12 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors 2022

If you have twins, it can be difficult to keep an eye on both of them at the same time. Switching between screens of dual-camera monitors can be frustrating, and sometimes you can miss important details. A split-screen monitor lets you see both babies at once, so you never have to worry about missing a beat.

We’ve rounded up the best split-screen baby monitors on the market, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Whether you have the children in the same room or in a separate room, you can use split-screen video baby monitors to monitor both of them on the same screen, side by side instead of having to switch from one camera to another.

Our Top Pick:

Babysense S2 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor

The Babysense S2 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor is our overall best pick and is a secure non-wifi baby monitor with a Split-Screen HD Display and 2 HD Cameras and has a super long battery life of up to 20 hours! Unlike most standard baby monitors, this HD video baby monitor is equipped with 2 HD cameras and a SPLIT-SCREEN feature, allowing you to see both cameras or babies side by side on the same screen.

Before going through the reviews of all split-screen monitors in this list, let’s look at the comparison table of our top picks;

A quick Comparison Table of 10 Best SplitScreen Baby Monitors

Name of Baby Monitor RangeScreen Size Split screenRating on AmazonCheck Price
1. Babysense Split-Screen Monitor960-ft5 inches 4.3/5 stars in 2,087+ reviewsCheck Price and
Check Price
2. Heimvision HM136 900-ft5 inches 4.3/5 stars in 254+ reviewsCheck price
3. CasaCam BM200  900-ft5-inches 4.5/5 stars in 413+ reviewsCheck Price
4 Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor 1000-ft5 inches 4.2/5 stars in 3,215+ reviewsCheck Price
5. DBPower Video Baby Monitor 1000-ft4.3 inches 4.0/5 stars in 872+ reviewsCheck Price
6. Summer Infant Dual View600-ft5 inches 3.6/5 stars in 680+ reviewsCheck Price
7. VTech VM3431000-ft 3 inches 3.3/5 stars in 604+ reviewsCheck Price
8. Motorola MBP855CONNECT1000-ft5 inches 3.7/5 stars in 625+ reviewsCheck Price
9. Moonybaby 5-inch monitor 1000-ft5 inches 4.3/5 stars in 1.106+ reviewsCheck Price
10. VTech VM321-2  1000-ft2.8 inches 4.5/5 stars in 1,057+ reviewsCheck Price
11. MoonyBaby Split-screen Baby Monitor1000-ft4.3 inches 4.2/5 stars in 955+ reviewsCheck Price
12. JouSecu Baby Monitor 1000-ft4.3 inches4.3/5 stars in 254+ reviewsCheck price

Reviews of top-rated Splitting-Screen Baby Monitor Brands (4.5/5+)

1. Babysense HD S2 5-inch Baby Monitor

BabySense HD S2 5-inch Split-screen video baby monitor is our top pick in this 2022 list. This monitor features a 720 HD image on the large 5″ LCD display provides crystal clear, secure viewing. The exquisite remote control convenience with remote pan and tilt and up to x4 zoom, at a 960ft range.

It also has a long-lasting battery with a large 4000 mAh capacity that can be enhanced with the voice-activation (VOX) mode and can last for up to 10 hours. It can last for up to 20 hours on ECO/VOX mode.

Babysense brand has a number of non-Wifi baby monitor models that are rated very highly and have previously appeared in our ranking for best monitors without WiFi. I personally like and trust the brand and was very excited when I read of its release of a large 5-inch monitor with split-screen viewing. The 4.3-inch in costs about $150 and the 5-inch costs about $200.

Both the 5-inch and 4.3-inch monitors come with two cameras and have a range of up to 960 ft. which is decent or above the average of about 700 ft. range.

HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, HD S2
HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, HD S2

The resolution in the 5-inch is also 720p HD compared to non-HD (480×272) in the 4.3-inch option. The 5-inch option also allows you up to 4x zoom which the smaller, 4.3-inch option only has 2x digital zoom capability. If you can afford the extra $50 to buy this 5-inch option, I highly recommend it.

