Snoo Review, Alternatives Vs Mamaroo Vs Halo Vs Others

What Is A Snoo Smart Bassinet?

The Snoo Smart bassinet is a high-end bassinet specially designed to improve babies’ and parents’ sleep. It was created by the famous pediatrician and author of the bestselling book Happiest Baby on the Block Dr. Harvey Karp, in collaboration with designer Yves Béharto and MIT Media Lab trained engineers. As a result, the SNOO features the latest technologies to help it detect a baby’s fussing and crying and respond automatically.

The Snoo bassinet creates a soothing womb-like environment so that when your baby wakes and starts fussing, built-in sensors recognize the sounds and movements and automatically adjusts the rocking intensity and white noise to soothe the back to sleep-all by itself. This allows tired and sleep-deprived parents to get more sleep as well. It also promises to sleep train without the tears that usually come with the process.

Is the Snoo Smart Sleeper worth it?

At $1495 many are hesitant to part with such a huge amount of money for a bassinet that will only be used for 6 months.

But, if you have cared for a newborn, you know how taxing it is. Most new parents only get to sleep for a few minutes to less than 2 hours before the baby is awake and screaming again. Then they have to rock the baby back to sleep each time, which carries on every night for the first few weeks. The constant lack of sleep begins to take a toll on your body, both physically and mentally. And every day, all you can wish for is just a few more hours of sleep.

Well, more sleep is what the Snoo Smart bassinet promises parents. And while it may not guarantee full night sleep right away, it can greatly improve your situation and help you get there in a short time. It also helps with sleep training, so your child learns to fall asleep on their own.

So if you can afford it or plan to use it with future siblings, the Snoo is a valuable investment. Plus, if you are not sure if it will work for your baby, it comes with a 30-day trial to test it out. And for those who need the benefits it provides but don’t have the budget for it, the company offers a monthly renting option for a fraction of the price.

Is Snoo Smart Sleeper safe?

The Snoo Smart Sleeper has been advertised as “the safest baby bed ever made”, and with good reasons. First, it is designed to keep the baby on their back, which is the safest sleep position according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Second, it comes with a swaddle sack that promotes a healthy hip position without the need for other materials that would cover the baby’s face.

Third, it is made with 100% organic cotton and breathable mesh sides for utmost comfort.

How much is a Snoo Smart Sleeper?

The Snoo Smart Sleeper currently retails at $1495 on Amazon and on the company’s website.


Automatic cry detection- has built-in microphone and motion sensors that detect a baby’s fussing and cries and automatically change settings to soothe them

Patented swaddle technology comes with three swaddle sacks with clips on the back that attach to the bassinet side to keep the baby safely on their back.

Womb-like environment- the Snoo provides snug swaddling, soothing vibrations, constant rocking motions, and shushing white noise to create a womb-like environment that the baby needs for the first few months of life.

Snoo mobile app- allows you to track your baby’s sleep progress by showing you how long the baby slept, the number of wake-ups, stretches of sleep, etc. In addition, it allows you to control the bassinet from your phone and alerts you if the baby needs you (like if they won’t settle because they need their diaper changed or hungry). It also provides you tips and articles to help with your baby’s sleep.


3-Snoo Sleep Sacks

1-Fitted sheet

1- Mattress


  • Detects baby’s fussing and crying
  • Effectively soothes crying babies with constant motions, vibrations, and white noise
  • Have adjustable speed and volume settings
  • Patented sleep sack design that keeps baby from rolling accidentally on their stomach
  • Motion limiter function that lowers rocking levels for babies under one month and preemies
  • Weaning mode that helps ease the transition to crib
  • Swaddles has options to have both arms in or out or one arm in
  • Helps in sleep training, so babies learn to fall asleep unaided
  • Swaddle sack eliminates the hassle of swaddling the baby with blankets
  • App logs sleep soothing and awake times and lets you control volume, motion, and responsiveness
  • Extended use for up to 6 months
  • Comes with valuable accessories


  • Pricey
  • It may not work for some babies, but the company gives 30 days trial when you buy
  • Not easily portable; heavy and not foldable
  • Doesn’t have storage baskets or pockets like other bassinets

Snoo Alternatives

The Snoo is a fantastic smart bassinet, but the high price tag is a deterring factor for many and understandably so. Like many parents, you might want to look for more affordable alternatives to ensure better sleep for you and your baby.

Here are our most recommended Snoo alternatives.

Halo Bassinet Luxe Series

The Halo bassinet is made with the well-being of both baby and mom in mind. It comes with a long list of cool features to help you and your baby enjoy a whole night’s sleep, including two vibration settings, four white noise options, and warm amber night lighting.

It is also the only bassinet that swivels 360 degrees and lowering sides, making it easier for the parents to lean in to reach the baby. This is especially great for breastfeeding and C-section moms because they can care for the baby right from bed.

The Halo provides safe sleeping space for babies up to 20 pounds, and it can be detached from the base for easy transfer to any other place you might want to use it. In addition, the base is adjustable for beds that rise 22 to 34 inches in height. The Halo is a great deal for any mom.

