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UU Infant baby monitor is one of the baby monitors that do not rely on the internet and is one of our top 10 non-wifi baby monitors in 2019. As of this publication in September 2019, UU Infant baby monitor has been rated 4.3/5 by over 450 customers on Amazon.

Snapshot showing UU Infant Baby Monitor rank on Amazon
Snapshot showing UU Infant Baby Monitor rank on Amazon in September 2019

In addition, UU Infant baby monitor is currently the 21st best-selling baby monitor among the top 100 best-selling baby monitors on Amazon. UU Infant baby monitor is manufactured by a Chinese company called UU Infant which was founded in 2017. However, a company named Splending LLC is the known seller on Amazon and provides support using the email; support@willcare.net

UU Infant Baby Monitor
UU Infant Baby Monitor (Link to Amazon)

Features of UU Infant Baby Monitor

UU Infant video baby monitor has the following features:

  1. 3.5-inch LCD screen similar to that of Babysense and Infant Optics DXR 8
  2. 2-way audio
  3. Infrared night vision
  4. Temperature sensors
  5. Uses FHSS transmission technology and does not rely on the internet and neither does it connect to your phone
  6. It is expandable and can support up to four cameras
  7. One year warranty
  8. It is one of the cheapest video baby monitors retailing for just $65 when this review was published in September 2019. You can check its current price on Amazon here.
  9. UU Infant camera can be manually rotated 180° in horizontal and 120° vertical for a better viewing position

UU Infant Baby Monitor Video Review:

Pros and Cons of UU Infant


  • Very cheap, one of the few video baby monitors that are highly rated and selling under $100.
  • Long battery life of up to 10 hours
  • It is expandable and can support up to 4 cameras
  • You can rely on it for long-range connectivity between the camera and the parent unit for up to 960 ft.
  • Has 4 lullabies you can play to lull your baby to sleep
  • Guarantees 100% security of your baby as it uses a hack-proof 2.4 GHz FHSS transmission technology.
  • It is can be set to go into Eco-mode which essentially put the baby monitor to a sleep-mode until it is activated by any noise the baby makes. VOX baby monitors emit less EMF radiation and have longer battery life.


  • The company manufacturing UU Infant is not very responsive and there are limited guides on how to install
  • It does not support split-screen viewing and you’d have to click the ‘OK’ button if you want to switch from one screen to another. You can set it to switch between cameras every 10 seconds but when this setting is on, the VOX/ECO mode automatically gets turned off.
  • Some customers have complained of UU Infant baby monitor not charging after 9 to 12 months of use.

UU Infant Baby Monitor Customer Service

UU Infant is sold by Splendid LLC, a seller on Amazon who also acts as the UU Infant customer service. According to several customers, UU Infant customer service are very responsive and if you want to claim a warranty, you can expect to be served within 24 hours. You can also contact UU Infant customer care using this email;  support@willcare.net

UU Infant Baby Monitor Manual

The UU Infant Baby monitor manual below has all the instructions you need to mount the camera of your UU Infant baby monitor. You can download the manual below for easy viewing.



If you don’t like UU Infant very much, you can try these other options:

  1. Infant Optics DXR 8 – It has a 3.5-inch screen and uses the same hackproof transmission technology used by UU Infant baby monitor. This is our best baby monitor overall in the category of video baby monitors that do not rely on the internet. It is also the overall best-selling baby monitor on Amazon and has held the crown since 2017. More than 30,000 customers on Amazon have rated it 4.4/5 which is decent. Its reviews are only surpassed by DBPower‘s 4.6/5 and Eufy Spaceview S’ 4.5/5.
  2. Eufy Spaceview S Baby Monitor – It is another non-wifi baby monitor that has a dedicated 5-inch LCD screen and can support up to 4 cameras. Only Eufy Spaceview S and Motorola MBP36XL (which we do not highly recommend) come with this large 5-inch screen.
  3. Anmeate Video Baby Monitor
  4. Babysense video baby monitor
  5. Hellobaby video baby monitor

UU Infant Troubleshooting and FAQs

If you are experiencing any challenge with your UU Infant not working or night vision images are blurry, follow the steps below to troubleshoot your issue with UU Infant baby monitor.

UU Infant baby monitor night vision not working

If the night vision is not working try restarting your UU Infant baby monitor. If restarting does not work, try replacing the batteries of the camera as they may not be working well. Cameras of baby monitors need stable power supply to activate night vision mode. You can also try a different adapter. The last fix would be to try to restore the factory settings to remove any erroneous configuration that may be bringing the night vision of your UU Infant baby monitor camera.

UU Infant baby monitor not working

UU Infant can stop functioning after a while in that you charge both units and try to power it on but the screen remains blank. What you can try is pressing the RESET button at the back and holding it for at least 30 seconds. That should reset the UU Infant camera and may start working again. If that doesn’t help, try sending an email to support@willcare.net get a replacement if your UU Infant is still within the one year warranty period.

UU Infant baby monitor reset

At the back of the parent unit under the stand, there are two buttons, one written ‘PAIR’ and another one written, ‘RESET’. To reset the UU Infant baby monitor by pressing and holding down the ‘RESET’ button at the back.

UU Infant baby monitor beeping

If your UU Infant baby monitor keeps beeping, the connection between the parent unit and the camera may have been lost or the battery is running low. The range of UU infant baby monitors is around 30 ft although some users with less seen it lose connection in less than 30 ft. It really depends on various factors including the size of the wall if the parent unit and the camera are in different rooms.

UU Infant baby monitor pairing

Click on the button at the back of the parent unit labeled PAIR

How do you pair UU Infant Baby Monitor

When both your parent and baby units are powered, check for the switch at the back of that is labeled ‘PAIR’

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