Babysense 5-inch Split Screen MonitorBabysense 4.3-inch Split Screen Monitor
No products found.No products found.
It has a 5-inch LCD screen that you can use to view camera feeds from more than one camera on split-screen modeIt has a 4.3-inch LCD screen that you can use to view camera feeds from more than one camera on split-screen mode
The screen displays in 720p HD resolutionsThe screen displays in non-HD 480p resolutions
Large-capacity 4000 mAh battery that lasts for up to 12 hours and up to 24 hours on ECO mode.Smaller battery capacity that lasts for 6-8 hours and 8-10 hours on ECO Mode.
4x zoom2 x zoom
Comes with 2 camerasComes with 2 cameras
You can remotely pan, tilt and zoom the cameraYou can remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera
960 ft. range960 ft. range
No products found.No products found.

Both monitors support pairing of up to 4 cameras and an add-on camera for 5-inch is a few dollars more expensive compared to the add-on camera for the 4.3-inch. You can check the price of the 5-inch add-on camera here and the price for 4.3-inch here.

Babysense vs Moonybaby

The close contender, MoonyBaby has two brands, one with a 4.3-inch screen and another with a 5-inch LCD screen. If you choose to go with MoonyBaby, the 4.3-inch option (Moonybaby Split 60) is our top recommendation as it has a long battery life of 12 to 14 hours which is more than double that of the 5-inch (Moonybaby Split 50) with a battery that lasts for 6 to 8 hours.

$199.99  in stock
as of September 14, 2023 7:26 pm

In addition to the long battery life, the 4.3-inch Moonybaby above (Split 60) also has a super long range of 1000 ft., remote pan and tilt camera, 2-way talk, and a wide viewing lens.

Below is an image of Moonybaby Split 50 with a 5-inch LCD screen, 1000 ft. range, and battery life of 6 to 8 hours. Split 50 does not have remote pan and tilt cameras

$159.99  in stock
1 used from $95.99
Free shipping
as of September 14, 2023 7:26 pm

Below is the MoonyBaby Split 55 with a 4.3-inch LCD screen, 1000 ft. range, 6-8 hours of battery life, and remote pan and tilt cameras

After careful review and comparison with Moonybaby, it’s a close contender, Babysense 5-inch LCD came top and is better than Moonybaby Split 50, Split 55, and Split 60, and all others in this list because of the following key reasons;

  • Babysense has a far longer battery life of up to 20 hours in Eco mode and 12 hours in regular streaming (advertised by manufacturer). Customers have found it to last for 8 to 10 hours while Moonybaby barely lasts for 5 hours.
  • Babysense has remote pan, tilt and zoom cameras that is only available in MoonyBaby Split 55 and Split 60.
  • Babysense 5-inch has better zoom capabilities of up to 4x which Moonybaby’s has dismal zoom capabilities – could be improved
  • MoonyBaby screens are non-HD with lower resolution compared to Babysense 5-inch LCD HD screen with 720p resolution.
  • On split-screen mode, MoonyBaby does not display temperature alert and battery level, while Babysense displays those.
Has a vivid 4.3” LCD color video screen that provides you with a clear view of what your baby is doing
Uses a 2.4GHx FHSS Technology and a wide range transmission of 960ft that provides 24/7 undisrupted connection with very clear audio and video
Has a superior 2-way talkback technology that allows you to sing a lullaby to your child for a calm sleeps session
Has a 2* digital zoom with an integrated and fully motorized Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) function, which enables you to watch the baby from any angle of her room. The baby monitor has a manual pan of up to 360 degrees and a Tilt of up to 90 degrees.
Has an Auto Infrared Night Vision that allows you to watch your baby even in darkness
Has a long battery life that ensures you long recordings of your baby
It has a split-screen on the Parent Unit, which enables you to monitor different angles of the baby’s room at the same time.

Add on Camera for Babysense 
Split-Screen Monitor
Add on Camera for Babysense
Split-Screen Monitor

You can read Babysense manuals here.

2. MoonyBaby Split-Screen Baby Monitor

MoonyBaby is a VOX baby monitor that does not rely on the internet to transmit its signals from the camera to the parent unit. Moonybaby comes with a 4.3-inch large LCD screen that supports 2-way talk.

Furthermore, it supports up to 4 cameras although you can purchase one with a single camera, or another with dual cameras. The add-on camera is quite inexpensive, priced at a cost similar to those of audio baby monitors. This monitor has great features including room temperature monitoring, 5 built-in lullabies, and 2x zoom.

Its battery lasts for 6-8 hours which is decent considering that the monitor is receiving feeds from two or more cameras.

Read our review of MoonyBaby and a comparison of MoonyBaby Split 50 vs Split 60 Vs Split 55.

