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Your child’s safety is paramount. You should give it the first priority when buying baby products, strollers being one of them. And when we noticed how frequently you are asking about stroller recalls, we dedicated our time to it. Here is everything you need to know.

What is stroller recalls?

Stroller recall refers to the withdrawal of a defective product that might otherwise cause injury or harm to your baby from the market. So, if a supplier is found as having strollers that are unsafe for kids, they will be pulled out of the market immediately with notice. Even worse, an order to discontinue the production of the strollers can also be issued.

Who recalls strollers?

In most cases, the manufacturers or suppliers of the strollers start the recall voluntarily when they notice that their products pose a safety risk. Recalls can also be initiated by consumers or media reports which alert the responsible agency to start inspections. In the US, for instance, the CPSC has the mandate to perform these tasks.

After the assessment, a government agency or the stroller company alerts the public with detailed actions. Sometimes, you might be asked to return the stroller for repair or a replacement. This, in turn, helps reduce the likely danger.

Reasons for strollers to be recalled

Here are the reasons why your favorite stroller might be recalled:

  1. Entrapment – refers to when the gap between the toddler tray and the bottom of the seat is sometimes too small that it ends up strangling any baby. As a result, they may start to slide out of the stroller which is very risky.
  2. Risk of finger amputation – occurs springs and hinges remain exposed during the stroller use risk to injure the little fingers.
  3. Incorrect latching – causes the stroller to fold up suddenly with your little one inside which crashes them in the process. This leads to broken bones, lacerations, and head injuries.

Be on the lookout when you are purchasing a stroller for yourself by checking on these features.

How to check stroller recall

Agencies that are involved with product recalls, such as strollers among others, differ from one country to another. Here in the US, for instance, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is responsible. It handles recalls on products that pose safety and health hazards, or manufacturing and design defects that pose health and safety risks. You can also check with the website.

If you live in Australia, you can check stroller recalls on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website. Those in the UK can consult with the Office for Product Safety and Standards and Local Authority Trading Standards here. And so on. Just type “stroller recalls” on your search engine followed by your country name. Easy!

Table of stroller recalls

Name of Stroller Recalled Date Recalled Reason Link for more details
BOB Jogging StrollersMarch 2017Chocking/strangling hazardCheck here
Britax B-Agile and Bob MotionFebruary 16, 2017, and in 2014Car seats detaching and falling off the stroller EntrapmentCheck here or here
Graco Quattro and MetroLite
Graco (Various)
October 20, 2010, November 20, 2014Risk of strangulation & entrapment 6 full & 4 partial fingertip Amputations plus 1 finger lacerationCheck here   Check here
Delta Children J is for Jeep brand cross-country all-terrainSeptember 27, 2017Risk of fallingCheck here
Evenflo Victory Jogging StrollerJanuary 11, 2018Falling hazardsCheck here
Ergobaby METROUSMay 26, 2021Choking hazardsCheck here
Aria Child gb Qbit LightweightDecember 20, 2016Lacerations & fall risksCheck here
InSTEP LLC Jogging StrollersMarch 20, 2000Brake failureCheck here
Maclaren USA SrollersNovember 29, 2009
May 12, 2011
Fingertip amputation risks
Fingertip amputation & lacerations risk
Check here   Check here
Ironman from B.O.B. Trailers IncFebruary 23, 2011Choking hazardsCheck here
Kolcraft Jeep LibertyJune 19, 2013Projectile hazardsCheck here
Joovy Zoom 360 UltralightOctober 7, 2021Fall hazardsCheck here
Aria Child – QbitDecember 20, 2016Laceration & fall risksCheck here

Baby strollers recall list descriptions

Here is a list of stroller recalls in detail as per your requests and searches.

Bob stroller recall

In March 2017, B.O.B. Trailers Inc. recalled more than 350,000 Jogging Strollers in conjunction with the US CPSC and Health Canada. 11 of them had a yellow drawstring that posed the risk of strangling to kids. They had been sold at several retailers between April 2002 and February 2011. They are currently unavailable on Amazon.

Britax stroller recall

While about 200 reports on the BOB jogging stroller’s front wheel detaching unexpectedly have been filed since 2012, the stroller was not recalled. Instead, Britax, the stroller parent company, modified the strollers Thru-Bolt Axles as a remedy. Most parents say the issue was not resolved. The stroller is unavailable on Amazon.

