How to Fix Hellobaby Not Pairing

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If you own a brand of Hellobaby monitor and you’re struggling to get the parent unit connected to the baby unit, this guide provides detailed troubleshooting steps you can try to restore the connection and get the two units paired again. What is Hellobaby Pairing? Hellobaby monitors use a wireless connection between the parent unit … Read more

MoonyBaby Baby Monitor Review & Troubleshooting Camera Lost

MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras MoonyBaby Baby Monitor is a 2-camera non-wifi baby monitor that comes with split-screen viewing. Moonybaby is particularly great for parents who have more than one baby or twins and would like to use it to monitor them. I The only other recently-released split-screen viewing monitor that challenges Moonybaby video … Read more

Safest and Best Analog Baby Monitors: 2022 Update


From 1937 to the 1960s, analog baby monitors with simplex communication mode (one-way) dominated the baby monitor industry. The digital processing technology which was discovered in 1965 paved the way for digital encrypted communication. More than 90% of the monitors in the market in 2022 are digital but about 10% of baby monitors still use … Read more

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor Review – Most Affordable Secure Non-Wifi Baby Monitor

Anmeate vieo baby monitor Review 2020

This Anmeate baby monitor review will get you informed about this video baby monitor, its features, its key benefits, and drawbacks. Anmeate video baby monitor made it to our list of top non-wifi baby monitors and ranked behind Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro and Eufy Spaceview baby monitor. It is an FHSS baby monitor that … Read more

VTech DM1211 Review

VTech DM1211

About VTech Enhanced Range Baby Monitor VTech DM1211 enhanced audio baby monitor was released in early 2019 as an improved or ‘renewed version’ of the VTech DM112 which has been in the market since January 2016. It is a brand owned by VTech and VTech has more details on their web page here. Three years … Read more

VTech Baby Monitor Warranty, Problems, Customer Service & Troubleshooting (beeping)

VTech Customer Support

In this post, I share details of the VTech baby monitor warranty, how to claim it, VTech monitor problems and troubleshooting, customer services, and how to fix the beeping sound. If you are facing any problem with the functionality of the VTech baby monitor, you should contact the VTech baby monitor customer service team through … Read more

HelloBaby Monitor Review – Hellobaby HB65 vs HB66

Hellobaby Monitor Review

In this post, I have reviewed Hellobaby monitor, an inexpensive non-wifi video baby monitor that is part of our list of top recommended non-wifi baby monitor options. Let’s start with the company. HelloBaby Company and Brands HelloBaby is manufactured by a Chinese company dealing in baby products including fetal dopplers and baby monitors. You can … Read more

Infant Optics Customer Service, Warranty, Out of Range & Sound Issues

Infant Optics Customer Support

If you are having issues with any functionality of your Infant Optics DXR-8, you should contact their renowned Infant Optics Customer Care. The company provides excellent customer support with a well-staffed team based in California. Infant Optics is one of the most highly-rated non-wifi baby monitors and it got included on the list specifically because … Read more

Eufy Spaceview Vs Spaceview Pro & S Vs Pro

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Quick Glance At Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Are you concerned about security or just looking for a portable, easy-to-travel baby monitor? If security is your number 1 priority, Eufy Spaceview or Eufy Spaceview S baby monitors guarantee you 100% privacy of the audio and video feeds from your baby and you can rest easy knowing … Read more

10 DECT Baby Monitors 2022 (Audio + Video)

DECT Baby monitors Reviews - Motherhoodhq

What is DECT Baby Monitor? DECT baby monitors are audio baby monitors and video baby monitors that rely on 1.9 GHz frequency and use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications(DECT) technology. This technology is principally known for cordless phones and a few major baby monitor brands such as Panasonic and VTech rely on this technology for their … Read more

Infant Optics Guide on Temperature Accuracy – Change/Switch from C to F and from F to C


In this post, I have shared details on how to change Infant Optics temperature on the parent unit from Celcius to Fahrenheit (C to F) and how to swtich from Farenheit to Celcius (F to C). I also share details of Infant Optics temperature sensor and the accuracy of the Infant Optics reading. Below this … Read more

Get the Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitors in 2023 to Be Safe (FHSS)

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If safety and security is your top priority, getting a non-wifi baby monitor that is hackproof is your best solution. In this guide, I have provided detailed reviews of top-rated safe video monitors without wifi with an accompanying buying guide answering key questions on security/hacking, and differences with connected models, among others. The best baby monitor … Read more

VTech DM221 Vs. DM111 Vs DM223

VTech DM221

The VTech DM221 emerged as the best sound-only baby monitor in our review here at MotherhoodHQ. The VTech DM221 has excellent sound clarity with some of the best and loudest sounds in the group. VTech DM221 is currently the 3rd best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020, coming behind other top monitors such as … Read more