Talkback feature
It has a 720p HD resolution.
Temperature & Sound alarm.
Night vision
5” LCD Display
110° wide-angle security camera.

 3. Heimvision HM136

Heimvision HM136
Heimvision HM136

The HemVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor is a baby monitor that gives you value for your money. The video monitor has a high camera clarity which provides you with every detail. 

Over 800 parents have rated this baby monitor, 4.7/5 and in June 2021, it was the 43rd best-selling baby monitor on Amazon. Here is a link to the top 100.

It uses a rechargeable battery and has a large 5-inch screen that can stay connected to the camera for up to 1000 ft.

Talkback feature
It has a 720p HD resolution.
Temperature & Sound alarm.
Night vision
5” LCD Display
110° wide-angle security camera.

Here is a video review of Heimvision HM136

Heimvision Add-on Camera

Heimvision HM136 add-on camera
Heimvision HM136 add-on camera

Heimvision HM136’s add-on camera will cost you less than $60. This monitor can be great for monitoring twins or babies in multiple rooms.

With this additional camera, you can view both babies on the same screen unlike other monitors such as Vava, Eufy, or Infant Optics that do not have split-screen viewing.

4. CasaCam BM200

CasaCam BM200 is our third best split-screen baby monitor that 180+ parents have rated 4.3/5 on Amazon. It comes with a large 5-inch screen which is ideal if you intend to view videos from more than one camera. It is also expandable and can support up to 4 cameras.

One parent said this about its split-screen feature: ” We love the split-screen on this monitor, which has worked great for our two kids. Customer service was extremely helpful when we were having some issues.”

This split-screen monitor relies on FHSS transmission which is hack-proof. It does not rely on wifi to transmit the signals from the camera to the monitors. Learn more about FHSS technology here.

The add-on camera is, however, more expensive compared to Moonybaby and Babysense brands. It costs about $99 but you can check it here on Amazon.

The CasaCam BM200 is an HD camera that one can control remotely using the monitor even while in any part of the home. 

Multiple language selection.
Rechargeable battery.
HD camera with night vision.
2-way audio.
5” portable LCD monitor.
Temperature and Lullabies display.

Below is a great video review of CasaCam Bm200

5. Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor: Ideal for Two Rooms

The MBP50-G2 brand by Motorola came fourth in our list of best baby monitors for two rooms and with split-screen monitors in 2021. The viewing enables you to view more than one video feed on the same screen. This split-screen monitor has a 5” diagonal color screen that allows you to watch a real-time video, capturing every moment. 

Motorola MBP50-G2
Motorola MBP50-G2

This baby monitor comes with two cameras. The 2-camera split-screen monitor by Motorola costs about $164 and a single-camera brand costs about $5 less. This essentially tells you to just get the dual camera baby monitor instead of a single camera and who knows, you may need to monitor two rooms or maybe you’ll get twins soon!

Two-way communication
5-inch camera
It uses the spread spectrum, a FHSS technology that ensures 100% privacy.
Has Infrared Night Vision
Room temperature display
Remote tilt, pan, and zoom.
Temperature and sound alert

Here is what a parent, Andrew had to say about the split-screen feature:

Split screen and auto camera switching is great with 2 kids. The only downside is the speaker on the camera is on the bottom. It’s difficult to hear what is being said unless you prop the camera up to fully expose the speaker.

Andrew, Jan 2019

Below is a video review of Motorola MBP50-G2

6. DBPower Video Baby Monitor

DBPower is our fifth best split-screen viewing monitor that has been rated 4.1/5 by over 700 parents. The DBPower Video baby monitor is easy to operate monitor with smart features like two-way talk, sound-activated lights, and a room temperature monitor. 

This system support split screen, and can automatically switch between cameras , also, you can manually switch to the camera you want. Press CH button on the parent unit. It will cycle in the following order: CAM1-CAM2-CAM3-CAM4-QUAD(Split Screen)-AUTO SCAN-CAM1.

DBPOwer custoemr service
Temperature monitor
Expandable camera
270 degrees Pan-tilt-zoom
4.3” large screen

7. Summer Infant Dual View

The Summer Infant Dual View is the 6th best monitor with a split-screen viewing feature in this Motherhood HQ list. It comes with a large 5-inch monitor and a wide-angle lens which allows you to see 4X more of the room and your baby.

Below is what Emily, a parent had to say about Summer Infant’s Dual View:

Yes. It has split-screen. We use two monitors simultaneously. FYI – It only does audio of one at a time though, you can select which one.

