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Miku Baby Monitor Review 

Looking for a secure, free-subscription wifi baby monitor? Read along. This is a review of Miku, one of the top wifi baby monitors in 2021. You should also note that a new model which is an upgrade to this original Miku baby monitor called Miku Pro was released in 2021. You can read our review of it here.

Miku baby Monitor Mounted
Miku Baby Monitor Camera

Miku baby monitor was launched in early 2019 during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and currently sells in most markets including Europe, Australia, US, and the UK. This gem was developed by a home-based startup based out of Los Angeles, California called Miku.

The baby monitor has been lauded as the first hack-proof wifi baby monitor that uses a tamper-resistant Crypto Chip and the most advanced encryption in 2019, AES-256 bit encryption. This is the latest encryption that some cameras such as Nest do not use (Nest uses 128-bit encryption).

You may have heard that this was the baby monitor Kim and Kanye got for their baby.

Video Intro of Miku Baby Monitor

5 Features that Make Miku Baby Monitor Great

Miku Baby Monitor Specs makes it unique in every way.

1.Tracks breathing without a wearable

Miku is similar to Owlet Smart Sock 2, Snuza, Angelcare, and Babysense 7 in that it monitors the baby’s breathing and alerts you when pulmonary movements are not detected after some period. Miku, however, does it without clipping some wearable gadget or sensor in a sock or diaper and this is a great advantage over the other breathing baby monitors that are prone to false alerts that occurs when the sensor is disattached.

So, how does Miku track breathing without using any sensor or device that comes in contact with your baby? Miku pioneered a technology that combines imaging analysis (computer vision) and AI-powered technology making what is called Sensor Fusion technology. The other Ai-Powered baby camera is the Cubo Ai smart baby monitor backed by Indiegogo funding.

2. Miku uses the most advanced security

Miku baby monitor uses 256-bit encryption, with a local tamper-proof chip that makes Miku a very difficult wifi baby monitor to hack. Like other wifi baby monitors, Miku relies on the internet or wifi to transmit its signals from the camera to the smartphone. Several baby monitors have recently been hacked because of weak security and poor encryption.

3. Miku has $0 data storage/subscription fees

Several wifi baby monitors make a great stream of income from monthly data subscription fees which could be as high as $30/per month per camera. This is quite expensive. Parents that use Arlo baby, Nest Cam, and Motorola wifi baby monitor pay this hefty subscription price. For example, Nest charges up to $100 a year for one of its subscription packages.

Miku chargers $0 (Zero) subscription fees and you won’t have to pay anything to access videos and images of your baby’s recording on the Miku free cloud storage.

4. Miku is HSA and FSA eligible

Miku is HSA and FSA eligible, which means any money you use to purchase Miku qualifies to be used in reducing your taxable income. A few baby monitors have this eligibility including Nanit Plus which also tracks vital signs using a patented technology that has won several awards as well. 

5. Incredible HD video quality and sound

When Miku was launched in January 2019, there was little fanfare on a baby monitor’s basic use, to transmit sound and video. There was a lot of talk on how great its security settings are but, to be honest, Miku’s audio and video quality is not matched by other wifi monitors such as Nest or Arlo. It records with 1080p HD (following its recent firmware update) and records videos at 30 frames per second, beating Nest and Arlo.

You can read more of Miku’s features and specs here (3-page PDF presentation)

Miku Baby Monitor App

How Does Miku Work?

Miku uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide alerts related to your baby’s vital signs. The CEO of Miku, Eric White, developed the product with his team. The team fully understood that a great baby monitor has to provide reliable vital signs data without compromising on the baby’s security.

In addition, the baby monitor uses high-end audio and video technologies and software that have been approved by the National Science Foundation. The monitor tracks your baby’s breathing, sound, and sleeping patterns with no wires or wearables while simultaneously streaming real-time HD video and audio. Miku leverages multiple sensor modalities interpreted with a genius AI.

The Miku baby monitor, tracks the baby’s breathing, sounds, sleeping, and movements. It also keeps track of the humidity and temperature of the room.

The baby monitor connects to an app available on iTunes and Googles Playstore, the Miku mind app. The video and audio are processed using an advanced system of quad-core processors and crypto chips (damage-resistant) which ensures the security of the data. Using the app, a parent can access the baby’s Livestream at any given time.

