12 Best Stroller Rain Covers 2022

Whether you’ve got a twin stroller, jogging stroller, or the most-expensive stroller out there, you know how important a stroller rain cover is. In this post, I researched 30+ brands and settled on the 12 best stroller rain covers you can rely on and have reviewed them below. My reviews cover have a variety of brands but are mostly universal and can fit most strollers. I also reviewed stroller organizers in another post.

What is a stroller rain cover?

A stroller rain cover is an accessory designed to protect your stroller and your child from getting wet when it’s raining, snowing, and cold from strong winds. It’s a must-have item for parents with small kids during cold seasons to help keep their little ones dry, warm and comfortable when the weather conditions outside are bitterly cold.

These covers are usually made with water-resistant material. They have transparent windows to allow your child to see outside and ventilation holes for free air circulation as the basic features. More expensive rain covers feature a user-friendly design with zippers, UPF protection, handy storage pockets, a storage pouch, etc.

In this article, we have searched and reviewed 12 of the best stroller rain covers in the market to cater to all types of strollers including, umbrella strollers, full-size strollers, double strollers, travel systems, and joggers. If you are looking for a rain cover, you will find useful information here to help you find a suitable choice.

Our Reviews of the Best Stroller Rain Covers 2022

1. Bemece Stroller Rain Cover Universal

Overall best stroller cover 2022 -  Bemece Stroller Rain Cover Universal - score of 97%

Our overall best stroller rain cover is the Bemece which is a universal stroller accessory that you can rely on as a waterproof, windproof, and dustproof stroller cover. It has great quality, is non-toxic (don’t have to worry about your child ingesting or breathing harmful chemicals), and includes lots of nice features, including a mosquito net, and is not expensive.

Made from EVA film, this rain cover will adequately protect your child from rain, snow, wind, and bugs. It’s transparent and allows you to see your baby and the baby can see the surroundings through the large front window. The holes on the sides promote free air circulation for your child while they are inside the rain cover.

The Beach is also a great option because it comes in different sizes from medium, large, or LL. The medium size is for small strollers such as umbrella strollers, while large fits travel systems and standard strollers. The LL covers your stroller in bassinet mode. As you can see, it’s easy to get the best fit for your stroller.

This rain cover is easy to install in less than a minute, and a zipper makes it easy to put the baby in and out of the stroller. The zipper is also waterproof and will prevent water from seeping into the stroller and wetting your baby. We also loved that it drapes low enough to cover your child’s feet (some covers are too short and leave the toddler’s feet exposed). There are also Velcro straps in the front to attach the cover to the stroller, which prevents it from being kicked by your child or blown away by the wind.


  • Available in different sizes to fit different sized strollers and travel systems in bassinet modes
  • Made from non toxic materials
  • Doesn’t crump and get greased like some of its peers
  • High quality stitching
  • No chemical smell like other plastic covers
  • Has Velcro straps to keep it intact
  • Has a sturdy zipper in front makes it easy to put the baby in and out without needing to remove the cover
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t fold as small as others

2. Manito Weather Shield

2. Manito Weather Shield for strollers - second in the list

The Manito Weather Shield is a high-quality stroller rain cover, one of the best that money can buy with many extras to offer. It has a universal size that can work for different types of strollers from small, medium, full size, and joggers. It fits on strollers with a canopy measuring between 15 to 19 inches wide.

This rain cover can also be used for front-facing and rear-facing strollers with a reclining backrest. It has ventilation holes on the sides to ensure your child gets plenty of airflows. The cover also extends to wrap around the stroller’s footrest to ensure your child is completely protected from wetness and snow. At the front and sides are clear windows that allow visibility and, at the same time, block out up to 99% of harmful UV rays. A sunscreen curtain on the front window also blocks the sun and provides a cozy environment for your little one to nap.

This cover is thoughtfully designed with elastic S-hooks for attaching it to the stroller to keep it from being blown by the wind. There is also a zipper for easy entry and exit from the stroller and two handy storage pockets on the back of the cover. Some strollers can be folded without removing the cover, but in case you remove it, it comes with a pouch so you can store it neatly in your stroller basket.

The Manito cover is made from non-toxic Okeo-Tex certified fabric making it an excellent choice if you are not interested in covers with a transparent design. Better still, you can choose from a wide range of nice colors, including red, blue, green, beige, grey, chocolate, purple, red, and navy.