Emily Jerge
Rechargeable battery
Wall mountable camera
600-foot wide range
3.5” color LCD video display

8. VTech VM343

VTech VM343 is our 7th best split-screen monitor in our 2021 list. The VTech VM343 allows one to hear and monitor a baby’s moves since it has a 1000-feet range.

The camera has the ability to pan and tilt where one can watch as the baby moves about. 

Automatic Infrared Night vision
Two-way, talk-back intercom
Temperature sensor
4.3” color LCD screen
Comes with multiple viewing options

9. Motorola MBP855CONNECT

The Motorola MBP855CONNECT is a portable video monitor, WiFi-enabled with a large 5.0” display. The camera is equipped with a long-life battery that allows you to monitor your baby anywhere you are. 

Room temperature display
5.0” color screen display
WiFi: 2.4 GHz FHSS with up to 1000 range
Remote HD (720p) Video streaming
Portable camera with Pan, Tilt and zoom features

10. Moonybaby 5-inch monitor: 2-camera Baby Monitor with Split-screen monitor

The Moonbaby WideView 50 baby monitor with audio and camera is one of the best baby monitors in the market. This is one of my best 2-camera baby monitors with a split screen monitor and the monitor comes with a 5” large screen display, temperature alert, screen split technology, and auto night vision mode. 

2 Cameras for 2 Rooms
Up to 4 cameras connectivity
Talk-back feature
Room Temoerature monitoring
Power saving mode
Auto-night vision
360-degree manual rotated camera

11. VTech VM321-2 

The VTech VM321 is a video and audio monitor that allows one to monitor every baby’s move from any room of the house. This monitor comes with 2 cameras making it a double baby monitor with split screen. With great features like secure transmission and talk-back, you can rest assured that your baby is sound and safe. 

Infrared LED light.
It can be mounted on the wall.
Talk-Back Intercom feature
Split-screen viewing
Digital Transmission

12. Vava Split-Screen Baby Monitor

The VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen is the perfect way to keep an eye on your kids, even when they’re in multiple rooms. With simultaneous live visuals on a split-screen, you can rest assured that your little ones are always safe and sound.

VAVA’s design and build is great and it won the 2018 Red Dot Design Awards for Baby products at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). You’ll notice that VAVA used quality materials to build the camera and the screen as they are sturdy and for stability, the base of the cameras are heavier with rubber mini-stands. The rubber makes them less prone to sliding off furniture or tables.

Installation was a breeze. The camera just plugs into an outlet and the parent unit which uses a rechargeable battery easily pairs with the dual camera to give you a quality no-delay stream. Unlike wifi baby monitors that experience a delay as a result of data transfer over the internet, VAVA uses a local network and there is literally no delay in transmission.

This device is perfect for parents who have twins or children in different rooms. With two simultaneous feeds, you can keep an eye on both of your little ones at the same time. Plus, the Dual Feed Baby Monitor comes with a built-in nightlight to help soothe your babies when they’re trying to sleep.

You never have to worry about losing connection with your little ones again with VAVA’s 900 ft. transmission range! Whether you’re in the next room or across the house, you can stay connected to them and keep an eye on what they’re up to.

No more messy wires! The freedom of no cords comes to your monitor with this sleek device. You can bring your screen with you as you move around the house – perfect for following recipes in the kitchen or keeping an eye on the baby in another room. Plus, our secure FHSS non-wifi transmission technology guarantees 100% privacy of your signal during transit to the parent unit.

With 720P HD security cameras, you’ll get crystal-clear visuals of everything happening in real-time.

Our top-of-the-line pan/tilt camera is perfect for keeping an eye on your busiest spaces. Whether you’re watching the kids play in the yard or keeping an eye on your pet, this camera has easy zoom, autofocus, and full angle mobility to ensure you get the perfect view. You can also utilize Vava’s 2x and 4x zoom options that give you the ability to get close detail without losing quality.

The Automatic Night Mode on the Vava Split-screen Baby monitor ensures that you can always see your baby, even in the middle of the night. Whether you’re trying to get a few more hours of sleep or just want to check in on your little one during their midnight feeding, this feature makes it easy to keep an eye on them.

The VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen gives you the peace of mind you need when leaving your little one at home. With up to 18 hours of audio-only mode and up to 10 hours of audiovisual mode, this monitor will keep you connected even when you’re not in the room.

