10 Best Baby Monitor Apps of 2022


Best Baby Monitor App 2022: Cloud Baby Monitor This article reviews the best baby monitor apps you can find in the market in 2022 by turning your phone or iPhone into a baby monitor using basic DIY steps. We have compared the reviews and analyzed the ratings of each app to understand finer details such … Read more

Motorola Halo+: The Best Motorola Baby Monitor 2022

Motorola sold its baby monitor brand to Binatone Global, a British telecommunication brand, in 2015. As of this update in 2022, Binatone Global owns and retails almost 50 brands of Motorola branded baby monitors. There are audio and video baby monitor brands of Motorola and after comparing the 7 best Motorola baby monitors, we came … Read more

7 Homekit Baby Monitors 2023(Apple’s Siri Compatible Monitors)

Apple Home Kit Baby Monitors.png

Below is a review of the seven best Homekit baby monitors that you can install and integrate into your Apple Homekit smart home ecosystem. In 2014 Apple released the Apple Homekit, a software that enables users to use iOS devices to control smart home devices such as cameras, bulbs, and baby monitors. Apple joined Amazon’s … Read more

Monbaby vs Owlet & Other Wearable Breathing Monitors

When the New Yorker Magazine chronicled a story of a parent who was regretting using wearable baby monitor, it was one of the first popularized articles about the dangers of wearable baby monitors. Jake described the experience using three baby monitors as a first-time dad by reviewing Owlet smart sock, MonBaby Smart Button, and Snuza … Read more