65 Practical Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe from Top Hazards

65 PRACTICAL Tips to keep baby safe - blog banner image with list of 65 practical tips on keeping baby safe on baby monitors, car seats, strollers, high chairs, carriers and more

I have divided this article on ways to keep your baby safe from hazards into two. The first part explains safety and existing safety standards as set by CPSC with details of four key hazards. The second section has detailed info on safety tips when using common baby products such as baby monitors, car seats, … Read more

Baby Hazards and What to Do

In the 2011-2021 period, there were 76 recalls annually for baby products, almost half compared to 2001-2010 which had average annual recalls of 132 products. The chart below shows the falling number of recalls from 2001 to 2021; Part of the improvements in the safety of the products has been credited to the 2008 law … Read more

Baby Inclined Sleepers Dangers and Recalls

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In April 2019, Fisher-Price recalled 5 million dangerous inclined sleepers off the market, and various cases of deaths resulting from the use of inclined sleepers resulted in further recalls of  165,000 inclined sleepers by Graco, Summer Infant, Delta, and Evenflo. Like any other baby gear, inclined sleepers had somehow made their way as a legitimate product … Read more

7 Inflatable Water Slide Companies (US)

7 Top Inflatable Water Slide Companies in the US - Blog image cover

Among our key recommendations on top baby gear brands to go for are established US-based companies with reputations and established US-based customer support. In this article, I have described the current top US-based inflatable water slide companies and manufacturers and those based abroad in China and other jurisdictions. If you want to read about the … Read more

21 Fun Water Activities for Kids

Summertime is a great opportunity for kids to play with water. There are many fun and creative ways for them to do so! In this article, we will explore 30 different ways for kids to have fun playing with water. From swimming and diving to making art and playing games, there is something here for … Read more

Are Moses Baskets Safe?

When selecting a baby sleep gear such as Moses Basket, it is important to understand the safety implications of each type of product. Here we will explore the safety of Moses Baskets and help you make an informed decision about what is best for your baby. What is a Moses Basket? A Moses Basket is … Read more

Breathable Baby Gear Safety Guide

Wondering if there are any benefits of breathable materials in baby gear? Should you consider breathability when picking products for your baby? This guide has all the details on fabrics’ breathability and why they are very essential when trying to choose the safe gear to get your newborn. Studies show that non-breathable fabric increases the … Read more

Baby Activity Gear Guide

Your baby should be active from as early as possible. It is good for their development, and it will help them to stay healthy as they grow up. There are many different ways to keep your baby active, and there are many different pieces of equipment that you can buy to help them. What is … Read more

Baby Home Safety Guide

Securing Your Home and Your Baby from Harm Full Guide.png

Many new parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to ensuring their child’s safety. It’s a big responsibility, and there’s a lot of information out there on how to do it right. This guide is meant to provide you with the basics of home security and baby safety, as well as some helpful tips that will … Read more

Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Buying Guide

In recent years, trampolines have seen a resurgence in popularity. This is likely due to their many benefits, which include improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and stamina, and better balance and coordination. As a result, more and more parents are considering purchasing a trampoline for their children. Read more about the invention of the trampoline … Read more

How to Design a Baby Nursery

How to Design a Baby Nursery

When doing research on how to design a baby nursery, I was almost overwhelmed by some Pinterest ideas including this pin with 540 and this pin with 130 ideas. Aside from Pinterest boards, I also found’s guide to being very helpful. Whether you want to design the entire nursery or just the wall, this … Read more

How Much Do Strollers Cost? 

How Much Do Strollers Cost.jpg

Electronics and Ai-powered gadgets are not the only baby products rising in cost in 2022. Stroller prices have continued to rise over the years with a distinction emerging between ‘regular’ brands such as Baby Jogger and ‘high-end’ brands such as Bugaboo and UPPAbaby. To prepare this dense research on different baby stroller pricing, I have … Read more

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Look no further than a free baby box! These boxes are filled with goodies that new parents will love, and they’re perfect for any budget. Plus, they’re a great way to show your support for new families in your community. Get yours today! What are the … Read more

Lillebaby Carrier Positions & How to Put On

Lillebaby Carrier positions

You can put the Lillebaby carrier in six different positions, the Fetal Position Carry, the Front Infant Carry, the Front Outward-Facing Carry, the Front Inward-Facing Carry, the Hip Carry, and the Back Carry. The most important steps of wearing the Lillebaby carrier are engaging the waistline and adjusting the seat width. Below is a snapshot … Read more

How to Wear Baby K’tan Baby Carrier


In this post, I have shared the step-by-step process on how to wear Baby K’tan baby carrier which is a forward-facing carrier we previously reviewed here at MotherhoodHQ. It is also our top-rated soft carrier made with 100% cotton ideal for carrying premies. Baby K’tan, the manufacturer of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier claims that … Read more

California Car Seat Laws 2022 (Booster, Rear-Facing, Weight, Height, and more)

California Car Seat Laws Guide - MotherhoodHQ guide.jpg

In this post, I have shared detailed guidance on California car seat laws including booster seat laws, rear-facing, forward-facing, and other key topics including using car seats after accidents in California, using car seats in taxis, and California car seat weight limits, height limits, and much more. About California Car Seat Laws and History Apart … Read more

How to Clean Baby Brezza Sterilizer

How to clean a Baby Brezza Sterilizer Guide by MotherhoodHQ

In this post, I have detailed easy steps you can follow to clean a Baby Brezza sterilizer using water, vinegar, soap, and a soft cloth. I also have details on the steps, what to use, how often to clean, how to clean rust, and how to clean different parts such as the filter and dryer … Read more

Bassinet Vs Crib – Comparison Table & Best Option for Baby

Bassinets vs cribs - comparison.png

Bassinet vs Crib If you’re like many expectant parents, you may be completely overwhelmed by the many choices you have to make, which include choosing a suitable sleeping option for your little one. Bassinets and cribs are both great options. But, how do you know which one is best for your family? In this article, … Read more

10 Tips to Keep Baby Warm In Car Seat

Now that we are about to enter the winter season, most parents are thinking about ways to help their children warm in the car seat without compromising on safety. Winter coats and snowsuits come in handy during this season, but the American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) warns parents that they are dangerous to use while … Read more