Vava monitor with split-screen is expandable and you can connect up to 4 cameras and keep an eye on multiple rooms at once – perfect for large homes or busy families. With motion detection and night vision, you can rest assured that your home is always protected.

When you order VAVa baby monitor with split-screen viewing, you get 2 cameras, one 5-inch parent unit IPS display and one adapter. The cable is 192 cm.

The screen has 8 levels of brightness which enables you to adjust according to the level that is ideal for you at any time. For example, when it’s totally dark at night, you may want to keep the level of brightness at under 3. I have found level 1 or 2 to work best as you can clearly see your twins or multiple kids yet the brightness wouldn’t hurt your eyes.

Image showing VAVA's 2 video footages on same screen split side by side
Image showing VAVA’s 2 video footages on the same screen split side by side

To give you more flexibility to the audio output, Vava split-screen video baby monitor has 7 levels of volume which you can adjust to fit your preferred level that wouldn’t be too loud and can still hear the audio from your babies’ rooms.

The VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen is a great way to keep an eye on your kids, even when they’re in different rooms. With simultaneous live visuals on a split-screen, you can rest assured that your little ones are always safe and sound.

I got this camera because of its split-screen feature that enables me to see my kids simultaneously on the same screen but you can also choose to have the screen switch automatically from one camera feed to another every 15 seconds. The split-screen feature works when you have two cameras but switches every 15 seconds when you have more than 2 cameras. The sound/audio is only available on the active camera that you are currently viewing.

This screen-switch feature is common with non-split screen expandable cameras that you can set a particular time interval where the feed will switch from one camera to another. Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro uses this feature and switches automatically from one camera feed to another every 10 seconds. However, there are several time options that you can choose when setting the intervals to select.

Vava also has split-screen viewing and 2-way audio talk but you’ll have to choose the camera to talk through. It also has an alarm feeding function that you can set for 2, 4, or 6 hours depending on your baby’s feeding schedule.

When the alarm is set, it beeps 30 seconds before the set time and an icon will show on the screen to remind you that it is time to feed your baby. You can also customize the settings for each camera so that you can receive alerts when there is motion or sound in the room.


  • Great quality images on its 5-inch HD display
  • Great pan and tilt feature which you can remotely do using the parent unit controls
  • Long battery life thanks to its 4500 mAh battery capacity that enables it to last for up to 18 hours
  • Secure connection with its Wifi-free transmission thanks to FHSS connection which guarantees 100% security of signals in transit
  • Split-screen viewing with screen display showing room temperature, audio symbol (wave) for the active camera, timer/alarm, and time functions
  • 2-way talkback that enables you to talk to your baby. Note that you can only talk to one baby at once as the split-screen feature enables you to select the active camera that you can activate its audio.


  • No lullabies. You can check baby monitors with lullabies here.
  • No recording or playback feature as it does not support local storage using SD card
  • The green light for night vision is visible at night. Great night-vision baby monitors use invisible infrared light that will not bother your baby’s sleep.
  • If you have more than 2 cameras, it doesn’t use the split-screen feature anymore and you’ll have to manually switch from camera to camera or set it to automatically switch every 15 seconds.

Babysense vs Vava Split-Screen Monitors

So, how does Babysense compare with Vava?

  • First, both brands have great quality images on their HD displays. The resolution for both is 720p HD (pixels 1280 x 720).
  • Vava has a larger battery capacity of 4500 mAh while Babysense has an equally large but 500-less capacity. Babysense has a 4000 mAh battery capacity but both have long battery lives.
  • Babysense is voice-activated and can go into sleep mode or standby mode while VAVA is not voice-activated
  • While both have large 4x zoom, Babysense has a longer range of transmission – 960 ft. against VAVA’s 900 ft. range
  • VAVA split-screen baby monitor is more expensive than Babysense split-screen monitor by about $70
  • Vava is only available on its website here while Babysense is being sold by various retailers including Amazon. You can check its price today here.

13. JouSecu Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

This Baby Monitor from JouSecu is yet another great pick for the best split screen monitor for twins on my review today. It features a 4.3-inches LCD split screen so you can see the real-time scenes of the two installed cameras with the picked monitor’s audio being the only one you hear. I love the monitor’s customizable room temperature detection that helps maintain a healthy environment for your growing baby.