  • Made with non-toxic material which is baby-friendly
  • Highly versatile can be used in most strollers and joggers even and those with reversible seats
  • Available in a wide selection of colors
  • Sunscreen curtain in the front blocks the sun to allow comfortable napping inside the stroller
  • Windows allow maximum visibility and blocks out 99% of UV rays
  • Large two way zipper on the front window for hassle-free in and out of your baby
  • Durable fabric and stitching
  • Comes with a convenient pouch for storage when not in use
  • Has two pockets on the back for your essentials
  • Detachable foot cover
  • Superior quality


  • Expensive
  • Items can easily fall from the back pockets
  • Sun protection causes a tint that can limit your child’s vision to some extent
  • Fogs up fast

3. Hrzeem Stroller Rain Cover Universal Size Windproof

3. Hrzeem Stroller Rain Cover Universal Size Windproof - 3rd best overall

This is a top-rated rain cover with thousands of rave reviews, so you can choose it confidently. It’s made with premium quality EVA material that is durable, non-toxic, odor-free, and generally safe for little ones. The material doesn’t crease, so it looks great on any stroller. This rain cover is very affordable as well.

It’s a large universal cover that adjusts to fit most stroller brands, including umbrella strollers and jogging strollers. It’s equipped with straps to secure it on strollers more firmly so that the wind cannot blow it away. Installing it on the stroller takes less than a minute, so your baby does get wet in case it starts raining. Plus, you don’t need to remove the rain cover, you can just open the zipper to put the baby in and out quickly. The zipper is waterproof to prevent water from seeping inside and getting the baby wet.

The front-facing window provides a clear view for your baby as the hard plastic there doesn’t crease or get scratches, and the mesh sides ensure there is proper airflow inside. Remember to peel off the protective films on both sides of the window before use to get a clear vision.


  • Made from PVC free, non toxic, and environmentally friendly EVA
  • Its scratch and bending free to allow clear vision without distortion
  • Easy to install
  • Has a zipper for easy in and out
  • Odor-free
  • Has straps to secure on to a stroller
  • Great pricing


  • Some people find the process of peeling the tape annoying

4. Baohua Rain Cover

4. Baohua Rain Cover for strollers - 4th on the list

The Baohua rain cover is another fantastic option if you are not looking for a transparent cover design. It’s very attractive in blue fabric and also has nice features like pockets and a storage pouch.

This cover provides complete protection from the wind, snow, and rain and has ventilation to ensure your baby is breathing nice and easy underneath. You will have no problems getting your baby in or out of the stroller as the cover has a large opening with a dual zipper.

Your baby will be able to see outside clearly from the flat transparent window on the front and sides. In addition, the sides where the air vents are, and also block UV rays.

This rain cover is suitable for almost all strollers, including travel systems, joggers, prams, and buggies. It fits strollers with canopies that are 15 to 19 inches wide. There are hooks on the bottom to make sure it doesn’t fly away from being blown off the winds.


  • Versatile design that fits all types of strollers, including travel systems and joggers
  • Attractive polka dot design
  • Easy installation
  • Dual zipper that allows easy in and out
  • Non-crease transparent window
  • Uses hooks to attach firmly to strollers
  • Two functional pockets and a storage pouch
  • Sun curtain provides protection from UV


  • A bit expensive

5. Jeep Travel System Weather Shield

5. Jeep Travel System Weather Shield for strollers

The Jeep Weather Shield protects your baby from exposure to mother nature’s harsh conditions and ensures they are warm, dry and comfortable. It is a universal cover that works great for most travel systems.

If you are caught up in a stormy wind or rain, you can install this cover very quickly-simply remove it from its bag and slip it over your stroller. The sides are transparent, which means you will have no trouble seeing your baby underneath it. There are air holes on each side to allow your baby to breathe easily and a clear window for your baby to see through.

This rain cover has functional storage pockets on the back so you can keep your keys and phone safe and dry. It also comes with its own pouch for easy storage and transport.


  • Fits most travel systems
  • Installs in seconds
  • Has a convenient storage pocket
  • Includes storage bag
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t have anything to hold it more securely in the bottom but it stays intact even when it’s windy

6. Wonder Buggy Rain Cover

6. Wonder Buggy Rain Cover

The Wonder Buggy rain cover is one of the most colorful options; you can be sure to get a lot of compliments on the streets. But besides the good looks, it has excellent functionality and plenty of rave reviews. 

It has a universal standard size that adjusts to fit all kinds of strollers, including small, medium, full size, and joggers with a canopy width between 15 to 16 inches. It also comes with a storage bag.

The Wonder buggy is designed with a large entrance with dual waterproof zippers for easy in and out and flat windows that are super clear, thick, and not distorted. On the sides, the cover has ventilation to allow air circulation. There is also a sun curtain on the front window to protect your child from harmful UV rays and keep the sun from shining on your little one’s eyes.

The rain cover is equipped with S-hooks to attach to your stroller so the wind won’t blow it off. And when not in use, you can fold up the stroller with the cover still attached or remove the cover and store it neatly in its own bag. In addition to the bag, the cover has two storage pockets in the back where you can put a few of your baby’s essentials like a bottle, a toy, or snack, among many other things.

