Best Slackline for Kids 2022

If you are looking for fun activities to keep your kids healthy and fit this summer and the rest of the year, a slackline is a great idea. Slacklines are great at improving overall fitness and provide hours of fun, not just for your kids but your entire family. A slackline is also a great introduction point for kids that might want to explore activities that require brave focus and coordination, such as zip lines, wall climbing, tight rope walking in the future. But first,

What is Slackline?

A slackline is a wide webbing strip (usually 2 inches) tied between two anchor points for sports or group activity. The webbing strip is normally made of hard-wearing nylon or polyester material, but some may be coated with rubber to help with grip for easier balancing.

Mostly, slacklines are attached to trees, but you can also opt for slackline stands. In addition, some slacklines offer more safety features such as ratchet protectors, tree protector pads, and a top training line (help-line) to hold on from above, which is great for beginners to help them learn how to position their arms correctly.

Benefits of slacklining for Kids

Slacklining is an enjoyable activity for kids and adults with numerous benefits such as:

  1. Improving balance
  2. Providing a total body workout
  3. Building core strength
  4. Improving coordination
  5. Sharpening your focus
  6. Encouraging spending more time outdoors, which is refreshing

What to consider before buying Slackline for Kids

Before you buy a slackline for your kids, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Slacklines are usually 2 inches wide.
  • Slacklines have varying lengths, but usually, they are at least 50 ft long
  • Slacklines are designed to hold at least 300 pounds
  • Consider a slackline with soft stretch webbing- meaning, it should not be too bouncy so it will be easier to balance on.
  • Choose a single lever and lock ratchet that has an easy release system. It’s also great to have a rachet protector to protect your feet while walking across.
  • Consider a slackline with tree protectors. Apart from preventing damage to the bark of the trees, they also help spread pressure from the Slackline.
  • Consider buying a top training line with a ratchet. The top training line attaches between two trees over the top of your head above the Slackline, and a secondary rope runs across for one to hold onto as they make their way across the rope. This encourages beginners to learn how to balance properly.
  • You can buy slackline stands to use without trees if there are no suitable trees in your location.

Steps for Slackline for Kids/beginners

  • Set the Slackline close to the ground so that kids won’t get injured if they fall off
  • Ratchet the Slackline tightly, but also note that a little slack makes it easier to walk across
  • Look up and not down at your feet as you walk across
  • As you start, balance on one leg at a time as many times as possible, then switch to the other foot
  • Train to balance on both feet before starting to walk
  • Walk barefoot to have better grip
  • To minimize the bounce, have an adult sit on one end of the line.

Reviews of Best Slackline For Kids:

Now that you have an understanding of how slacklines work, here is a list of the best slacklines for kids in the market:

Jugader Ninja Slackline With Ladders, Monkey Bars, And Gym Rings

This is one of the best slacklines in the market as it also includes a full obstacle course, giving you the best value for your money. Jugader Ninja slackline provides 50 feet of fun and challenge for your kids. It doubles as a lower slackline and an upper ninja line and has 13 obstacles that can be spaced to challenge your kids to improve their skills progressively. In addition, kids can use the ladder to climb or swing, making it more fun.

This slackline kit includes one Slackline with ratchet, one ninja line with ratchet, one rope ladder, two gym rings, two rope knots, three monkey bars, four tree protectors, nine triangle clips, nine buckles, and a storage bag to keep all things safely together when not in use. The Slackline is recommended for kids above five years and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

If you have a large family or multiple kids, this Slackline will be an absolute hit as there are many activities to do together. And, it keeps stretching one’s physical strength with more obstacles. Keep in mind some have found the tree protectors to be a bit short for larger trees.

Flybold Slackline Kit

Amazon’s best-rated Slackline, the Flybold, provides you with a complete set of everything your kids need to master slacklining for very affordable pricing. It comes with one Slackline, one training line, ratchets for both slackline and training line, arm trainer, ratchet protectors, two tree protectors, a storage bag, and an instructional booklet to guide you on how to store step-by-step.

With 57 feet of length and a 300-pound capacity, Flybold is perfect for the whole family. The extra safety features, along with great quality and low pricing, make the slackline an excellent purchase. However, some have found the slackline hard to tighten as it’s a bit stretchy.

Get Out! Slackline Training Kit

Perhaps this Slackline is all the motivation you need to Get Out!. With a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, the Get Out! Slackline is perfect for your entire family to enhance balancing skills, sharpen their focus, and improve core posture and leg muscles while having fun.

This slackline kit includes one 50-ft Slackline, one 50 foot training line, two tree protectors, two tree guards, and a very nice-looking drawstring adventure bag so you can take your fun equipment wherever you want. And by the way, you can set up this Slackline in your backyard, the park, or the beach.

The Get Out! Slackline has pretty good quality for the money and will give your family great fun. The only complaint was that instructions were poorly illustrated, which made installation a bit hard but manageable.

Zenmonkey Slackline Kit With Overhead Training Line

One of the most common complaints with slacklines is tree protectors are too short to go around large trees. Zenmonkey Slackline comes with 8 ft long ratchet straps that will accommodate even the most humongous trees so that you are not limited with tree options when setting up. Plus, the Zenmonkey Slackline is advertised as 20% longer than standard slacklines, making it even more fun.