4moms Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet

The mamaRoo bassinet comes with most of the features you will find with the Snoo but at a much lower price point. It can rock your baby in 25 different ways from five types of rocking motions (kangaroo, car ride, wave, tree swing, and rock-a-bye) and five speeds. This ensures that you get just the perfect rocking motion your little one needs to calm no matter what mood they are in. Additionally, it has four white noise options (rain, ocean, fan, and shh) to relax your baby to sleep.

The bassinet has mesh walls for maximum breathability, a firm mattress pad, adjustable height. In addition, it is Bluetooth-connected, allowing you to control all features remotely from the 4moms app on your smartphone. The bassinet is recommended for babies up to 6 months of age.

Graco Sense2snooze Bassinet

Graco Sense2Snooze is also a smart bassinet that will detect your baby crying and respond with soothing settings just like the Snoo. It has two speeds of vibrations, three different motion speeds, ten white noises, and additional ten lullabies to help your baby fall asleep faster. Also, it has dimmable lights to allow nighttime feeds and checks without disturbing your sleeping baby.

The bassinet has storage pockets to keep essential items within easy reach and caster wheels for easy mobility throughout your home. It also has mesh sides for breathability and visibility and a canopy to block out the light from the baby’s eyes. The bassinet is recommended for babies up to 3 months.

Chicco Close To You Bedside Bassinet 

Chicco bedside bassinet is designed with convenience in mind. With an adjustable height of 9.5 inches and wheels (with brake) that glides smoothly, the bassinet is easy to move right next to your bed and around your home. It is also multi-functional so that it doubles as a changing table for babies up to 35 pounds.

The smart bassinet has 2 settings of vibrations, 6 melodies, and a gentle nightlight. These features help create a calming environment for your baby to fall asleep faster. It also comes with a comfortable quilted mattress and removable fabrics for easy cleaning. You get all these smart features, a changing table, and a portable bassinet at great pricing.

Snoo smart bassinet used – what to know and where to buy use Snoo smart bassinet or rental

Like earlier mentioned, if you don’t want to buy or can’t afford the Snoo, you can rent or buy from second-hand. The best news is that you can rent directly from the company for about $1 per day. You can learn more about the rental details from the Happiest Baby company website here.

To buy a used one, you can check out places like eBay for a price of about $ 600.

Bliss Evi smart bassinet vs Snoo

Both of these smart bassinets are designed to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. They share many similar features but also have some significant differences. Here is a comparison.


  • Both have deep side breathable walls for the baby’s safety
  • Both come with fitted sheets and a mattress. Bliss Evi comes with two sheets while the Snoo provides just one.
  • Both have integrated smart technology that is designed to soothe your baby and encourage more sleep through the night. They both use rocking motions and soothing sounds, but the Bliss also has a calming night light.
  • Both have mobile apps that allow you to control the features remotely. However, the Bliss smart life app is also Amazon Alexa, and Google Home is integrated for hand’s free usage.
  • Both are white in color


  • The Bliss Evi is larger and about 12 pounds lighter than the Snoo. However, none of them are detachable or come with wheels. Bliss Evi measures 35.43 L x 21.65 W x 31.89 H inches, while the Snoo measures 30 L × 16W × 32 H inches.
  • The Bliss Evi is made using premium woven fabrics, while the Snoo has mesh sides
  • The Snoo provides extended use up to 6 months, whereas the Bliss Evi is recommended for babies up to 5 months.
  • The Bliss Evi provides you with two fitted ultra-soft bamboo sheets, while the Snoo only has one organic cotton fitted sheet.
  • The Snoo is equipped with built-in microphones and sensors to detect your baby’s fussing or crying and change the settings to automatically soothe them. Unfortunately, the Bliss Evi cannot detect these changes and is not responsive; you have to set it to rock or play soothing sounds and adjust the settings yourself.
  • The Snoo includes 3 swaddle sacks (small, medium, and large sizes) specially designed to keep your baby from rolling into an unsafe position. However, the Bliss Evi cannot guarantee your baby won’t roll on their stomach.
  • The Snoo app does more than just letting you control the bassinet features from your phone. It also logs in your baby’s sleep patterns and gives you tips on improving sleep.
  • Bliss Evi has a small storage basket underneath to keep the most needed items close. Unfortunately, the Snoo does not provide storage.
  • The Snoo costs almost four times more than the Bliss. But the company also offers Snoo on rental terms.


Both smart bassinets are designed to provide a restful night for the baby and parents, but the Snoo is on its own level; it is equipped with advanced technologies to detect fussing and crying and respond accordingly. Secondly, it provides the highest safety features by ensuring your baby stays in the safest sleeping position recommended by experts, providing parents peace of mind. That’s why we highly recommend the Snoo to new parents.

But, if the price tag is an issue to you, the Bliss is a stylish, simple, and more affordable alternative that will help your baby sleep better and is even more hi-tech for all tech-savvy parents out there.

Snoo smart sleeper bassinet manual – how to install

To learn how to install the Snoo Smart Sleeper, the company has put up a very easy-to-follow guide with pictures on their website, and there is also a video, so everything is crystal clear. You can also get in touch with them for any questions.