8 VTech 2-Camera Baby Monitors (Dual Cameras)

In this post, I have reviewed VTech Baby Monitors with 2 Cameras available in the market in 2022.

A comparison table of the best 7 VTech Baby Monitors with 2 Cameras

VTech Baby MonitorImageSplit-Screen?Sound LevelsScreen SizeRating on AmazonPrice
#1. VM350-2 No products found.Yes95-inch4.2/5 stars in 1,700+ reviewsCheck here
#2. VM3252-2 No products found.No62.8-inch 3.9/5 stars in 33+ reviews Check here
#3. VM342-2 No products found.Yes44.3-inch 3.3/5 stars in 500+ reviews Check here
#4. VM343-2 No products found. Yes94.3-inch 2.9/5 stars in 60+ reviews Check here
#5. VM923-2 No products found.No3 2.8-inch 4.6/5 stars in 250+ reviews Check here
#6. VM321-2 No products found. Yes6 2.8-inch 4.5/5 stars in 1,000+ reviews Check here
#7. VM819-2 No products found.No3 2.8-inch 4.6/5 stars in 1,200+ reviews Check here
#8. VM8252-2 No products found. Yes5-inch

Reviews of VTech Baby Monitors with Dual Cameras

1. VTech VM350-2 Video Baby Monitor

Our overall best VTech video baby monitor with two 2 cameras on the list today is the VM350-2. This newly upgraded model features a 5-inch large screen display with 1080p resolution which provides crystal clear video and images. In addition, there is a split-screen mode feature that allows you to view both babies at the same time. You can also use the Patrol mode to toggle between the two cameras. It has excellent auto night vision than the others we reviewed here. The VM350-2 is in the same league as BabySense and Kodak brands.

Many parents appreciate that they do not have to be connected to the internet as it is a non-wi-fi baby monitor. You will love the battery that lasts 12 hours when in video mode and 21 hours when in audio mode. The VM350-2 offers a generous range of up to 1000 ft, 2-way talk, and secures your transmission via the in-built 2.4Ghz channel with FHSS tech. It also features VOX mode with auto-screen and 9-level sound indicator on the parent unit compared to others with 6 or lesser.

The VM350-2 video baby monitor comes with 4 sets of ambient, 5 soothing melodies, and an in-built temperature sensor. You can mount the camera on the wall or place it on top of the desk.

2. VTech VM3252-2 Video Baby Monitor

This renewed version of the VM3252-2 video baby monitor is yet another incredible choice. it stands out as the most affordable VTech video baby monitor priced at under $55. Most users love it for being portable due to its small size. This video baby monitor has a 2.8-inch screen with a 720p resolution. And although the camera resolution is not as sharper as VM350-2’s 1080p, it provides clear images since the size of the screen is much smaller. The cameras feature adjustable angels, 2x digital zoom, and a 1000 ft range.

Like most baby monitors in the market today, the VM3252-2 comes with an automatic night vision mode that gives you a clear view of your baby without disturbing their sleep. You will love the rechargeable battery with 19 hours of service and the low-battery alert on the parent unit. If you want to comfort your kiddo, you can use in-built soothing sounds and lullabies. Alternatively, there is a two-way talk feature that allows you to speak to him or her. The company assures that your video and audio transmissions are secured via the 2.4Ghz channel with FHSS tech.

Unlike the VM350-2, however, this one has no split-screen mode. Therefore, you have to press on the parent unit to move leftward or rightward to view the two rooms. The sound activation feature’s volume control in this digital video baby monitor comes with a 6-level sound indicator. The cameras are wall-mountable, or you can set them on the table.

Video Review of VTech VM3252-2 Video Baby Monitor with 2 cameras

3. VTech VM342-2 Video Baby Monitor

The VM342-2 is yet another fantastic choice in VTech’s non-wi-fi dual-camera video baby monitors line of products. Unlike the VM352-2, this one features a 4.3-inch LCD screen with split-screen mode tech for viewing your twins simultaneously. The high-resolution cameras also bounce back and forth after every 5 seconds between cameras to let you view both rooms. its cameras have a 170-degree wide-angle lens for satisfactory room coverage. Some users complain about not having audio in split mode but is a common thing in almost all baby monitors with this feature.

If you are looking for a VTech baby monitor that will give you the best audio, you can’t go wrong with the VM342-2. It features DECT 6.0 tech that helps eliminate the unwanted white noise for sound clarity. The auto IR night vision also lets you check on your little one without disturbing their sleep. You will like the vibrating sound-alert function on the parent unit that helps you monitor your kiddo’s noise levels even when you have muted it. It has 4-level sound indicators.

Did I tell you about the sweet songs and sounds that help your little one relax? It comes with a range of up to 1000 ft and automatic alert capability for video, sound, and temperature. Like most VTech video baby monitors, the VM342-2 has a 2-way talk feature and can be wall-mounted.

