How to Fix Hellobaby Not Pairing

Hellobaby Guide on how to fix pairing issues - blog banner image

If you own a brand of Hellobaby monitor and you’re struggling to get the parent unit connected to the baby unit, this guide provides detailed troubleshooting steps you can try to restore the connection and get the two units paired again. What is Hellobaby Pairing? Hellobaby monitors use a wireless connection between the parent unit … Read more

How to Reset Infant Optics

How to reset Infant optics dxr 8

There are various instances when it becomes necessary to reset your Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor. Whether you’ve encountered a technical issue, or if you simply want to erase the unit’s memory and start fresh, resetting the monitor is an easy process that just takes a few minutes. If you have the older model … Read more

How to Disassemble MamaRoo

I previously explained how to assemble the Mamaroo baby swing and in this post, I have provided step-by-step guidance on how to disassemble it by removing straps and putting it back in the box. To start with, let’s take a look at some of the equipment you need before you begin. What You’ll Need: Step … Read more

Motorola Baby Monitor Troubleshooting Sound, Night Vision, Screen, Charging, Connection etc

Motorola Baby Monitor Troubleshooting Guide

Whether it is night vision, no sound, the power button not working, beeping, or just not responding, these are some of the most common problems with Motorola Baby Monitors. In this troubleshooting guide, we will go over some potential solutions for each issue. Motorola baby monitor troubleshooting no sound: If you can’t hear any sound … Read more

Baby Monitor Chargers and Replacement Cords (Motorola, VTech, and Others)

Charging cords are very essential for all non-battery-operated baby monitors. If your baby monitor’s power cord is faulty, you need to replace it to ensure the safety of your baby as faulty cords may present a power-surge hazard – a hazard not common with a battery-operated baby monitor. In addition, faulty cords or adapters can … Read more

Arlo Local Storage Hack

Arlo-Baby-Monitor-second-best-1080p HD video baby monitor

The video below explains one Arlo local storage hack that will allow you to save and access the video footage of your Arlo camera without having to pay the Arlo subscription fees. Netgear now allows you to choose between paid cloud storage and free local storage on an SD card or flash drive. As described … Read more

VTech Baby Monitor Warranty, Problems, Customer Service & Troubleshooting (beeping)

VTech Customer Support

In this post, I share details of the VTech baby monitor warranty, how to claim it, VTech monitor problems and troubleshooting, customer services, and how to fix the beeping sound. If you are facing any problem with the functionality of the VTech baby monitor, you should contact the VTech baby monitor customer service team through … Read more

Infant Optics Customer Service, Warranty, Out of Range & Sound Issues

Infant Optics Customer Support

If you are having issues with any functionality of your Infant Optics DXR-8, you should contact their renowned Infant Optics Customer Care. The company provides excellent customer support with a well-staffed team based in California. Infant Optics is one of the most highly-rated non-wifi baby monitors and it got included on the list specifically because … Read more

Infant Optics Guide on Temperature Accuracy – Change/Switch from C to F and from F to C


In this post, I have shared details on how to change Infant Optics temperature on the parent unit from Celcius to Fahrenheit (C to F) and how to swtich from Farenheit to Celcius (F to C). I also share details of Infant Optics temperature sensor and the accuracy of the Infant Optics reading. Below this … Read more