vtech dm111 audio baby monitor
vtech dm111 audio baby monitor

VTech DM111 was released to the market in March 2014 and it has barely varied its price. It remains the cheapest audio baby monitor and among the few that are very inexpensive. At one point, it used to be significantly important to get a baby monitor. In fact, the nanny cams in the 1990s sold for as high as $900! The analog Fisher Price audio baby monitors sold for over $80 in 1980s.

VTech is known for developing baby products for the mass market. The model being, develop a product and make it very affordable that the economies of scale can allow the manufacturer to recover the sales cost

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What Makes VTech DM111 A Great Audio Baby Monitor

1. The Cheapest Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM111 has remained the top-selling audio baby monitor for over three years and this success can be partly attributed to its low price. The inexpensive unit comes with a belt clip, a very essential add-on feature and 5-level sound indicator. This is all for less a very low price that is affordable to most people. It is very hard to find another matching baby monitor with the quality of VTech DM111 that sells for that low price. A review of its price trends indicates that VTech has consistently maintained the low price, making it easy for parents who may be trying a baby monitor for the first time to easily buy it. If you also want a baby monitor and are unsure whether you’ll be using it every day, you can purchase the VTech DM111 as it is very pocket-friendly.

2. Digital Transmission

VTech DM111 is a digital baby monitor and that sets it apart from several audio baby monitors that came before it. Digital transmission ensures that the audio signal being relayed is not interfered with, making it more clear.

3. VTech DM111 Manual Is Very Easy To Follow

VTech DM111 has one of the easiest manuals of all the audio baby monitors we’ve reviewed. VTech DM111 has won awards and favorable mentions because of its ease of use. It can be used by anyone with limited skills in using any technology gadget. The manual actually indicates that all you need to do is follow the following steps

  1. Connect the baby monitor

    Connect the baby and the parent unit to AC power to chargeStep 1 - VTech DM111 Manual

  2. Test the units away from the baby

    Once you’ve charged the units, power them on. If the units are close together, move the parent unit away as you may hear a high-pitch noise. Do not use it yet. Adjust the sound volume until it is appropriate for your baby.

  3. Ready to use the monitor – Power them on next to your baby

    When you are comfortable with the sound level, power the Vtech DM111 next to the baby, the baby unit by pressing and holding the power button. Same with the parent unit. Step 3 - VTech DM111 Manual


Video Review of VTech DM221

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