9 Ways to Turn off Home Security Camera Guide & Tips

If you’re seeking methods to deactivate, disconnect, or disable your home security camera recordings, I have provided a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions tailored to various camera models. This proven approach will help you effectively manage and control your camera system. If you are the proud owner of a home security camera system, chances are … Read more

Baby Hazards and What to Do

In the 2011-2021 period, there were 76 recalls annually for baby products, almost half compared to 2001-2010 which had average annual recalls of 132 products. The chart below shows the falling number of recalls from 2001 to 2021; Part of the improvements in the safety of the products has been credited to the 2008 law … Read more

10 Big Family Advantages 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of a big family.jpg

According to most definitions, a big family is one with more than three children or more, and in this post, I have shared my years-earned knowledge on big family advantages and disadvantages. At the onset, the advantages of a big family are clear. Think of the shared responsibilities, family fun, and your children will always … Read more

Baby Registry Checklist

Baby registry checklist

How baby registry works A baby registry is a list of items done by expectant parents showing the gifts they would wish to receive from specific stores. The purpose of the registry is to prevent receiving duplicate items and also make sure the items blend well with their nursery décor.  The registry can be done … Read more

History of Baby Showers & Pagan Origin

history of baby showers

This post is part of our educational series on the history of common baby gear and baby events including baby showers which have been around since Ancient Egypt. Baby Shower occasions have been celebrated since ancient Egyptian and Roman times, where guests gave newborns and new parents handmade gifts. While the activities involved in baby … Read more

What Not To Put on Baby Registry

what not to put on a baby registry

When you’re registering for your baby, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. And with so much at stake, it’s tempting to go ahead and register for everything. But there are a few things you should avoid putting on your registry – here’s why. Whether you plan to create a … Read more

5 Best Fetal Dopplers

fetal doppler

In this post, I have shared details on the best fetal dopplers that you can purchase today to hear the heartbeat of your unborn baby and monitor their progress. Wondering when it is safe to hear the baby’s heartbeat using fetal doppler at home? I have used a doptone during my three pregnancies and thought … Read more