Twins Strollers With Two Car Seats

Twins Strollers With Two Car Seats

Are you looking for the best strollers for your twins? This can be a difficult task, especially when looking for strollers that can also accept two car seats because they are so few in the market. But, we are here to help you, and after combing the internet, we compiled a shortlist of the best double strollers that will accommodate your twins and car seats and provide all the nice features that you would desire to make your parenting life a lot easier.

Basically, double strollers also come in two types of styles: side by side, where the kids sit next to each other, or tandem, where one kid sits behind the other or faces each other. The tandem configuration is commonly used with a toddler and an infant, but it can work with twins if you can get a stroller that accepts two identical seats. On our list, you will find both styles, and strollers for both flat terrain and all-terrain, and a price tag that befits everyone’s budget.

Here are the best twin strollers that accept two car seats in the market.

Reviews of Twins Strollers With Two Car Seats

Overall Best Twin Stroller 2022

1. Contours V2 Convertible Double Stroller

This is one of the most affordable double strollers in the market ($400 range) and the cheapest on this list, but it packs many impressive features. It is perfect to use with infant twins up to 40 pounds each. We loved that it is compatible with a wide range of infant car seat brands, so you won’t have a hard time selecting compatible car seats. Some twin strollers will only accept car seats from their manufacturer. But, you need to buy universal adapters separately for most car seats and some brands such as Graco, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi/Nuna, and Britax also require brand-specific adapters.

This double stroller has a tandem-seat configuration, and it is very versatile, allowing you to position the seats in up to 7 styles. Some like face-to-face, face-to-forward, and face backward work really well with twins. Your kids will also be comfortable because you can recline the seats to near the flat, and the footrest is also adjustable.

The stroller is specially designed to give a user-friendly experience, the most notable aspects being the wheels and braking system. It features the never-flat tires made of EVA so you will never have a puncture, and the rear wheels are rubber coated to give a smoother ride. It has dynamic suspension for both front and rear wheels. For the braking system, it is sandal friendly and easy to use. Stepping forward on the brake activates it while stepping back releases it. 

The strollers also feature separate canopies for each child, and we like that because one baby can be snoozing while the other wants to explore the world. The canopies are also expandable and have a mesh peek-a-boo window with magnetic closures so you can check on your angels as you journey along. It also has a decent-sized storage basket that is easily accessible. And, there is a side zipper access, which is ingenious! For accessories, you get a parent cup holder for your beverage.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a heavy stroller. But, your troubles are lessened because it folds up and auto locks easily and with both seats still fixed, so at least you don’t have to remove the car seats. You can also easily detach the wheels to make it more compact if you want to cut down storage space. Once folded, it is self-standing, keeping it neat and clean.

Lastly, if you plan on taking your twins to Disney, there is no need to hassle for a suitable stroller. Contour Option Elite meets the requirements when the front seat is facing the parent.


  • Stroller weight: 34 pounds
  • Weight limit: 40 pounds per seat
  • 8 seating configurations
  • Five-point harness
  • Reclining seat
  • Parent cup holder
  • Storage basket
  • Independently adjustable canopies with peek-a-boo windows
  • Disney size approved
  • Dynamic front and rear wheel suspension
  • Multi-brand car seat compatibility with adapters (car seats and adapters sold separately)


  • High quality and stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Reclining seats and adjustable footrest for comfort
  • Large basket with a zippered side pocket for easy access
  • Quick and easy folding and unfolding
  • Wheels can be removed for more compact storage
  • Great pricing


  • Heavy
  • Though the handle is contoured, the height is not adjustable
  • Reviewers complain that the parent cup holder is too small, unstable, and unusable
  • Hard to maneuver, especially with heavy children
  • It doesn’t come with a child’s tray

Most Lightweight Double Stroller

2. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

If you live in the city and have infant twins that you would just love to pamper the best way possible, get this stroller. It is another affordable option (price range between $390- $ 480), but the quality is excellent and has amazing features. It is also an excellent choice for a travel double stroller.

Can you believe that it is just 20 pounds? Yes, this is the lightest double stroller we have seen. Most double strollers weigh between 25 to 45 pounds, so this one is super convenient for running errands, and it accepts two identical infant car seats. Plus, it is compatible with the most popular car seats so that you can use them right from birth. (Both car seats and adapters are sold separately) The only trade-off is that the maximum weight limit is 33 pounds for each baby, so your kids will use it for less than four years.

This umbrella stroller is very comfortable for your twins. It lets them sit side by side, and the 26 inches tall seats can recline deeply for naps while on the move. Each seat also has an adjustable footrest and three-panel adjustable canopies for protection against the sun.

