide indicates some of the famous people named Olivia as indicated in the list below:

  • Olivia Newton-John – Pop Singer
  • Olivia Stuck – Disney Star Actress
  • Olivia Jade – YouTube Star
  • Olivia Bentley – Reality TV Star in the ‘Made in Chelsea’ show

History of the name Olivia

Olivia is a feminine version of the name Oliver, derived from the olive tree. Furthermore, Olivia was accorded to high born children of royalty or nobility as it represented wealth, fertility and prosperity. There are several records that indicate that the name Olivia has been used since the 13th century and particularly in William Shakespeare’s plays.

Ever since, the name has been used all across Europe, stretching from Spain, France, Ireland, Italy and even in other parts of Asia. It is easy to pronounce and very relatable to other middle and last names in these cultures.

How to say the name Olivia

Saying the name Olivia is easy and it is pronounced just as it is written, ‘oli-via’

My favorite middle name for Olivia

The name Olivia Jean would be my best choice of middle name as it sounds very pleasing. It also has a great combination when the initials are used: O. J. Stewart or Olivia J. Stewart.

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