Motorola Halo+: The Best Motorola Baby Monitor 2022

Motorola sold its baby monitor brand to Binatone Global, a British telecommunication brand, in 2015. As of this update in 2022, Binatone Global owns and retails almost 50 brands of Motorola branded baby monitors.

There are audio and video baby monitor brands of Motorola and after comparing the 7 best Motorola baby monitors, we came to the conclusion that Motorola Halo Plus is the best of all Motorola baby monitors.

About Motorola Halo Plus Technology

Motorola Halo Plus is a video baby monitor with a distinct difference from other Motorola brands as it uses computer vision to provide an add-on feature of sleep coaching. Computer vision technology was first invented in 1992 and in 2015, Nanit perfected the technology receiving a 15-year patent for its innovative sleep insights.

Motorola Halo Plus is the latest entrant in the field dominated by a small class of top-class brands such as Nanit Plus, Miku baby monitor, Cocoon Cam and Cubo AI baby monitor. Motorola Halo Plus is the only Motorola brand baby monitor that uses this technology to assist you and your baby to get better sleep as it gives you insight and tips based on observations and analysis its advanced camera makes by watching your baby. The technology is contact-less unlike pulse oximetry baby monitors such as Owlet and Baby Vida and is fairly accurate.

Motorola Halo Reception in the Market

Snapshot showing Motorola Halo Ranking on Amazon

Motorola Halo is the best-rated Motorola branded baby monitor in the market. As of this review, 68 customers have rated it 4.1/5 on Amazon and it is currently the 94th best-selling baby monitor brand on the online retail giant.

Below is a snapshot of Motorola Halo sales since its launch in February 2019.

Sales of Motorola Halo Plus Since Launch

How We Picked the Best Motorola Baby Monitor

To pick the best baby monitor from all of Motorola brands, we separated the video baby monitors and really concentrated on these visual monitors. We further separated the video baby monitors into those that use Wifi and those that can operate without wifi.

Overall, we found Motorola Halo Plus to be the best Motorola video baby monitor from its list of 28 video baby monitors that use wifi.

Motorola Halo Plus - One of the best 1080p HD video baby monitor
Motorola Halo baby monitor with screen and app (Link to Amazon)

Motorola Halo Plus also made it to the list of top wifi baby monitors in 2019 as the favorite for parents that want the best wifi baby monitor with screen and app. Motorola Halo+ comes with a 4.3-inch display and has been rated 3.9/5 by reviewers on Amazon. Similar to Arlo baby monitor, Motorola Halo Plus comes with advanced encryption that ensures data security as well as beautiful night lights and lullabies.

Below are more reasons why we ranked this baby monitor the best when compared with all other Motorola video baby monitors:

  • It streams high quality 1080p HD videos to an app or to a dedicated 4.3-inch screen. This dual viewing capability makes it easy for you to view videos of your baby when at home or when at work or away from home.
  • Motorola Halo does not require an elaborate mounting process as it comes with an an-above-the-crib design that is very easy to mount.
  • Projects night light show with 7 color options
  • Easy to move/detach and install it in another place or room.
  • It has sleep insights almost similar to those offered by Nanit Plus, our overall best wifi baby monitor in 2019. Sleep insights give you practical and actionable things you can do to improve the sleep of your baby.
  • 10 lullabies and 10 audiobooks as shown on the screen alongside

The table below summarises most of the features:

Name of Motorola BrandMotorola Halo Plus
Released to the marketDec, 27, 2018
Ratings As of Sept, 5, 20193.9/5 on Amazon and number 56 of 100 best-selling baby monitors
Category of Baby MonitorWifi Baby Monitor with a Parent unit
EncryptionAES-256 bit encryption
Features1080p HD resolution videos, 4.3-inch video baby monitor, sleep analytics, great night vision, projects night light from 7 color options, has lullabies
Rating of App3.7/5 by over 15,00 Android users and 3.4/5 by 2,600 iOS users
CostsCosts around $299 but you can check its price today here

Video Review of the Best Motorola Baby Monitor:

Motorola Halo Plus Pros and Cons

1. Great baby-friendly features including a built-in playlist of lullabies, nature sounds, and children’s audiobooks.
2. Sharp 1080p HD videos
3. It comes with a handheld monitor/screen and is among the few wifi monitors that allow you to view using the phone screen and the monitor – whichever is best for you at different times.
4. It’s very easy to set it up and once mounted, it provides an unrestricted overhead view of your baby
5. It can capture event-triggered video and provide sleep data – although it needs subscriptions
1. It is expensive
2. To access some features, you need to subscribe and pay a fee monthly

You can check its current price on Amazon here.

Motorola Halo In Other Rankings

Most Motorola baby monitors are not rated very well but upon analyzing and ranking different features of top Motorola baby monitors, we really liked Motorola Halo Plus. You can, however, read how it ranks when compared with our other great wifi baby monitors of 2022.

Cloud Storage Fees

The Basic plan will cost you $2.99 per month or $29 per year and this gives you 24 hours of cloud video history for up to two cameras. The Standard plan will cost you $9.99 per month or $99 per year and this gives you seven days of video history for up to five cameras, as well as access to the Smart Zones feature that allows you to define motion zones, and the above-mentioned Sleep Diary.