Upcoming Updates to Motherhood HQ Lists

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Motherhood HQ is excited to announce upcoming updates to our recommendations lists. The upcoming updates will cover baby monitor lists, sleep and nursery furniture lists, baby feeding lists, and more! Read on for more information on what’s changing and why.

Why do we do periodic updates?

As we receive more information about different baby gear, we adjust our recommendations to ensure that the information we’re providing is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Periodic updates also give us the opportunity to reconsider older recommendations in light of new products or changes in the market.

What’s changing on our lists?

This round of updates includes revisions to our best non-wifi baby monitors list, best wifi baby monitors list, best activity centers list, and best baby loungers list. In addition, we will also update our lists of the best smart home monitors (Google Home, Apple Homekit & Alexa).

Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitors

We’re removing the VAVA Baby Monitor from our best non-wifi baby monitors list as we found most reviews to have possibly been incentivized. Last year, Amazon removed all products by VAVA because of ‘seemingly ignoring the platform’s rules.’

In its investigation, Amazon found that Vava was offering gift cards in exchange for an Amazon review which is against Amazon’s rules of listing and operating on the marketplace.

Sunvalley, the parent company of VAVA said in the statement that the products affected Amazon stores purge count for 31 percent of its revenue, which is a lot.

What this means;

VAVA has been our #1 top recommended non-wifi baby monitor and we based our recommendations on our tests as well as aggregate feedback from customers who had great things to say about VAVA. We will be replacing VAVA with Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro which was recently by Infant Optics – the company that pioneered interchangeable lens technology in baby monitors.

We will also shake up our ranking to include some recently released units including Dr. Meter Baby Monitor, Bonoch Baby monitor, Hellobaby 5-inch Baby monitor, and Babysense 5-inch Baby monitor. We look forward to making the updates as some of the recent non-wifi baby monitor releases have high-resolution videos as well as split-screen viewing.

Best wifi baby monitors list

Owlet was recently recalled following an FDA inquiry that claimed that Owlet should be classified as a medical device. This meant that Owlet needs to obtain FDA approval to retail its smart sock devices. It is no longer available for sale in the US, pending the FDA license and we will be updating our list of best wifi monitors to remove Owlet Smart Sock 3 from the list of best wifi baby monitors.

We will also remove iBaby M7 and replace it with iBaby M8, the latest wifi-enabled monitor by iBaby. There will be a few other updates to the list including the removal of the Peteme baby monitor.

Best baby breathing monitors list.

Same as wifi monitors above, we will be updating our list of breathing monitors to remove Owlet Smart Sock 3 which is no longer available for sale in the US market. Some other updates will touch on Sense U and Wellue Baby Monitors.

Ashley & the team