65 Practical Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe from Top Hazards

65 PRACTICAL Tips to keep baby safe - blog banner image with list of 65 practical tips on keeping baby safe on baby monitors, car seats, strollers, high chairs, carriers and more

I have divided this article on ways to keep your baby safe from hazards into two. The first part explains safety and existing safety standards as set by CPSC with details of four key hazards. The second section has detailed info on safety tips when using common baby products such as baby monitors, car seats, … Read more

Baby Hazards and What to Do

In the 2011-2021 period, there were 76 recalls annually for baby products, almost half compared to 2001-2010 which had average annual recalls of 132 products. The chart below shows the falling number of recalls from 2001 to 2021; Part of the improvements in the safety of the products has been credited to the 2008 law … Read more

Baby Inclined Sleepers Dangers and Recalls

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In April 2019, Fisher-Price recalled 5 million dangerous inclined sleepers off the market, and various cases of deaths resulting from the use of inclined sleepers resulted in further recalls of  165,000 inclined sleepers by Graco, Summer Infant, Delta, and Evenflo. Like any other baby gear, inclined sleepers had somehow made their way as a legitimate product … Read more

How to Babyproof Your Fireplace

If your baby is starting to be mobile on their own and realizing that you need to babyproof your fireplace, make sure you do it right. I came up with this guide to provide detailed helpful tips on how to effectively babyproof your fireplace. What is Fire? According to, fire occurs when enough heat … Read more

7 Best Graco High Chair 2022

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In 2018, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that Graco had received 38 reports of defects in one of the high chair brands. With the 2018 recall, you may be asking whether Graco chairs are safe and which one among their brands does not have safety concerns. You’re right to be worried and I … Read more

6 Easy-to-Open Baby Gates 2022

What do you want to know about the easy-to-open baby gate? There are many gates out there but an easy-open baby gate is an essential piece of furniture that you won’t regret getting. I will go over some of its features and why it’s great for parents. First, let me tell you what I like … Read more

5 Best Wooden Baby Gates 2023

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If you were to look up the ‘best wooden baby gates‘ on Google’s search bar, you’ll get results of best baby gates lists in 2023 by reputable sites such as Wirecutter. While Wooden models can be among the top-rated baby gates, I was a bit disappointed that lists specific to baby gates made entirely from … Read more

Best Sunscreen for Babies 2023

Sunscreen is a lotion, cream, or spray that one rubs on the skin to prevent wrinkles, sagging, age spots, and skin cancer caused by harmful sun rays. Babies need sunscreen because it is impossible to avoid total exposure to direct sunlight. As a parent, you need to understand what components make sunscreen suitable for a … Read more

9 Best Baby Walkers in 2022

The Best Baby Walkers reviews by MotherhoodHQ

Are baby walkers safe, are baby walkers bad or are baby walkers recommended are some of the top questions you may be grappling with. With some countries and experts such as AAP warning against use of baby walkers, it can be difficult to even think of the brands to consider. Like thousands of parents across … Read more

VTech VM819 Review 2022

VTech VM819 Review

VTech VM819 has been touted as one of VTech’s feature-packed monitors but this video monitor has plenty of critics too. Today, we’ll be looking at the features with keen highlights of this monitor’s bad and good features. As of this update in November 2022, this monitor has been rated by over 5k customers on Amazon … Read more

The Best Baby Loungers – Mamibaby vs DockATot vs Others

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What are baby loungers? Are they just expensive pillows and are they really worth it? Those basic questions got us started in what would be a research journey to find the best baby lounger. We got started researching general things related to co-sleepers and loungers and after rigorous comparison, we found the OVERALL best baby … Read more

Infant Car Seat Safety Rating

Infant car seat safety ratings

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance; hence, in every country, there are government regulations that must be met before manufacturers release their infant car seats into the market. Aside from the seats meeting the legal requirements, some bodies conduct rigorous safety tests with ratings to assist parents and caregivers when they shop for an … Read more

Eufy Spaceview Vs Spaceview Pro & S Vs Pro

Eufy Spaceview Top Non-wifi Baby Monitor on the table - BMC

Quick Glance At Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Are you concerned about security or just looking for a portable, easy-to-travel baby monitor? If security is your number 1 priority, Eufy Spaceview or Eufy Spaceview S baby monitors guarantee you 100% privacy of the audio and video feeds from your baby and you can rest easy knowing … Read more

Baby Monitors Radiation & Owlet EMF

Baby Monitor Radiation Blog Cover -10BabyGear

Wondering whether baby monitor radiation is safe or which baby monitor EMF levels are acceptable? This comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to know about the risk of baby monitor radiation, the low-emission monitors, and some EMF shields you can use to protect your little one. Let’s start with some basics. … Read more

6 Best Touchscreen Baby Monitors 2022

A few baby monitor brands have released touchscreen baby monitors. In this article, we review the top touchscreen baby monitors from Summer Infant, Vtech, Samsung, Cascam, Angelcare, and BabyMoov. There are less than 20 touchscreen baby monitors in the market and in our review, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of excellent, top-rated touchscreen … Read more

9 Best VOX Baby Monitors in 2022- What is VOX Settings, Levels & Sensitivity (Hellobaby & Others)

Best VOice-Activated Baby Monitors

When I first came across the term ‘Voice-activated (VOX) baby monitor‘, it got me interested in the topic as I had just attended a parenting conference in Calgary where we discussed ways to reduce EMF radiation in a baby nursery. Since then, my preference for low EMF gadgets hasn’t ceased. I have shared more details … Read more