It’s available in blue, black, pink colors.


  • Cute vibrant colors
  • Easy installation
  • Has hooks to attach to stroller
  • Has zippers for easy entry and exit without removing the cover
  • Comes with a convenient durable nylon storage bag
  • Two functional pockets


  • The blue film is sometimes hard to peel of clean
  • A bit expensive

7. Jeep Jogging Stroller Weather Shield

7. Jeep Jogging Stroller Weather Shield

If you have a jogging stroller, the best thing is to buy a cover specifically designed for joggers to get the perfect fit. Luckily the Jeep cover is universal, so it fits most jogger stroller brands and is our favorite jogging stroller rain cover.

As with other Jeep covers, this one is also super simple to install. You only need to slip it over your stroller, which takes only a moment. Although it does not have attachment straps or hooks, the cover usually fits snugly and stays in place.

Both sides have ventilation holes for airflow, and on the back, there is a waterproof pouch to keep your personal items easily accessible and dry.

This cover can be used for most jogging strollers and will help shield your child from rain, the cold, wind, and snowy weather conditions. The Clear Vinyl material allows your child to enjoy a clear view of the surroundings, and it does not have a bad odor.

The cover is easy to install and has vents on the sides that allow the proper amount of airflow while still protecting the baby from the elements.


  • Super simple installation, installs in seconds
  • Universal size fits most jogger strollers
  • Has an essential pocket
  • Includes storage bag


  • Does not have straps to attach the bottom to stroller

8. Rosie Pope Rain Cover

Being in the rain can be fun with the super cute and functional, Rosie Pope rain cover. It’s loved by kids and parents alike because of its fun design and nice features. First, it is designed to fit most strollers, including tandem strollers and travel systems. Also, unlike some of its peers that do not reach down to cover your child’s feet and storage basket, this rain cover is extra-long, so it covers strollers completely.

The cover secures to the wheels of your strollers with snap buttons to keep it from being blown away by the winds. It keeps your child dry and warm inside their stroller and lets them see their surroundings through a large front window. The mesh flaps allow plenty of airflows to ensure your child stays safe and comfortable.

The kids have lots of fun watching the color change when the cover gets wet. This makes the strollers fun, colorful, and easy to spot in a crowd, which parents who visit Disney Land can appreciate. There is also a pocket to keep your small stuff in the back.


  • Colorful, fun designs
  • Provides complete coverage even for the storage basket at the bottom
  • Mesh panel for ventilation
  • Convenient storage pocket for your valuables


  • Can be too big for small strollers
  • May not last, some complaints about side buttons breaking off

9. Emoly Stroller Rain Cover 

The Emoly rain cover provides you with great quality, and you don’t have to spend much. This cover is made with EVA material which is food-grade material that is non-toxic and does not produce a bad odor like other plastics. It has a see-through design, allowing the baby to see outside and the parent to see inside at all times. There’s a blue film on the front that you have to peel off so the baby can have a good view. This cover comes in white and black trims, which are very attractive.

The rain cover is perfect during the cold seasons because it will protect your baby from the rain, wind, snow, and keep them warm. It also has a mosquito net to keep bugs away when outside. Holes on either side ensure there is proper airflow, and the large window allows you to lift the baby in and out easily. It secures your stroller using Velcro straps.


  • Made from food-grade, non toxic, and odorless material
  • See-through design
  • Easy to use
  • Plastic is durable and is a high quality material.
  • Great pricing


  • Can get a bit too warm if used during warm weather

10. Aligle Double Stroller Rain Cover

The Aligle Double Stroller Rain Cover is the best cover for double strollers that have tandem seats (front and back). It’s the universal fit, high quality thick plastic construction, and low cost that make this rain cover a top choice for thousands of parents with double strollers.

The rain cover will protect your child from rain, cold, and wind and at the same time allow visibility on all sides. It gets plenty of air circulation from below and from the additional holes. When not in use, it can easily be folded away and stored.


  • Ideal for double strollers with front and back seat configuration
  • Thick quality plastic that will last
  • See-through design with air holes for ventilation
  • Installs in seconds
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to fold and store away


  • It doesn’t reach down to cover the storage basket

11. Aligle side by side rain cover

The Aligle rain cover also comes in another design for twin strollers with side by side seating configuration. This one is also well-rated and has the same durable plastic, see-through design with ventilation holes, and a universal fit.

Users find it a breeze to install if it starts raining, and it also folds flat for storage. It uses Velcro to hold it in place.


