What Not To Put on Baby Registry

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When you’re registering for your baby, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. And with so much at stake, it’s tempting to go ahead and register for everything. But there are a few things you should avoid putting on your registry – here’s why.

Whether you plan to create a registry using Amazon, Target, Walmart, Buybuybaby, or any other registry, follow my advice below or what you should absolutely avoid putting on the registry.

9 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Make Sure You Do Not Put Wrong Things on Your Baby’s Registry: According to Parents Magazine

Parent Magazine also has a list of 9 mistakes to avoid as you prepare your baby registry and specific items not to put on the baby registry. Below are the 9 mistakes they advise you should avoid:

  1. Insisting to get everything new: Some used clothes and even cribs are great. So long as a product doesn’t have a recall or know defect that may endanger your baby, you should consider new as well as used baby products on your registry but avoid any product that has been recalled.
  2. Going overboard by listing too many products on your baby registry
  3. Thinking small and not factoring in baby items as your baby grows to be a toddler.
  4. Adding too many items that you may not need such as pacifiers. Stick to the basics
  5. Loading up expensive essentials such as a $400 baby monitor while you could consider other that cost only $150 and are equally good and secure.
  6. Registering for a breast pump. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act passed during Obama’s administration, you can call your insurance provider and request a breast pump and you’ll be provided.
  7. Not being neutral with gender. If you are not sure about your baby’s gender, you should only get products that. So you may want to reduce the pink. The baby may be a boy!
  8. Including a product on the registry because of some hype. You may have read of reviews that a baby monitor can basically coordinate with Google Home Hub as a nanny cam. Don’t rush to it. Go slow and read several reviews but again, go for traditional baby products on your registry.
  9. Thinking about yourself. Many parents forget small products that parents really need and only focus on that baby lounger, infant carrier and forget other essentials that you’d need such as a nipple cream. Drop some of your essential items too. Don’t forget yourself.

12 Items Not To Include on Baby Registry

1. A baby changing table

A $290 changing table (link to Amazon) is just not worth it.

changing pad, top Wrong Item to Put on Registry that you should avoid
Changing pad

You can go for changing pad cover and you’ll be fine. It cost just $16 and you can put it on top of the dresser.

2. Wipe Warmer

You will probably not use this item. More than 50% of parents that we reached out said they never used it after buying it. Just get regular wipes for like $12. You can check its price on Amazon here.

3. Huge High Chair: The Wrong Item to Put on Registry

You really don’t need a huge high chair similar to the one below.

Huge High Chair: The Wrong Item to Put on Registry

If you really need a booster seat, you can get the Fisher-Price booster for less than $30.

4. An Expensive Baby Monitor

Some baby monitors are just too expensive for no significant additional utility. You may not really need a $900 baby monitor that emits zero emf emission radiation while others going for as low as $150 emit very limited emf radiation. The emf level limit put by FCC is 4w/kg and popular baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro has 1.86W/Kg.

5. Baby Shoes

Go for cheaper baby slippers instead of expensive baby shoes.

slipper socks
Slipper Socks

6. Baby Bullet or Baby Food Making machines

You don’t need a machine to make baby food.

baby food machine
Baby Food Machine

Find yourself a small food processor and stick that on your baby registry!

7. Baby Blankets

You don’t need to add a baby blanket to your baby shower or baby blanket.

8. Baby Powder

You may never use this at all. So don’t even bother adding it to the registry. Instead, you can just pat the baby dry with a towel and if it has a diaper rash just use Organic Coconut Oil or Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm. They go for less than $20.

9. A Diaper Genie

Diaper genies are just gross and I don’t even know why they were invented. Does it really help anyone?

Instead of a diaper genie, you can just use a plastic trash can to throw the towel and hide the odor.

10. A Crib

If you are a co-sleeping mum, you may really not need the crib, and no need to add it on the registry or on your baby shower list. You can get the baby loungers that are great for co-sleeping instead of a crib.

11. Big-ticket Items

Avoid big-ticket items. A crib, stroller, or car seat can easily set you back $200 or more. Unless you know you’ll need them and have the money to spare, there’s no need to register for them. You can always buy them later if you need them.

12. Avoid Duplicates

If you already have a lot of baby clothes or a good stroller, there’s no need to register for more of the same. You’ll just end up with a lot of stuff you don’t need.

Things to put on your registry

So what should you put on your registry? Here are a few ideas:

  • -Diapers and wipes: Diapers and wipes are must-have items and should come top on your baby registry. A newborn will need at least 10 packets of diapers in the first month alone. So make sure you stock up on these!
  • -Clothing: Newborns go through a lot of clothes, so it’s a good idea to register for a few sets. You can choose from newborn sizes all the way up to 3-6 months.
  • -Bassinets and cribs: If you don’t have a bassinet or crib, now is the time to register for one. Bassinets are a good option for the first few months, while cribs can be used from newborns all the way up to toddlers.
  • -Car seats: Car seats are a must-have for any baby and should be one of the first items on your registry. Choose a car seat that’s compatible with your car and fits your baby’s weight and height.
  • -Strollers: A good stroller is a must-have for any new parent. There are a variety of different strollers to choose from, so pick the one that best suits your needs.
  • -Feeding supplies: If you’ll be breastfeeding, you’ll need a nursing pillow, breast pump, and milk storage bags. If you’ll be using formula, you’ll need a bottle warmer and bottles.
  • -Swing: A swing can be a lifesaver for new parents. It provides a place for baby to relax and helps soothe them when they’re fussy.
  • -Thermometer: A thermometer is a must-have for any new parent. It’s the best way to make sure your baby’s temperature is normal.
  • -Diaper rash cream: Diaper rash cream is essential for preventing and treating diaper rash.
  • -Shampoo and soap: Newborns don’t need their own shampoo and soap yet, but you’ll need them eventually. So make sure to register for a few bottles.
  • -Pacifiers: Pacifiers can help soothe and calm a fussy baby. registering for a few pacifiers is a good idea.

Check out this baby registry checklist here and printable registry PDFs

In the video below Isabel Galvin explains the mistakes you should avoid as you prepare your baby registry. She goes through the items you need to avoid getting yet you may never use them.

FAQs on What Not to Put on Baby Registry

What are the items not put on a baby registry?

We have highlighted the 12 items you should not put on a baby registry in the article above.