Remember we mentioned pampering your sweet bunnies? Well, the Nano Duo has a really cool accessory for your newborns they call a “Cocoon,” which is a comfy gear that you attach to the strollers without needing adapters for your babies to lie snugly (you will need two for your twins). The other advantage to you is that if your babies are fast asleep, you can just pick them up in their cocoons without waking them. Plus, the cocoon has a canopy to keep your babies’ protected from the sun.

This stroller has non-flat wheels made of EVA and is only good for use on even terrains such as sidewalks, streets, malls, airports, etc. The front wheel can also swivel and lock for better maneuverability and stability. The rear wheels have suspension to give smoother rides for your little passengers.

One area that the Nano Duo beats the rest is having the tiniest fold. It has a tri-fold done in two easy steps into a small size that you can carry over your shoulder with the attached strap or store in a less spacious trunk. It is also self-standing when folded.

It also has not so spacious storage compared to the others but still enough to get you by.


  • Stroller weight: 20 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation per child: 33 pounds
  • Compact fold with carrying straps
  • Independent reclining seats
  • Cocoon Accessory (sold separately)
  • Compatible car seats: Mountain Buggy, Graco, Phil&teds, Peg Perego, Cybex, Nuna, Maxi Cosi
  • Canopy
  • Extra-large basket


  • Smallest fold
  • One-handed maneuverability
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Great for travel with attached carrying straps
  • Easily fits through standard doorways
  • Seats can recline for comfort
  • Comes in several color options


  • Expensive
  • Your child will outgrow it fast
  • It is complicated to fold; you need a bit of practice
  • Doesn’t have peek-a-boo windows
  • Doesn’t have an adjustable handle
  • Doesn’t have accessories like parent and child tray

Best Twin Stroller with Best Design

3. Peg Pegero Book For Two

Some reviewers remarked that this stroller feels like a luxurious car. The quality is superb, the style is on point, and it offers a great user experience. Though it is a bit expensive ($650 range), you will get to use it for a good number of years as it accommodates a weight of up to 45 pounds per kid. Note that it only accepts Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 infant car seats.

It has large never-flat wheels and suspension that enables it to glide smoothly on different terrains, although it is most suitable for flat terrains in the city. Plus, the handlebar is cushioned and is adjustable to different heights allowing even very tall or short people to push easily.

This stroller is great for everyday use and travel. It is only 29 inches wide, enabling it to maneuver crowded sidewalks and standard doorways. That said, the seats are also narrower and may be too tight for chubby kids. It also folds inwards to self-stand, remaining neat and clean. For a more compact fold, you can remove the wheels.

This stroller provides all that you and your twins will need. The seats can recline independently to allow either kid to keep enjoying the view or to nap. There is a separate canopy for each child with a mesh peek-a-boo window to keep your eye on them and also provide airflow to prevent overheating in the sweltering summer heat. There are also pockets to keep handy items like wipes, keys, wallet, etc, and a spacious basket to keep a diaper bag and other items you may need. We also love that the bumper bar is removable to allow your kids to get in and out easily.


  • Stroller weight: 30 pounds
  • Maximum weight per child: 45 pounds
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Independent reclining seats
  • Canopies with mesh peek-a-boo windows and magnetic closures
  • Non-flat wheels with suspension
  • Folds inwards
  • Back storage pockets and large underneath basket
  • Compatible with Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seats only


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • One-handed steering
  • Easy folding and unfolding mechanism
  • Spacious storage
  • Wheels do not need inflating
  • Wheels can be removed for compact storage


  • Very pricey
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t come with accessories such as trays, cup holders, or rain cover
  • Occupies a large space even when folded
  • Doesn’t accept other car seat brands except for Primo Viaggio 4/35 infant car seats

Best Jogger Double Stroller for Twins

4. Bumbleride Indie Twin

Double strollers that accept identical car seats are so few in the market, and joggers are even much harder to get. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is perhaps the best all-terrain double stroller; it provides you with tons of great features, not-so-expensive pricing considering it’s a double stroller for all-terrain ($800 range), and great looks to boot. It was upgraded in 2020, and the new version has superior fabrics and materials and new colors you will love. It is also more eco-friendly as it does not contain toxic chemicals and uses water-resistant fabrics made from recycled fishing nets and plastics collected from the ocean.

While this stroller is definitely heavy, it has large 12-inch air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension that cruise all terrains like a breeze. Don’t worry about puncture; the pump is included. Reviewers have found it easy to steer on one hand. Plus, it has a handlebar with adjustable height to make it even more comfortable to push regardless of your height.

This stroller is perfect for twins because it accepts two car seats of the same size and two bassinets. With adapters (sold separately), it accepts car seats from Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, and Nuna. This means you can use it right from birth and into toddlerhood because it carries up to a maximum weight of 90 pounds for both kids. Being a jogger, it has a strap for your wrist and 5 point harness for safety.