In addition to screen brightness tuning, 2-way talk, auto night vision mode, and zoom functions, this baby monitor features baby crying detection with 4 sensitivity modes. The system has a 1440mAh rechargeable battery that gives 8 hours of use when fully-charged. For info protection, it uses 2.4GHz FHSS transmission tech with 1000 ft. range outdoors and 300-500 ft indoors.

In-built 2.4GHz FHSS transmission tech
1000-ft outdoors, 300-500 ft indoors
Crying detection tech
In-built 5 lullabies
4.3” LCD screen display
Plug-and-Play mode

Buy on Amazon here

If you are still looking for more options, I would recommend the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount for parents with one kid. Nanit was founded in 2014 by Tor Ivry, Assaf Glazer, and Andrew Berman and is headquartered in New York City, NY.

Split-Screen Baby Monitors Buying Guide 2022

Is a split screen baby monitor worth it?

Other than offering you the ability to check on more than one baby from a separate room, split-screen monitors provide convenience via a single system. Therefore, it will save you the cost of purchasing two different systems or switching screens when monitoring your babies playing or sleeping. You get a real-time update on what your children are up to from a distance.

How We Ranked The Best Baby Monitors With Split-Screen from 1 to 10

The list below has our top 10 baby monitors with this feature and we’ve ranked them beginning with our best. After committing several hours to develop this research, we decided that we’d use the following factors to rank the top baby monitors that have split-screen viewing capability:

  1. Quality of videos, VGA vs HD
  2. Delays in video transmission
  3. Size of the baby monitor screen
  4. Color vs. non-color videos in the baby monitor
  5. Night vision feature
  6. Number of cameras the baby monitor supports
  7. Price

How to pick the right split screen monitor for your family

While you should stay within your planned budget when buying a split-screen monitor for your family, it is good to consider the range and other priorities. You don’t have to overspend to get quality. So, here are the features to keep in mind when choosing a dual-screen baby monitor:

Image Quality
Go for a product with sharp images. You should avoid anything with an image quality of below 720p.
Number of Extra Cameras
How many babies do you intend to monitor? Choose depending on the number of locations you expect to use your monitors.
Signal Coverage
Whether you plan to use it in a closed or open system in a smaller or large home, make sure that the signal coverage is good enough for a strong reception and clear image view. This is particularly important unless you are using a system that transmits onto your home Wi-Fi.
Most rechargeable monitor systems can give you a whopping 8 hours when used constantly or up to 12 hours with occasional use. If you get a system that can be plugged in continually with likely wireless use, the better.
Camera Features
Pick a camera that comes with handy features such as zoom, tilt, and pan functions to help you watch your little one(s) closely. If the camera features infrared frequency, the better for observing your children without waking them up by turning on the lights.
Audio Features
Choose a system that offers a two-way audio systems so you can soothe or sing to your children when they seem unsettled and comfort them. This improves their chance to sleep.
Regardless of the marketing hype about it being a closed system, almost all interconnecting devices are susceptible to hacking, especially via your home’s Wi-Fi. And while that is true, the main weakness comes in our passwords. You should take extra measures like encrypting connections, assigning an email, and registering to prevent baby monitor hacking.
Extra Features
From nightlights to room temperature and breathing monitoring, tracking apps, and the capacity to sing lullabies, different split screen monitors offer handy features. However, you can prioritize the most useful ones and forgo the rest.

Where to buy 2-Camera Split-Screen Baby Monitors

Living in Australia, Canada, the UK, or New Zealand (NZ) among other regions? You will find split screen baby monitors for sale in the brick-and-mortar stores near you. Alternatively, you can buy on Amazon via this link. These handy baby devices are also available on other online stores such as Walmart, Target, and more.

FAQs on Split-Screen Baby Monitors

List of Top Baby MonitorsEditors' Choice
Overall Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro
Best Dual-Camera Split Screen baby MonitorBabysense HD S2
Best Baby With the Longest RangePanasonic Long-Range Video Baby Monitor
Best Monitor Powered by Batteries VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor (19 hours on a single charge)
The Best Voice-activated(VOX) Baby Monitor Anmeate Baby Monitor
The Best Breathing Baby MonitorOwlet Smart Sock 3
Best Large-Screen Video Baby MonitorVTech VM919HD Video Monitor
The Best Audio/Sound-only Baby MonitorPhilips AVENT SCD720/86
The Best 5 GHz Wifi Baby MonitoriBaby M8 Video Baby Monitor
The Best Baby Car Camera/MonitorYada Portable Baby Monitor

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