On February 16, 2017, the CPSC and Britax recalled over 700,000 Britax B-Agile and Bob Motion strollers for the risk of car seats detaching and falling off the stroller. In 2014, the CPSC had recalled 225,000 of these same strollers for entrapment following 8 reports.

Avalon stroller recall

No records of Avalon being recalled or their availability on Amazon.

Aprica stroller recall

No information on recall but Graco, which bought the Aprica stroller brand, said it would be discontinued. Graco acquired the Japanese Aprica brand in 2008 and relaunched it in the US as a top umbrella stroller.

Graco stroller recall

On October 20, 2010, the CPSC announced that Graco recalled its Quattro and MetroLite strollers due to the risk of strangulation and entrapment. Seems no resolutions were found so the products were discontinued. They are also unavailable on Amazon.

Graco stroller recall finger amputation

On November 20, 2014, the company recalled approx. 5 million strollers and travel systems on its 11 models of Century and Graco brand for amputation risks. The CPSC reported 6 full and 4 partial fingertip amputations plus 1 finger laceration.

DuoGlider stroller recall

Graco DuoGlider stroller has not been recalled, only the DuoGlider swing. It is available on Amazon.

Delta stroller recall

Delta Children voluntarily recalled about 28,000 units of its J is for Jeep brand cross-country all-terrain jogging strollers on September 27, 2017, due to the risk of children falling. The issue was resolved and is now available on Amazon here.

Evenflo stroller recall

On January 11, 2018, Health Canada and Evenflo Company voluntarily recalled its Victory Jogging Stroller due to falling hazards after the lap belt was compromised. The issue seems to have been resolved and the product is available on Amazon here.

Expedition stroller recall

Although certain strollers from Baby Trend Inc. were recalled, the Expedition brand was not involved in the recalls. It is available on Amazon here.

Ergobaby stroller recall

Recently, on May 26, 2021, Ergobaby voluntarily recalled about 2,800 strollers in its METROUS brand due to choking hazards. We are not sure whether the issue has been resolved, but the products are not available on Amazon.

GB stroller recall

On December 20, 2016, Aria Child voluntarily recalled several products in the gb Qbit lightweight strollers (for children up to 50 pounds) line due to fall and lacerations risk. The company resolved the issue by introducing a new product. All the involved products, however, are unavailable on Amazon.

Instep stroller recall

On March 20, 2000, InSTEP LLC voluntarily announced a recalled approx. 44,000 of its jogging strollers due to brake failures. The issue has been resolved and most of these strollers, like this one, are available on Amazon.

Maclaren stroller recall

On November 29, 2009, the CPSC and Maclaren first recalled about 1 million units of its strollers due to hinge mechanisms that posed the risk of fingertip amputation. On May 12, 2011, more strollers were recalled again for additional cases of fingertip amputation and even lacerations.

The recall remedy is no longer available. As such, the CPSC requests you to destroy and discard the recalled strollers. The involved strollers are no longer sold at Amazon.

Ironman stroller recall

The Ironman strollers were among the 411,700 B.O.B. Trailers Inc. brand’s strollers that were recalled in conjunction with the CPSC and Health Canada on February 23, 2011, due to strangulation hazards. The issue seems resolved and Ironman strollers are available on Amazon here.

Inglesina stroller recall

Inglesina US has not had its strollers recalled yet. The only recall was on its children’s table seats and chain saws. Most of its strollers, like this one, are available on Amazon.

Jeep stroller recall

On June 19, 2013, CPSC and Kolcraft voluntarily recalled about 97,000 Jeep Liberty strollers due to projectile hazards. And since the manufacturer discontinued the products, they are unavailable on Amazon.

Joovy stroller recall

Recently, on October 7, 2021, the CPSC and Joovy recalled about 9,200 units of its Zoom 360 Ultralight strollers due to the risks of falling. The issue was resolved, and these strollers are now available on Amazon. Check here.

Qbit stroller recall

On December 20, 2016, Qbit lightweight strollers were among the products recalled by Aria Child and CPSC due to fall hazards and lacerations. The issue was resolved, and Qbit strollers are now available on Amazon here.

Quicksmart stroller recall

Babystyle Quicksmart strollers have not been recalled and we found no trace in the CPSC database. The brand’s products are available on Amazon like this one here.

Quinny stroller recall

No recalls have been made on Quinny strollers yet and the products are still available on Amazon here.