Fix For Night Vision Not Working on Baby Monitors (VTech, Motorola, Owlet, Yi, Nooie)

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Users of some of the best cameras and baby monitors such as Arlo, VTech, Motorola, Owlet, Nooie, Yi, Nanit, Wyze Cam, Lorex, and Ring have had issues with night vision not working. One of our most popular non-wifi monitor guides is a fix for Infant Optics night vision fix.

That aside, here are some quick fixes you can try with your camera if you are experiencing dark images/blank screen:

  1. Remove any visible light: By removing any visible light, the night vision in security cameras and baby monitors that have an automatically switching night vision mode can be turned on.
  2. Add an additional source of infrared LED: This fix is most ideal for baby monitors as you need to make sure that invisible LED light can illuminate your baby at night adequately and give you quality black and white images. You can use this $20 Univivi U06R with 8 infrared LED lights or this other called CMVision.

Night vision Not working on the security camera

Night vision not working metro 2033

Metro 2033’s night vision can fail and you may start seeing dark videos. To fix it, you need to make sure that your batteries are not out. You can reload the batteries by holding “f” while pressing LMB

Night vision not working on ring doorbell/ floodlight

Ring offers you the option to use night vision or flashlight on the Ring Floodlight, Doorbell or Spotlight cams. Some Ring cameras give you the option to illuminate using visible light when motion is detected or use near-visible infrared LED lights to illuminate.

If you are using infrared LED for your Ring Cam night vision and you start seeing blurry or dark images from your Ring Cam, the night vision may not be working as it should. Ring Cam automatically turns on its night vision feature and you should expect it to work without any manual intervention.

Below are the main steps that may troubleshoot your Ring cam when the night vision is not working.

  1. Make sure your camera is not exposed to some light that may make it not detect the low-light condition. If your Ring cam does not detect low-light then it will not activate the infrared LED lights
  2. Check to see if there is any problem with power supply. If you are using a battery-powered Ring Cam such as Stick Up Cam and night vision is not working, check to see if the batteries are out.

The video below describes how you can enhance images on your Ring Cam from the normal black and white to color images:

Hikvision Camera Night Vision Not Working

 Hikvision camera night vision not working

If your Hikvision camera night vision is not working the first step to troubleshoot is to find out if the Infrared light works fine. You can check this by covering the low-light sensor with a finger so it does not receive any light. Normally the IRs should glow red, make a clicking noise and then a few seconds later turn off. If it doesn’t you may have to replace the infrared lights or replace the entire Hikvision camera.

Yi Home camera night vision not working

The best fix for Yi Home camera night vision not working is to move the camera away from an array of visible light. The presence of light will make Yi Home camera not detect low-light conditions and will therefore not activate the infrared lights.

Night vision not working on Arlo camera

Arlo cameras such Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Q, and Arlo 4K Ultra have been reported to have night vision problems. The problems manifest in dark or invisible blurry images on the Arlo app. The main problem that has been identified by several Arlo users could be with the infrared LED not being activated or your Arlo camera having power supply/battery issues. The solutions suggested below should fix the night vision for all Arlo cameras including Arlo Q. Below are some suggesting troubleshooting ideas to fix your Arlo’s night vision issues:

  1. Make sure you start by checking on the battery powering your Arlo camera. If you need to replace the batteries, it may be worth it as some users have had the battery replacement solve the Arlo night vision problem.
  2. Remove the Arlo camera that is producing blurry or grainy images from the base station. After removing it, do a resync This solution has been known to fix Arlo Q’s night vision problem.

Some users have had to send back their Arlo cameras to Netgear as the suggested troubleshooting ideas above could not solve some of Arlo’s night vision issues.

Night Vision not working on Nest cam

If the night vision of your Nest Cam is not working, you may not be able to utilize your camera as the images you’ll be seeing will be dark and blurry. If you see this, the night vision is having issues. These are the suggested things you can do to fix your Nest Cam night vision:

  1. Reboot the camera and restart it
  2. Check your battery to ensure that it is charged and supplying the required power to the camera and low-light sensor.
  3. Try adjusting from one of the night vision modes to another. For example, you can switch from ‘night vision on’ mode to ‘night vision off’ mode. After a few minutes, switch it back and see whether it fixes it.

Amcrest night vision not working

Amcrest night vision may not be working if you can barely see its images. Users have identified that Amcrest may not be switching to night mode and therefore not turning on the night vision mode automatically. Unfortunately, there is no way to make it switch automatically and I suggest you reach out to Amcrest customer support.