  • Ideal for strollers with side by side configuration
  • Easy to use
  • See-through with ventilation
  • Affordable pricing


  • Legs can get rained on because the front is not long enough

12. Jeep Double Stroller Rain Cover

The Jeep Double Stroller Rain Cover is one of the best covers for people with two small kids. It has a universal size, so it stretches to fit most double strollers with tandem seats. It is a thick waterproof cover that will keep your kids warm and dry inside their stroller during cold, snowy, and rainy weather. It keeps your kids warm without suffocating because it has netting on either side that provides plenty of airflows.

If you are caught up in the rain, this cover installs in a matter of seconds and stretches out to cover even the feet and storage basket in the bottom. There are snaps to secure the cover to the stroller handles, but there are no straps to secure the bottom (some users have had to use Velcro to prevent it from being blown away in a wind storm).

As a parent, you will love that it comes with a storage bag so you can keep it neatly in the back of your car seat or in your stroller basket, ready for the next use. In addition, the cover has waterproof pockets to keep your valuables safe and dry.


  • Suitable for tandem strollers
  • Inexpensive
  • Clear see-through design
  • Includes storage bag and back pocket
  • Fast and straightforward to install


  • Pocket in the back is not very functional
  • Can be blown off by strong winds because the bottom is not secured
  • It may not cover the storage basket on some stroller brands

Stroller Rain Cover Buying and User Guide

How to use stroller rain cover

Stroller rain covers are designed to be easy to use in a hurry when it starts raining, so your baby doesn’t get wet. It’s pretty straightforward; you unfold and slip it over the stroller with the transparent window panel on the front to allow visibility and then attach the bottom portion of the rain cover to the stroller wheels (some rain covers use Velcro straps, others snap buttons, and some just have a snug fit that is not easily blown away by the wind)

Jogging stroller rain cover

Jeep Jogging Stroller Weather Shield fits nicely on most jogger brands, including the big ones like BOB. It’s super easy to install-you just slip it, and it will keep your child dry and provide a clear vision on all sides with its transparent design. It has ventilation holes on the sides to ensure there is enough airflow for your child and a back pocket to keep your phone and keys safe and dry as well.

Double stroller rain cover universal

If you are looking for a rain cover for double strollers with tandem seats (front and back), the Jeep Double Stroller Rain Cover is one of the best options to consider. First, it’s made of thick material that will keep your sweet little ones warm and dry in the midst of rain, wind, snow, and cold temperatures. Second, it has a universal size that accommodates most tandem strollers and installs in seconds. Third, the bottom is not secured, so it provides a lot of airflows combined with the netting on either side, so your babies can breathe nice and easily. Fourth, it has a waterproof pocket to protect your valuables and comes with its own storage pouch so you can store it neatly and be ready to take along. Finally, the pricing is fantastic.

For a double stroller with side-by-side seating, Aligle side by side rain cover would make a great choice. It’s inexpensive and has a universal fit. It has ventilation holes see-through design and is easy to install over the stroller.

How to clean stroller rain cover

Stroller rain covers are easy to clean as you only need to wash or wipe with a cloth soaked in soapy water, rinse, and then allow to air dry.

Stroller rain cover with zipper

If you are looking for an inexpensive rain cover with a zipper we recommend the Hrzeem Stroller Rain Cover. We find it an excellent choice because it has great quality, is non-toxic, odor-free, has a universal fit to accommodate most strollers and joggers and its window doesn’t crease or get scratched like its peers. The waterproof zipper prevents water from seeping inside the stroller and lets you easily put the baby in and out without needing to remove the cover, which is convenient. 

The Wonder Buggy rain cover is a slightly more expensive option but it comes with extra features like two pockets, a pouch, and is made with colorful fabrics that look great. 

Stroller with raincover and footmuff

If you are looking for a stroller with a footrest and a rain cover, we would recommend the McLauren Quest. It’s an ultra-lightweight umbrella stroller that you can use from birth up to 55 pounds. It has all the nice features for anyone looking for an everyday use stroller, including one-handed adjustment, four recline positions, easy one-hand fold, storage compartments, and UPF 50 canopy.

While other similar stroller brands require you to buy a rain cover as a separate accessory, McLauren Quest conveniently comes with its own rain cover and tether straps to attach to your stroller.


Are stroller rain covers safe?

Rain covers form a barrier over your stroller and protect your child from unfavorable weather conditions like when it’s raining, snowing, and windy. They are excellent solutions for cold seasons to ensure your baby stays warm and dry outside. However, since they keep the child all covered up, they can lead to overheating, so as a parent, you need to be vigilant in checking temperatures inside. If your baby is beginning to overheat, you can remove extra blankets. Also, it’s best to avoid using rain covers during hot weather.

Are pram rain covers safe?

Yes, pram rain covers can protect your child from the elements (rain, snow, and wind), but parents should keep checking the inside temperatures to prevent the baby from overheating and be extra watchful when the weather is warmer.