In this post, I review the ultra-lightweight stroller in the market today – the Pocking Lightweight Stroller manufactured by a company based out of China. It is also one of the smallest strollers available in the market today.

About Pockit Lightweight Stroller Review

Pockit Lightweight Stroller is manufactured by GoodBaby International Holdings Limited, based in China.

It is known to be the world’s smallest stroller, measuring a ridiculous 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inches when folded. In 2014 received the Guinness World Record for the most compact stroller. Additionally, it also won the iF DesignGold Award, a prestigious global-wide recognition for excellent design, in 2016.

The Price Of Pockit Lightweight Stroller 

GB Pockit is the most affordable of all GB stroller models and is currently retailing at about $135 on Amazon.



GB Pockit is a slim stroller that measures 28 in x 17.5 in x 39.8 in fully assembled. But it collapses to an incredibly tiny 11.8 in x 7.1 in x 13.8 in a pack, which doesn’t take much storage space. This makes the Pockit a great solution for people with small cars or those using public transport as it easily fits in overhead luggage bins in the bus or train or plane.


Besides the tiny fold, the GB pocket weighs a mere 9.5 lbs; hence easy to lift up the stairs, carry on your shoulder when traveling, and have two hands-frees to carry your little one or groceries or bags. It is very convenient if you have a toddler who enjoys walking and only needs to be pushed in the stroller when they get tired.

Self-standing fold

GB Pockit self-standing when folded, which is very neat.


GB Pockit is designed for use with toddlers from 6 months up to 55 lbs. The seat doesn’t have much padding, but it is still comfortable, and the fabrics are soft to the touch. It has quite a tall backrest (about 24 inches), making it perfect for taller or older kids. Note that this stroller doesn’t recline, so it’s not the best for napping. Also, the seat stays in a semi-incline, so if your kid loves to sit straight, this may not be the best stroller for them. There is also no footrest either.

It has a 5 point harness to secure your child, and the shoulder and crotch straps are padded for comfort.

Lockable Front Swivel Wheels

The GB Pockit has four small dual wheels that roll smoothly. Lockable front swivel wheels ensure the stroller rolls smoothly and maneuvers easily even on bumpy sidewalks-not rough terrains because they don’t have suspension.

Sun canopy

The canopy on this stroller is very small, so it doesn’t provide any meaningful coverage or protection.

Storage basket 

The underneath storage basket is also very small. It can only carry small essential items, not anything as large as a diaper bag or shopping bag. But, it’s easily accessible from the front and back.


  • Ultra-lightweight. We reviewed it here specifically for this reason. You can check other super lightweight strollers reviewed here.
  • Rolls smoothly and is easy to maneuver
  • Ultra-compact fold
  • Removable and machine washable fabric
  • Doesn’t require any assembly


  • Small canopy, doesn’t provide much coverage
  • The storage basket is really small

Installation Instructions – And Manual

GB Pockit stroller doesn’t need any installation as it comes pre-assembled, you are only advised to wash the fabric before use and that’s it. If you want to check out or download the manual, you can get it here

Weight Limit and Dimensions

GB Pockit is for older toddlers from 6 months up to 55 pounds

It measures 28 in x 17.5 in x 39.8 in fully assembled and 11.8 in x 7.1 in x 13.8 in at its most compact fold.

Adapters and Car Seat Compatibility – Which Car Seats Are Compatible With Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Pockit Lightweight stroller does not accept any car seat.

Pockit Lightweight Stroller With Travel Bag – Does It Come With Travel Bag?

Pockit Lightweight stroller does not include a travel bag

Varieties and colors – only black in color

The stroller is available in two black variations: Monument black and Velvet black.

How to Open, Close and how to Fold 

Opening the GB Pockit stroller is so much easier than closing, and it involves the following easy steps.

  1. Release the latch
  2. Using the handles open outwards
  3. Squeeze the white trigger buttons on the handles
  4. Flip it forward to get it to an extended height

How to close

  • Fold back the canopy
  • Fold-down the rear wheels and tuck them up and under into the frame
  • Squeeze the white trigger buttons on the handles as you push straight downwards on the stroller
  • Shove the stroller to collapse
  • Pull in by the handles towards the middle to fold the collapsed stroller in half
  • Secure the latch
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