If the night vision of your Blink camera is not working, you may see dark images and this should let you know that the infrared LED lights are not working.

Here are some suggested fixes for other cameras:

  1. Night vision not working on Swann camera
  2. night vision not working on lorex camera
  3. night vision not working on cctv
  4. IP Camera night vision not working
  5. ezviz night vision not working

Night vision not working on Baby Monitors

If your baby monitors such as VTech, Infant Optics DXR 8, Motorola, iBaby (iBaby M6, M7), Owlet, and Summer Infant, follow the suggested steps below to fix it:

Owlet camera night vision not working

If you are unable to see any images of your baby at night, your Owlet camera’s night vision is not working, and below are some suggestions to fix this Owlet cam’s night vision issue;

  1. Make sure you have the latest Owlet app
  2. Make sure your camera is not exposed to some light in the room as this may make the automatic night vision in the camera not turn on.
  3. Restart the camera
  4. Uninstall the app and install it again.
  5. Make sure Owlet cam’s charging is not working correctly.
  6. You can also try moving the router closer to the camera or camera closer to the router.

Infant Optics night vision not working:

We have explained in a separate post the fix possible ways you try to fix Infant Optics’ night vision problems. In summary, you should try to ensure the light sensor is working and if it is, make sure you change to Infant Optics DXR 8’s default lens. Change from zoom or wide-angle lens to the default lens. The third fix is to check to make sure the Infant Optics battery is working or at least charged. An unstable supply of power can affect the night vision feature and you should replace the battery if you need to.

We have a separate article on fixing Infant Optics’ night vision

VTech night vision not working

Here are some of the recommended guides to fix VTech baby monitor night vision issues:

  1. Use a power adapter for the camera instead of battery (night vision uses more energy and it is possible that your VTech battery is low)
  2. Restore your VTech camera settings to default
  3. Replace your VTech battery. See all the VTech battery replacements here.
  4. Make sure your VTech baby monitor brand has the night vision mode turned on if it does not turn on automatically.
  5. If your VTech baby monitor has a night vision mode that turns on automatically, make sure the camera is not detection some light. Lights turns the night vision mode off and will give you blank screen

If you are getting blurry displays on your VTech screen at night, make sure there you remove any surrounding interference such as bulb lighting that may deactivate the night vision feature.

VTech night vision fix
If the issue persists, you can call VTech customer service on 1.800.521.2010 or can fill out this customer support form.

VTech VM351 night vision not working or too dark

If the night vision for your VTech VM351 or VTech VM351-2, try system reboot and it may resolve the issue. You can try rebooting your baby monitor by disconnecting the power from the parent and baby unit then unplugging the battery on the parent unit for a minute.

Hellobaby Monitor night vision not working

To fix Hellobaby’s night vision, try this:

  •  Press the reset button then re-pair the camera and monitor. The reset button is on the back of the parent unit, open the stand of the parent unit and you’ll see the button behind it

Night vision not working on iBaby monitor

According to iBaby’s website guide, they indicate that you can try to restore color of the camera of your iBaby M6 or any other iBaby camera and see if it fixes night vision. To do so, you can use the app: iBaby Care App > Settings > Display Settings > Night Vision

Nanit Night vision not working

If your Nanit night vision is not working, first check to make sure if the night vision mode is turned on. You can do this by going to the Nanit app and toggle the ‘Night Mode’ to ‘ON’. By turning it on, you get the Nanit infrared lights to work by illuminating your baby and sending images to the Nanit app. Other fix options suggested by Nanit include;

  • Update the Nanit app
  • Close and relaunch the Nanit app
  • Check Nanit’s network level
  • Move your router closer to Nanit/Move Nanit closer to your router
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network is available and working
  • Switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Check your Wi-Fi bandwidth

Motorola Night Vision Not working

Motorola brands such as Motorola Comfort 75 automatically switch to night vision mode depending on the light on the baby’s room and if the night vision is not working, the camera is likely detecting some light. Even minimal light like light from TV will make night vision not work. Try keeping the light-producing objects out of sight from the camera and if you have a nursery heater, keep it facing away from the camera.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will night vision work in daylight

Night vision mode cannot be used during the day

Will night vision work through glass

Unless you use exterior lighting, night vision wouldn’t work through glass. You can read more here.

Can night vision work in total darkness/pitch darkness

Yes, night vision can work in absolute darkness.