VTech VM981 Review

VTech VM981 is a wifi baby monitor by VTech that is unique in that it supports both app streaming and streaming to a dedicated screen. And that’s not all. It also supports up to 4 cameras making it a VTech baby monitor for twins with multiple display capabilities. Perhaps the best VTech baby monitor? You can use this monitor with and without wifi connection making it ideal for off-grid and online situations.

VTech VM981

VTech is a multi-national conglomerate based in Hong Kong with offices around the world including in the US and Europe. Since 1976 when VTech was founded, it has built a brand as a reliable manufacturer of baby products including toys and electronic learning equipment. In the 2000s, VTech rolled out a number of baby monitor products following its approval of audio baby monitor patents. It currently ships over 20,000 units of VTech baby monitor products on Amazon per month (Data source: Helium). Like many parents, I’ve used the VTech audio baby monitor such as the VTech DM221-2, it’s best-selling audio baby monitor brand. On January 29, 2017, we got introduced to VTech VM981 when VTech officially released the product to the market. Let’s review what we like best about the VTech wifi baby monitor.

Reasons Why We Like VTech VM981-2

  1. It is a Wifi Baby Monitor: VTech VM981 uses the wifi in the 2.4GHz frequency making it a baby monitor with unlimited range viewing. Unlike non-wifi baby monitors that limit you to long-range of just 2000 ft., VTech VM981 can stream videos from its cameras to your smartphone (such as iPhone or Samsung) giving you the convenience and the flexibility you need.
  2. Large Screen Wifi Baby Monitor: On top of the wifi capabilities that allow unlimited range viewing, you can also choose to view the videos of your baby on its large screen 5-inch display unit.
  3. VTech VM981 Is ATouchscreen Baby Monitor: It allows you to engage the device by touching and choosing options on the screen using your fingers. Unlike non-wifi baby monitors such as Infant Optics which can have its buttons stuck and unable to respond to dials, VTech VM981’s touchscreen is very responsive and it made it to our list of top touchscreen baby monitors of 2019.
  4. VTech VM981 Is Expandable: I really like the fact that this touchscreen wifi baby monitor, the VTech VM981, is expandable and can support up to ten cameras. You can also purchase one with two cameras or can go for just one camera. This baby monitor is very ideal for twins and part of the reason it made it to BMC’s list of twins baby monitors.
  5. VTech VM981 Great Digital Zoom: Unlike most traditional baby monitors such as Eufy, Infant Optics, and Motorola Wifi baby monitors, VTech VM981 has incredibly high zoom capability, up to 10x digital zoom. If you want to see great details of your baby’s photos, VTech VM981 gives you the opportunity to zoom and see as finer details as you want. The only other cameras that offer this great zoom functionality are Nest Cameras that have up to 12x zoom.
  6. HD Videos and Images: VTech VM981 transmits videos to your smartphone or to the screen display in high definition, specifically 720p. This is a high-resolution baby monitor that is comparable to Miku which also transmits 720p videos but costs almost three times the cost of VTech VM981. Another great reason to like VTech VM981.
  7. Motion Alerts: Motion alerts are common with security cameras but this VTech VM981 has motion sensors and can alert you if it detects motion in the baby’s crib.

Here are a few reasons we don’t like it much(Cons):

  1. Unlike most baby monitors, it does not have a temperature sensor
  2. You experience a delay of up to 5 minutes on your video feed.
  3. You cannot mount the camera on the wall. It just needs a flat surface
  4. Relies on wifi and does not stream without internet.
  5. Does not have a 2-way talkback.
  6. Limited field of view

VTech VM981 Extra Camera

You can purchase VTech VM981 with a single fixed camera or you can go for VTech VM981 with a single or two cameras.

VTech VM981 App

You can download the VTech VM981 App on Google Play here. It currently has a rating of 2.3/5 and you can also download for your iOS devices here.

VTech VM981 Baby Monitor Manual

You can download and follow the steps laid out in the VTech VM981 manual here.