About Sensor Fusion Technology

Miku uses Sensor fusion which is a combination of multiple sensor modalities and machine learning. SensorFusion delivers significantly higher response times and accurate readings, working locally with our internal Qualcomm processor so that Miku can alert parents in real-time even without WiFi. Miku’s multi-sensor approach allows Miku to understand what’s happening in an environment with extremely high confidence. This is what separates Miku from monitors solely powered by a single sensor modality and offline processing that are inaccurate, delayed, and unreliable. Miku’s multiple sensor modalities housed inside the monitor affect our price, but they are what makes the Miku Smart Baby Monitor the most accurate, reliable, and safe baby breathing monitor on the market.

Miku Baby Monitor Functionalities

Miku baby monitor is one of the many emerging wifi baby monitors which uses a smartphone app. When you purchase Miku baby monitor, you need to download the Miku app which will allow you to monitor the breathing of your baby, the temperature in the baby’s room, the humidity of the baby nursery, sound from the baby’s room and detect any motion of your baby without coming in contact with your baby. 

The snapshot below shows the features of Miku baby monitor: 

Miku baby monitor features

Miku Baby Monitor Awards:

The following images are snapshots of Miku awards it has received since its launch in January 2019. 

Miku Baby Monitor Awards 2019

  • Baby Sleep and Audience Favorite categories, during the annual best-of babytech awards at CES 2019.
  • Finalist in the 2019 JPMA Innovation Awards
  • CES Innovation Awards
  • The 2019 Best Baby Monitor Award from the Bump

Pros and Cons of Miku Baby Monitor

  • Contact-less: no contact with the baby.
  • Low radiation
  • Advanced security settings – Hackproof wifi baby monitor
  • Quality video and audio
  • Zero subscription fees
  • FSA and HSA eligible.
  • Great design
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Tracks breathing, a vital sign and is comparable to Nanit Plus, Owlet, Angelcare, and Snuza
  • Relatively expensive as it is above the average price of a traditional baby monitor such as Infant Optics or iBaby M7. You can scroll to the bottom of this review to see its current price of Amazon. 
  • Videos being streamed on the app have a delay of up to 3 seconds. This is however expected for wifi baby monitors though as they relay the video to the cloud before streaming them to the phone, unlike non-wifi baby monitors that stream videos directly from the camera to the dedicated screen/parent unit. 
  • Not compatible with the three main smart home ecosystems; Google Home Hub, Alexa Home, and Apple Homekit. Some of its competitors such as Arlo baby monitor is considered the ultimate smart home baby monitor as it works with Google Home, Alexa, and Homekit despite its price being almost three times cheaper than Miku. You can read more about Google Home Hub baby monitors, Alexa home baby monitors and Homekit baby monitors. 
  • The app is lacking compared to Nanit Plus’ app with the sound volume on the app 
  • No dedicated display unit/screen like other wifi baby monitors with screen and app.


Miku Baby Monitor Manual:

You can download Miku baby monitor manual to see how you can set it up and install it in your baby’s nursery.

Miku Vs Nanit Plus

Nanit Plus and Nanit baby monitor use computer vision technology while Miku uses sensor fusion technology. Learn about the difference between the two technologies on the video below:

MikuNanit Plus
720p HD video resolution960p HD video resolution
256-bit encryption256-bit encryption
Tracks breathing and sleep patternTracks sleeping
Sensor fusion technologyComputer vision technology
No wearablesNo wearables


Miku Vs. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Vs Owlet Cam Video Baby Monitor

MikuOwlet Sock &  Cam
720p HD video resolution1080p HD video resolution
256-bit encryption128-bit encryption
Tracks breathing (brm) and sleep patternTracks oxygen level and breathing rate per minute(brm)
Uses sensor fusion technologyUses pulse oximetry technology
No wearablesUses a wearable smart sock


Miku Vs. Cocoon Cam

Both Miku and Cocoon Cam are non-wearable smart baby monitors that track baby breathing using computer vision AI technology but Miku is considered more secure. You can count on Miku to safeguard your baby’s video footage as it uses military-grade Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption. While Cocoon Cam uses a lower AES of the 128-bit encryption standard, there haven’t been any reported cases of hacking as it has elaborate security measures that, if followed, secures your baby from hackers. 

Below is a detailed table with lists of differences and similarities between Miku baby monitor and Cocoon Cam. 

MikuCocoon Cam
720p HD video resolution720p HD video resolution
256-bit encryption128-bit encryption
Tracks breathing (bpm) and sleep patternTracks breathing rate per minute(bpm)
Uses sensor fusion technologyUses computer vision
No wearables

No wearables

You can check its reviews and purchase Miku on Amazon using the link below:

Read a review of the new Miku Pro released in 2021

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