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Papa look is a manufacturer of electronics and webcams. This year (Feb 2021), they also introduced their first baby monitor, the BM1 which consists of a high-quality 1080p camera and a 5-inch parent unit. BM1 is a feature-rich baby monitor that will help parents keep their babies safe and happy.

The BM1 camera is very unique and cute; it looks like a little mouse or bears with blue ears and a temperature sensing tail. It has the ability to move 355 degrees wall to wall and 160 degrees floor to ceiling, enabling you to see every inch of your child’s room. It also has infrared night vision to allow you to see how your child is sleeping without turning on room lights that would disturb their sleep.

You see your baby’s video in full color and excellent clarity on your handheld parent device thanks to the 1080p camera resolution. Additionally, you can use the 2X digital zoom to help you see your child up close. Since the parent device has a kickstand, you can place it on the table, counter, or anywhere else that is convenient for you to be able to watch your baby as you do other things around the house.

The BM1 camera is also equipped with temperature sensors, and it triggers an alarm to let you know when room temperatures go outside the preset range. It is also able to detect your baby crying and noises and send you an alert in these instances. You can choose from three sensitivity levels or turn off noise detection if you don’t need it. The camera also has eight built-in lullabies to help soothe your baby to sleep.

With the BM1 baby monitor, you do not need to worry about being easily hacked because it transmits audio and video signals on 2.4GHz using FHSS non-wifi technology.

The other benefit of BM1 is that it supports video recording and has a slot for Class 4 TF cards up to 256GB (not included) in both the camera and parent unit. This way, you can record videos of your child to share with your family and friends as you see how much your baby has grown.

BM1 baby monitor has a 3600mAh battery that is advertised to last up to 15 hours on standby and 10 hours with continuous video. Also though it is designed to support up to four cameras with split-screen viewing, add-on cameras are not available yet so if you need these, keep checking on Amazon and other Papalook stores.

$139.99  in stock
as of June 23, 2022 8:57 am

Package includes 

  • Camera
  • Parent unit
  • Two charging adapters
  • 3.25 ft USB-C cable for the monitor
  • 2M micro USB cable for the camera


  • No wifi
  • Large 5 inch parent unit
  • HD 1080p camera
  • Pan 355°: tilt 160°
  • 2X digital zoom
  • Cry and noise detection
  • Infrared night vision
  • Temperature sensors
  • Two way talkback
  • 8 lullabies
  • 900ft transmission range
  • Video recording in a Class 4 TF card up to 256(not included)
  • FHSS transmission technology


  • Easy to set up and user friendly
  • Excellent picture quality day and night
  • Smooth pan and tilt
  • Noise detection that differentiates between crying, and other noises or murmurs


  • Doesn’t come with any mounting hardware, but the camera has a tripod threaded hole in the bottom.
  • Parents have complained that the parent unit runs out of charge after only a few hours.
  • Some people have complained of connection loss problems and freezing even when close to the camera

Baby Monitor papalook BM1 FHD 1080P Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, 5" HD Display, No WiFi, 2-Way Audio, Temperature and Sound Detection, Night Vision, 900ft Stable Transmission, Lullaby

$139.99  in stock
as of June 23, 2022 8:57 am


  • Full HD 1080P Baby Camera and Monitor: The papalook baby monitor uses a high-resolution video camera to offer good quality images on the 5” handheld monitor receiver. The premium lens pans 355° to capture all corners in a room, and can also tilt 160° to see floor to ceiling. There is a 2x digital zooming ability, you can zoom in and out to get a better view. It’s a great relief for you to be able to watch at the baby monitor and see the little one is alright.
  • Two-Way Communication Feature: There is a two-way audio with a high-quality microphone for a conversation. You can speak to your baby over the baby monitor, the speakers on both side are extra clear. You can hear everything in the baby’s room and the conversation sounds like you’re sitting in the same room as your baby, which helping to reassure parents with a 24/7 view of your little one no matter where you are in home.
  • Temperature Sensor and Noise Detection: The little tail behind the bear-shaped baby camera monitor is the temperature sensor. It can rotate 355 degrees with the base, also detect the room's temperature in real-time. The baby monitor will report to parents when it picks up any sudden noises in the child's room, then you will be alerted if your baby starts crying.
  • Video Recording and 900ft Long Range: this baby camera monitor supports camera recording and monitor recording, the function requires a Class 4 TF card, up to 256GB. You can play the previous videos with your family to recall the past and watch the baby’s growth process. The radio emitter has an active range of 900 feet, so it can be connected to the monitor even if it is on the other side of the house.
  • Night Vision and Lullaby Feature: The baby camera has a superior sensor, which is able to see both in the day and at night. It can work at night with low light levels and will switch to night vision mode automatically in the dark (Note: the image will be black and white in night vision mode). It can also play a lullaby, there are 8 popular songs, like English alphabet song, children's songs and Hayao Miyazaki's light music.
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