Replacement Trampoline Safety Pads & DIY Options

If you have a trampoline and looking to replace the safety pads, this article will give you all you need to know regarding the replacement of trampoline safety pads correctly.

If you are an aspiring buyer or new owner, you have to know that maintaining your trampoline is incredibly important for safety and longevity. You have to check your trampoline frequently for any areas that are starting to wear out, as this could lead to injuries. Trampolines are outdoor equipment that brings hours of fun daily to kids and adults and provides a great way to exercise. Gymnastics also uses them for sports activities. With the right care, they can last for many years.

With this in mind, we have prepared a handy guide explaining what parts a trampoline has. This helps you know how a trampoline works and how to fix it should any part get broken. Additionally, we have explained in detail how to replace safety pads because we realize there is not much info on how to go about it.

We even included a DIY idea for spring cover, which is affordable and easy to do by yourself, so you can be ready to replace the trampoline pad when the time comes.

Are trampoline safety pads interchangeable?

Yes, trampoline safety pads can be interchanged so long as they are within 2 inches of the trampoline. For example, you can use a 13-inch safety pad on a 12 feet trampoline, although ideally, you should use a 12-inch safety pad.

How to remove old trampoline pads for replacement

  1. Use a pair of sharp scissors or pliers and slice along the seams of the pad-like shown below
  1. Snip the cords as well throughout the entire pad, so it will be easier to just unroll and throw the pad and cords away.
  2. When you are done, spread the new roll of pad all around the perimeter of the trampoline making sure to cover the springs, fold down the remaining flap, and secure the pad with the ties that are hanging underneath.

How to replace trampoline pads with net

To replace the trampoline pad, you need first to remove the enclosure net. To do this, detach the bottom pole from the trampoline frame (you don’t need to detach the upper poles and net)

Once you detach the pole, lay it with the net still attached to the mat and repeat until you have removed the entire net.

Place the safety pad around the outer edge covering the springs and the cords hanging down underneath the pad.

Tie all the cords hanging from the bottom of the pad to the outside frame moving in one direction. This will keep the pad spread evenly on the trampoline.

Continue folding down the flap of the trampoline pad (skirt) and tying until you reach where you started.

Attach the bottom part of the poles and the frame like before to install back the enclosed net.

How to replace trampoline pads with noodles

If your trampoline pads are old and worn out, there is a cheaper way to make your safety pads without spending so much money using pool noodles. Plus, it’s easy to do on your own, and you can mix up the colors to make it as bright and exciting as you would like.

  • Pool noodles
  • Box cutter/sharp knife
  • Trampoline spring pull tool (t-hook)- it helps unhook the springs easily and can also be used to help you reattach them.

What to do/Steps to replace trampoline pads

  1. Measure the length of the springs to help you decide how many pool noodles you need.
  1. Divide the length of the pool noodle by the length of one spring; that way you will be able to determine how many pool noodles you need to cover all the springs on the trampoline.
  2. Mark the length of the spring on the pool noodles
  3. Use a sharp kitchen knife or box cutter to slice as many pieces of pool noodles as you need.
  4. Using the T-hook, remove the springs one at a time and then slide the pool noodle onto the spring before replacing it. 
  1. Alternatively, you can slice the pool noodles vertically and slide them onto the springs; that way, you don’t have to remove the springs.

How to repair trampoline pads with holes

Trampoline pads can be ripped from normal use. The sun causes it to become thin and get easily torn. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no way to get it intact as it was before. But if there are just small holes, you could try using duct tape to prevent the holes from getting bigger. You may also tape bigger holes, but it would only hold things for a short time and get worse with every jump.

Eventually, the only solution is to buy a replacement pad.

How to cover trampoline springs

Manufacturers always provide detailed information about how to attach their trampoline covers. Some use bungee cords, Velcro, or plastic double safety clasps to attach the cover to the springs. You can find the attachment cords on the bottom side, like in the picture below. Still, others use a mix of different methods. But regardless, the cover will usually have these attachment pieces (cords) evenly spaced out. So this is what you need to do:

  1. Lay the cover along the perimeter of the trampoline over the springs with the cords pointing downwards.
  2. You can also slightly rotate the pad to try and align the attachment pieces with the trampoline spring and then secure it with the ties.

Remember, if you are in doubt about any installation, it’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.