4. VTech VM343-2 Video Baby Monitor

Just like the VM342-2, the VM343-2 video baby monitor features a 4.3-inch large LCD screen with high resolution. And while it also comes with split-screen technology, the screen divides itself into 4 spots even if you have two cameras. You will love the infrared night vision that turns on automatically when nighttime kicks in. As with others in the list, the maximum range for this baby monitor is 1000 ft. Although there are a few concerns about the quality, users are gratified with its functionality.

The digital transmission of the VM343-2 allows for private and secure video transmission while cutting down on background noise for sound clarity. As such, you will appreciate the handiness and security of the two-way talk feature. In addition, the two camera’s remote zoom, tilt (120°), and pan (270°) will make sure that you have a full view of your baby’s room.

Like the VM350-2 video baby monitor, VTech VM343-2 comes with a motion and sound-activated mode with 9-level volume control. Therefore, you will easily know when your baby needs you via the vibrating-sound alerts on your parent unit.

5. VTech VM923-2 Video Baby Monitor

The VM923-2 video baby monitor is another terrific choice from VTech. Like VTech VM3252-2, it has a 2.8-inch high-resolution LCD screen and no split view mode. So, you need to use the Patrol mode to cycle through display videos streams from all linked baby unit cameras. It also has an admirable battery life as it offers up to 19 hours of video streaming. Add its 1000 ft long-range to the mix and you have a reliable baby monitor for under $95.

VM923-2 features an enhanced night vision mode with an invisible IR LED that allows you to see your baby clearly as he or she sleeps at night. You won’t risk waking them up. Like VM350-2, this video baby monitor features VOX mode. However, this one has 3-level sound indicators on the parent unit that wakes up automatically after detecting your kiddo’s voice or sound.

You will love how the cameras pan 270° and tilt 105° remotely from your parent unit to give a full view and zoom 2x for a closer look. VM923-2 comes with a 2-way talk feature, lullabies, and 2 sets of ambient noise, including white noise. This baby monitor uses an internal 2.4GHz channel and FHSS tech to secure your transmissions and maintain optimal privacy.

6. VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

This Safe & Sound is the most expensive VTech video monitor with 2 cameras on our list today. VM321-2 comes with a price tag of over $110 which is significantly higher than VM350-2 which costs slightly over $100.  Unlike the VM350-2’s 5-inch, however, VM321-2 features a 2.8-inch LCD screen with high resolution so you can have sharp images of your baby. Also, it supports split-screen viewing for both cameras.  Like all dual video baby monitors reviewed in our list today, VM321-2 also has a long range of up to 1000 ft.

The VM321-2 baby monitor battery lasts 3.5 hours after full charge which is fairly good. The two cameras have IR night vision that turns on automatically. Therefore, you can view your kiddo at night without interrupting their sleep. In addition, the cameras come with an adjustable angle lens which is good for proper viewing of your little angel. These cameras include a wall-mount bracket that makes attaching to the wall hassle-free.

Like all the video baby monitors in our review today, VM321-2 Safe & Sound comes with calming lullabies and 2-way talk. For audio and video transmission privacy, you can rest assured that you are secured with a 2.4GHz digital frequency. No strange voices or hacking. The parent unit has a rechargeable battery with low alert and there is a 6-level sound indicator. And did I mention that you receive vibration sound alerts?

7. VTech VM819-2 Video Baby Monitor

Like the VM923-2, VTech VM819-2 comes with a 2.8-inch LCD screen and a 19-hour long battery life. It does not have a split-screen mode so you can only view the two rooms using the Patrol mode or single-mode which are both convenient. What most parents love about this VTech baby monitor is the compact size that is easy to carry around plus the generous 1000 ft range.

Your kid will love the 2 soothing melodies and 2 sets of ambient sounds that lull him or her to sleep gently. If they desire to hear your voice to feel protected and relaxed, you can use the 2-way talk feature. Like most baby monitors in our list today, VM819-2 encrypts your signal using the 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology. Most buyers have expressed how sensitive it is at picking sounds.

This VTech video baby monitor features an in-built temperature sensor that sends you alerts on your parent unit. It also has a 3-level sound indicator that wakes up the screen automatically for visual alerts from your kiddo’s room. Most users say it has great features for a product with a price tag of under $100 compared to its competitors.

8. VTech SM8252-2 5 inch Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Yet another dual-camera VTech video baby monitor, you will definitely love the VM852-2. Like VM350-2, this one comes with a 5-inch LCD high-resolution screen and has split-screen mode. This makes viewing your little ones easy from separate rooms. You can also use the Patrol mode which switches from one room to another every 10 seconds. It also has a 1000 ft range. When nighttime approaches, the infrared night vision will activate automatically enabling you to see them as they sleep peacefully in their room.

Both cameras of the VM852-2 video baby monitor have easily adjustable angles which offer you the best view of your baby’s rooms. Like all the other VTech baby monitors on our list today, this one also comes with in-built sounds and lullabies that entertain and comfort your babies. In addition, there is a two-way talk feature for communicating when they need your attention.

And did I tell you about the VTech VM852-2’s temperature sensor? Your baby will always be comfy.

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