With two kids on the road, an ideal stroller should be able to provide a large enough storage area for all your necessities. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is unbeatably generous. The under-storage basket is extra-large, and there are also pockets in the back as additional storage for drinks, snacks, toys, etc.

It also has comfort features like infinite recline, adjustable footrest, and a pop-out extendable canopy with UPF 45+ protection that unzips to give way to a mesh peek-a-boo window. And lastly, it has a one-step fold and auto-lock into a self-standing position and has carrying handles.


  • Stroller weight: 36 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 45 pounds per child
  • All-terrain wheels with suspension
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 5point harness
  • Handlebar with adjustable height
  • Wrist strap
  • Canopies with UPF 45+ protection and mesh peek-a-boo windows when unzipped
  • Extra-large storage baskets and pockets


  • High quality and durable
  • Smoothest one hand gliding
  • Luxurious super-soft fabrics
  • Uses environmentally friendly materials, some of which are recycled to reduce pollution
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ample storage with extra-large basket and tons of pockets
  • Fits through standard doorways


  • Expensive
  • Not the smallest, even when folded
  • Heaviest on this list
  • It is a bit small for toddler twins

Best Quality Twin Stroller

5. UPPAbaby VISTA V2

This is the most expensive stroller on this list ($900 range), but you will love its versatility, excellent functionality, and top-notch quality. Like all UPPAbaby Vista products, this stroller is for those who love a gear that turns heads and lasts through generations. The V2 has had an improved look since early 2020, and it now looks more stunning than ever with new premium colors and leather fabrics, and even more impressive performance.

This stroller can function as a single stroller (with one child in the main seat) or attach what the company calls the Rumble Seat to convert to a double for your twins. You also have an option of adding the Piggyback Ride-Along Board if you have an older 3rd child. The Rumble Seat and Piggyback Ride-Along Board are sold separately. Note that the Rumble seat has a lesser carrying capacity (35 pounds) than the toddler seat (50 pounds), so if you want a stroller that will grow with your twins into their toddlerhood, this may not be a suitable option.

One of its outstanding features is that it comes along with a bassinet for free! The bassinet is also of high quality and has a mattress, removable and breathable mattress pad with a vented base, and its own UPF 50+ sun canopy. The canopy unzips to reveal a mesh window for additional airflow. You can use the bassinet for overnight sleep or naps during the day with a newborn of up to 20 pounds. In the case of twins, you only need to buy an extra bassinet and probably stands to keep the bassinet off the floor.

Again, Vista V2 is very versatile and great for twins and kids of different ages as well. It can accept two infant car seats, two bassinets, two toddler seats, or you can combine any of these gears depending on your needs. We also loved that it accepts UPPAbaby Mesa car seat without using an adapter and many other brands such as Chicco, Clek Living, Cybex, Nuna PIPA, Maxi-Cosi, and Peg Perego with adapters, so if you already own any of these car seats, you should be good to go.

Whether you are using it as a single or double stroller or with the Rumble seat or bassinet, the V2 allows a wide range of seating configurations. Both the main seat and Rumble seats have similar features except for the weight capacity difference. They are reversible, so you can have them facing you or outwards. They can also recline into six positions, and the footrest moves along with the backrests providing your little ones with a relaxing space to nap. They also have a bumper bar, a removable canopy with extendable UPF 50+ protection, and a bug shield. The canopy can be unzipped to reveal mesh peek-a-boo windows for monitoring and breathability.

V2 is also very user-friendly. It has excellent all-wheel suspension for bump-free rides and an easy-to-operate sandal-friendly foot brake. It also has a telescoping handlebar with adjustable height to suit users of different heights. It also folds to self-standing in one simple step.

Lastly, it offers you the largest storage basket ever. With 30 pounds capacity, you can carry the diaper bag, blankets, water bottles, etc. It also has a pocket to keep small valuable items like a phone, keys, and wallet.


  • Stroller weight: 26.6 pounds (single) and 32.6 pounds (double)
  • Maximum weight capacity: Toddler seat 50 pounds & Rumble seat-35 pounds
  • One free bassinet
  • Six reclining positions
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Self-standing fold
  • Extendable UPF 50+ canopies with peek a boo windows
  • Extra-large basket
  • Multi-car seat compatibility with adapters and with UPPAbaby Mesa without adapters


  • A free bassinet
  • Top-notch quality fabric
  • Aesthetically appealing designs
  • Removable fabrics for easy cleaning
  • Durable construction
  • One-handed smooth gliding and maneuvering
  • Great for growing families
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Canopy with UPF50+, bug and rain protection, and mesh peek-a-boo window
  • Generous storage basket