Pop-up toys are some of the best when you have a small child. They are super cute and eye-catchy and mostly have some buttons or switches that your baby needs to push, turn, or slide to activate the pop-up mechanism. These tasks may be challenging at first, but once your baby learns to do them independently, they have so much fun. In the process, they will be developing hand and eye coordination, gross motor skills, and learning cause and effect and so much more like colors, numbers, and names of fun characters.

Pop-up toys are affordably priced and designed to survive countless droppings and bashing from little rough hands. They will keep your baby busy for hours while ensuring they gain skills that contribute to reaching their developmental milestones.

Here are the best Pop toys in the US for small children.

Reviews of the Pop Up Toys for Baby in 2022

Pop up toys for babies

This toy has five animal pals that have hidden, and your little one must use the buttons correctly to discover (pop up) the animals. It allows her to develop fine more skills to press, turn, and twist the different switches and buttons. It also has numbers and colors that she can learn.

This pop-up toy is especially great for developing motor skills, although it’s entertaining and educational as well. It is suitable for kids above 9 months of age.

  • Vibrant colors and design that will catch the baby’s attention
  • High quality and durable
  • Great for developing fine motor skills
  • Easy to clean, wipe-able toy
  • Does not need batteries
  • Some switches may be a bit too stiff for little hands to flip

Fisher-Price Poppity-Pop Musical Dino

This Fisher-Price pop up toy will keep your baby entertained for hours. It includes Dino, colorful balls, and 8 fun music sounds. Your baby will have fun filling Dino’s belly with balls, which then pop up from Dino’s tails or roll from its mouth, encouraging her to crawl after the rolling balls.

This toy will help your baby learn how to grasp and drop, which encourages eye and eye coordination, and gross motors as they also strengthen their muscles from crawling around after the balls. It is recommended for kids aged 6 months and up.

  • Cute design
  • The entertaining concept with music
  • Balls are small enough for tiny hands to grab without being a choking hazard
  • Needs batteries at an extra cost
  • Sometimes the pop mechanism fails and makes an annoying loud noise

Music Pop-Up Toy Eggs

This musical toy by Fisher-Price uses a similar concept to the animal pop up toy we saw above. The only difference with this is that it has music. The toy has three eggs, each hiding a different character, a toucan, a turtle, and a chick. The baby only reveals the fun characters after pushing, twisting, or sliding buttons and switches. Furthermore, she is also rewarded with lights and sounds every time she uncovers the characters.

This musical toy is great for babies above the age of six months. It helps to improve their fine motor skills.

  • Babies love the sounds and lights
  • Great pricing
  • The characters pop up only a few inches, which is not exciting
  • Eggs don’t fully close, eliminating the element of surprise
  • It requires batteries

Pop Up Toys for Toddler-Jack In The Box Pop Up Toy

You probably know about Jack in the Box musical toy; it is one of the most popular toys. This toy includes a colorful music box and jester Jack. When a lever on the side of the box is pushed down, the music box plays Pop Goes the Weasel song, and at the end of the tune, a soft plush Jester Jack pops up dressed like a clown, catching your little one by surprise and making them laugh. To start over, your child needs to stuff Jack back in the box, but they have to listen out for a click sound to ensure it’s done correctly.

This toy will teach your child to listen and be patient, not to mention it’s truly amusing.


  • Really cute and amusing


  • It’s a bit hard for small babies to learn to stuff and push down the lever
  • Dysfunction with the popping mechanism
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