The Zenmonkey slackline kit comes with one mainline, one overhead training line, ratchets for mainline and training line, arm trainer, tree protectors, a cloth carry bag, set up instructions, owner’s manual, etc., nice looking gift box.

This Slackline has very high quality at great pricing. Everything from the weaving to the anti-rip oxford fabric for the tote bag and heavy-duty ratchets shows that it’s built with safety in mind and lasts long. The only con we could find is that the red color rubs off on hands, but that is a minor issue that shouldn’t keep you from trying it.

Slackers 50-Foot Slackline Classic Set With Bonus Teaching Line

If you are looking for a slackline that offers the basics, the Slackers Slackline Classic set is a great choice. Designed for beginners of all ages, this set includes one main Slackline, an extra training line to hold on to as you or your child practices to balance, a manual, and a storage bag.

This Slackline seems to hold up pretty well outdoors and is very easy to set up. However, there were a few complaints about the ratchet release being too firm such that it frays the Slackline.

Sunnyglade 50-Foot Slackline Kit With Training Line

The 50-foot Slackline from Sunnyglade comes with everything your kids need to work out their muscles, improve balance and core strength, and sharpen their focus. It is ideal for beginners and experts alike. For those who do yoga, surfing, skateboarding, and other balance and core intensive sports, balancing on the Slackline helps them improve coordination.

The set includes One polyester slackline and ratchet, one training line and ratchet, arm trainer, tree protectors, a tote bag and instructions manual.

The Slackline comes at very low pricing, but it might not last.

Gibbon Slackline Funline

Gibbon slackline does not have a top training line, but it’s one of the best brands with high-quality slacklines. The webbing is soft, with low stretch, and has rubber prints to provide a good grip when balancing; this makes it great for beginners. With a 240-pound weight limit, the Slackline is suitable for kids and teenagers. It is also TUV certified for safety.

The set includes 49 ft Slackline, ratchet cover, and tree protectors. If you need a top training line, this Slackline may not be suitable for you.

Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline

This is yet another high-quality slackline if you don’t need one with a top training line. It is ideal for the whole family seeing that it holds weight up to 300 pounds. It is also TUV certified for the highest safety standards.

The 50ft slackline is a fun way for your kids to improve balance, core strength, and coordination. Designed for beginners and kids above five years, this Slackline has thick weaving to make it easier to walk on it and do tricks.

The set includes one mainline and three protectors. It is also easy to set up. The only complaint was that the provided tree protectors are too short for large trees.

Slack rope walking vs tightrope walking.

From a glance, slacklining and tight rope walking appear very similar since, in both cases, a length of webbing is suspended between two points, and a person balances to walk across it. However, the main difference between the two is the amount of tension; slacklines have a bit of stretch and bounce, whereas tight ropes are very tight and under a lot of tension.

Slackline vs ratchet strap

Slackline is used for sports activities, whereas ratchet strap is normally used to strap or tie down cargo during transit in vehicles. However, both are made from polyester webbing material.

Slackline vs trickling

A slackline is great for simply balancing and walking, but once you have mastered and can even do small jumps, the next kit you need for bouncing tricks is trickling. A trickling is a more heavy-duty piece of kit with slings, two ratchets, safe release straps, and may also include a pulley system. The extra ratchet allows you to pull the line into a stronger tension needed when performing bouncing tricks. Trickling is usually much longer than slacklines extending to almost 100 feet/30 meters long.

Slackline shoes or barefoot?

You can walk on the Slackline barefoot or with shoes; it is all up to you. Walking barefoot enables you to feel the line movements better, but on the other hand, shoes protect your feet from scratches and cuts you would get on the line.

Slackline beginner tips

If you are a beginner, these tips will make it easier for you to learn to balance and walk on a slackline.

  • Set the Slackline low to the ground, about a foot off the ground and keep it a short distance to minimize bounce.
  • Ratchet the Slackline tightly as possible
  • Practice balancing on one foot, then the other foot, then both feet
  • Do not look down on your feet. Focus on your breathing and look up ahead to the anchor point.
  • Go barefoot to help with grip.
  • Once you can balance on both feet, you can try walking. Use your other foot to catch yourself when you wobble.

How to set up Slackline

  1. Choose your location. You want a place with two trees or two sturdy posts closer together than the length of the Slackline. Choose mature trees that are 12 inches wide and above. Also, the closer the trees, the sturdier the line will be.
  2. Wrap the provided tree protector pads around each tree at the height you want your Slackline to be. If your Slackline doesn’t include tree protector pads, you can use towels instead.
  1. Bring the slackline end with a loop around the first tree and feed the flat end through the loop. You want to fold the line in two as it passes through the loop so that the walking surface will be flat.
  1. Wrap the remaining flat end of the Slackline around the second tree or post and feed it through the ratchet.
  2. Pull the excess webbing through and use the ratchet’s lever to tighten the Slackline.

Slackline length

The standard Slackline is about 50 feet long and 2 inches wide

Slackline world record

The new world record stood at 2.8 km and was set by a team of the world’s best slackliners in the islands of Senja in Northern Norway.